• WordNet 3.6
    • adj stupendous so great in size or force or extent as to elicit awe "colossal crumbling ruins of an ancient temple","has a colossal nerve","a prodigious storm","a stupendous field of grass","stupendous demand"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: "dous":tremendous, horrendous, stupendous, and hazardous
    • a Stupendous Astonishing; wonderful; amazing; especially, astonishing in magnitude or elevation; as, a stupendous pile. "A stupendous sum.""All are but parts of one stupendous whole."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • stupendous Causing stupor or astonishment; astounding; amazing; specifically, astonishing from greatness in extent or degree; of wonderful magnitude; immense; prodigious: as, a stupendous work of nature or art; a stupendous blunder.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Stupendous stū-pen′dus wonderful, amazing, astonishing for its magnitude, force, enormity
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  • Harriet Rosenstein
    Harriet Rosenstein
    “Destiny is something men select; women achieve it only by default or stupendous suffering.”
  • H. L. Mencken
    “The curse of man, and the cause of nearly all his woe, is his stupendous capacity for believing the incredible.”
  • Napoleon Hill
    “The possibilities of creative effort connected with the subconscious mind are stupendous and imponderable. They inspire one with awe.”
  • Erich Gutkind
    Erich Gutkind
    “The stupendous fact that we stand in the midst of reality will always be something far more wonderful than anything we do.”
  • Barbara Cartland
    Barbara Cartland
    “The great majority of people in England and America are modest, decent and pure-minded and the amount of virgins in the world today is stupendous.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. stupendus, astonishing, p. future pass. of stupere, to be astonished at. Cf. Stupid
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. stupendus.


In literature:

The progress of philosophy from Thales to Plato is the most stupendous triumph of the human intellect.
"Beacon Lights of History, Volume I" by John Lord
We descended, and passed out under the dark arches of the stupendous ruin.
"Atlantic Monthly, Volume 2, Issue 10, August, 1858" by Various
In this tower, at the height of 124 steps, lives the lady custodian of this stupendous building.
"The Youthful Wanderer" by George H. Heffner
That's where the really stupendous work of the Panama Canal came in.
"The Moving Picture Boys at Panama" by Victor Appleton
The Romans had their public baths very sumptuous and stupend, as those of Antoninus and Diocletian.
"The Anatomy of Melancholy" by Democritus Junior
And he had described the stupendous force of the blow as being 'like the kick of a great horse.
"Carnacki, The Ghost Finder" by William Hope Hodgson
I don't care about it one little bit, you know, except as a stupendous joke.
"Phantom Fortune, A Novel" by M. E. Braddon
He had to admit again that she was stupendous.
"Buried Alive: A Tale of These Days" by Arnold Bennett
A few hundred paces from our resting-place was the entrance of a stupendous mountain-pass.
"A Woman's Journey Round the World" by Ida Pfeiffer
What a stupendous variety of admirable objects is here?
"The Existence of God" by Francois de Salignac de La Mothe- Fenelon
The effect of this stupendous volley was terrible.
"Jack Archer" by G. A. Henty
The two grand falls of the Yellowstone form a fitting completion to this stupendous climax of wonders.
"The Discovery of Yellowstone Park" by Nathaniel Pitt Langford
Well, onward through the desert ice I continued my lonely way, with a baleful shrinking terror in my heart; for very stupendous, alas!
"The Purple Cloud" by M.P. Shiel
DECALOGUE, why the, was promulgated by Jehovah God upon Mount Sinai with a stupendous miracle, 351.
"The Delights of Wisdom Pertaining to Conjugial Love" by Emanuel Swedenborg
Of what avail were the stupendous efforts of the French Republic in 1870 and 1871?
"Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War" by G. F. R. Henderson
It is stupendous in its freshness and bold daring.
"Quiet Talks with World Winners" by S. D. Gordon
The picture is not only winsome beyond all comparison and glorious, but stupendous in its conception and its sweep.
"Quiet Talks about Jesus" by S. D. Gordon
In spring, the ice jams the stupendous current.
"The New North" by Agnes Deans Cameron
Gutzon Borglum was, however, called in, and worked out a stupendous idea, which he has since been commissioned to execute.
"American Adventures" by Julian Street
The country is not oppressed by the stupendous expenses of the war.
"The Continental Monthly, Volume V. Issue I" by Various

In poetry:

Blest thought! He reigns victorious now,
To whom all earth will shortly bow,
Let men below and saints above
Wonder at such stupendous love,
As caused their God to die.
"The Crucifixion" by Mary Weston Fordham
This conflict o'er, He travell'd all around,
To spread the glorious Gospel's gladsome sound,
And his stupendous miracles to do,
In ev'ry place, where He thought fit to go.
"The Life And Death Of Christ" by Rees Prichard
A. First, I believe in God, as I am taught,
The Sire supreme, on whose stupendous plan
This world was wholly to existence brought,
And this my frame, with that of ev'ry man.
"The Creed" by Rees Prichard
And see Plinlimmon! even the youthful sight
Scales the proud hill's ethereal cliffs with pain!
Such, Caer-Caradoc! thy stupendous height,
Whose ample shade obscures th' Iernian main.
"Elegy XXI. Taking a View of the Country From His Retirement" by William Shenstone
This is the world's stupendous hour—
The supreme moment for the race
To see the emptiness of power,
The worthlessness of wealth and place,
To see the purpose and the plan
Conceived by God for growing man.
"The Hour" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Oh, never were there wilder waves or more stupendous seas,
Or rougher rocks or bleaker winds, or darker days than these.
Not Washington, not Lincoln knew so grave an hour of Time
As he who now stands face to face with War's world-shaking crime.
"Our Atlas" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

In news:

The 24-foot-wide converted carriage house at 40 West 10th Street has finally sold after nearly five years on the market for the stupendous price of $20 million.
Page 2 dutifully keeps its ears open for memorable, nonsensical, embarrassing and stupendous quotes all year long, then crunches the list down to the top 100 all so you can giggle like a schoolchild.
The challenge of the spaces between the worlds is a stupendous one.
A pair of jeans is a stupendous motivator in W+K's latest ' Go Forth ' spot By Tim Nudd.
Haystack 's stupendous Rose of Mourvedre is long gone, even though I mentioned it above.
The Baseball Today podcast finished off another stupendous week of shows with Friday's version, as me and Mark Simon didn't "balk" at any topics see what I did there, Mets fans.
Based on Sahin's striking Z03 concept, the car is said to offer both stupendous performance and the height of automotive haute couture.
Encased in a plastic box suspended over London's Thames River for 44 days, American trickster David Blaine performed a stupendous feat of perseverance.
Faith for a journey, and stupendous puppetry too.
(CBS News) It's time for another amazing, always stupendous and very exciting edition of your weekly Friday music round-up here at The Feed.
Popovich appreciates Lin's stupendous play.
Stupendous student scores scholarship.
A pair of jeans is a stupendous motivator in W+K's latest 'Go Forth' spot By Tim Nudd.
'Political Animals' review: Stupendously silly.
Reflecting on Ike Okoye's 32-point, 14-rebound effort in Boise State's 88-80 overtime loss at Nevada Saturday night, it was a stupendous performance.

In science:

A salient feature of modern applications, especially in data mining, is that the matrices are stupendously big.
Finding structure with randomness: Probabilistic algorithms for constructing approximate matrix decompositions
Given the remoteness of the object of our study in both distance and time, what we have learned in 100 years is nothing short of stupendous.
CIW Cosmology Symposium: Conference Summary -- Observations
Such a conspiracy would represent a stupendous familure of dimensional analysis.
Supersymmetry Phenomenology With a Broad Brush