• WordNet 3.6
    • n strangeness unusualness as a consequence of not being well known
    • n strangeness the quality of being alien or not native "the strangeness of a foreigner"
    • n strangeness (physics) one of the six flavors of quark
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

And, strange to say, Arvilly wuzn't skairt a mite—she ruther enjoyed it And, strange to say, Arvilly wuzn't skairt a mite—she ruther enjoyed it
A strange crowd of demons of all shapes and sizes A strange crowd of demons of all shapes and sizes
Gopani Kufa sees a strange sight Gopani Kufa sees a strange sight

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Many of the stars that were in the Poltergeist Trilogy had strange deaths
    • n Strangeness The state or quality of being strange (in any sense of the adjective).
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: It's strange that a city with a two letter abreviation (LA) was named after a river called "EL RIO DE SENORA LA REYNA DE LOS ANGELES DE PORCIUNCULA".
    • n strangeness The state or character of being strange, in any sense of that word.
    • ***


  • Kim Basinger
    Kim Basinger
    “I work in a strange business, and trust is a word that's not even in the vocabulary.”
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    “All things must change to something new, to something strange.”
  • George Macdonald
    “How strange this fear of death is! We are never frightened at a sunset.”
  • John Pierpont Morgan
    John Pierpont Morgan
    “When you expect things to happen -- strangely enough -- they do happen.”
  • Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
    “Certain flaws are necessary for the whole. It would seem strange if old friends lacked certain quirks.”
  • Albert Einstein
    “It is strange to be known so universally and yet to be so lonely.”


Strange at the best of times - To describe someone or something as really weird or unpleasant in a mild way.


In literature:

This was always a strange and beautiful room to Isabel.
"By What Authority?" by Robert Hugh Benson
This strange question was understood perfectly well by the chief.
"Chatterbox, 1905." by Various
Hermione was to be his possession here, in this strange and far-off land, among these simple peasant people.
"The Call of the Blood" by Robert Smythe Hichens
There are many strange peoples.
"A Little Girl in Old Detroit" by Amanda Minnie Douglas
And, for boys, they were strangely silent and strangely attentive.
"The Best Short Stories of 1917" by Various
They only wondered at his tastes as a naturalist, which to them seemed strange.
"The Boy Hunters" by Captain Mayne Reid
I turn my eyes to every side, and gaze upon a flora to me strange and interesting.
"The Rifle Rangers" by Captain Mayne Reid
Yet all feels strange, very strange.
"Agatha's Husband A Novel" by Dinah Maria Craik (AKA: Dinah Maria Mulock)
For that matter there were all kinds of strange doings on board, drinking, gambling, nightly orgies and hourly brawls.
"The Trail of '98" by Robert W. Service
The younger women on the Strang veranda glanced at one another.
"The Best Short Stories of 1920" by Various
Ah, that was a strange, strange thing!
"Olive A Novel" by Dinah Maria Craik, (AKA Dinah Maria Mulock)
Also hath he been in far strange countries, and seen right marvellous things.
"Nicanor - Teller of Tales" by C. Bryson Taylor
She had a strange power to steel herself, to keep things, for the most part, from really getting through to her.
"Fidelity" by Susan Glaspell
But upon the older boy the event had a strange effect.
"The Children of the World" by Paul Heyse
Strange are the glances turned upon her; strange, though not inexplicable: for it is Louise Poindexter who occupies the carriage.
"The Headless Horseman" by Mayne Reid
What strange events have since befallen, and in what a strange, new world!
"The Deemster" by Hall Caine
He stood shaking his head and looking so sad and strange.
"The Hills of Refuge" by Will N. Harben
She had imagined her looking strange and beautiful because she came out of the mystical, far-off land her father often spoke of.
"Rose of Dutcher's Coolly" by Hamlin Garland
It was strange, she thought, that neither Olive nor Chrissy were like their mother.
"Heriot's Choice" by Rosa Nouchette Carey
It wasn't like visiting in a strange place when you found your own name on the things at supper.
"The Open Question" by Elizabeth Robins

In poetry:

Hawthorn trees were quick with May--
"Sir," said I, "Good-day to you"!
But he counted. "One and two"
In strange way.
"The Little Man In Green" by Isabel Ecclestone Mackay
Strange fits of passion have I known:
And I will dare to tell,
But in the lover's ear alone,
What once to me befell.
"Strange Fits of Passion Have I Known" by William Wordsworth
Strange pangs await thee, mother mild,
A sorer travail-pain;
Then will the spirit of thy child
Be born in thee again.
"The Mother Mary" by George MacDonald
I love thee--oh! I love thee,
With fervor, deep and wild,
Thy beauty's charm most strangely,
My spirit hath beguiled.
"I Love Thee" by James Avis Bartley
'Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot,
Strange, and sad, and tall,
Stood all alone at dead of night
Before a lighted hall.
"The Ballad Of Judas Iscariot" by Robert Williams Buchanan
Yet, when your very face was seen,
Ill gifts were yours for giving:
Love gat strange guerdons of my queen
When living.
"Adieux à Marie Stuart" by Algernon Charles Swinburne

In news:

Caught On Tape is a collection of strange and offbeat happenings.
Management calling the Sheriff's Office to report a person acting strange inside one of the theaters.
Strange Ending In Eden Prairie vs Bemidji Baseball State Semifinal.
It turns out the results are very strange.
Bogart 's Long, Strange Trip Through Seattle Liquor Lore to Airport Way.
Bookstore worker Jen Campbell overheard so many strange customer comments in her shop that she finally collected them – along with submissions from other booksellers – in her new book "Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores".
In 'The Brontes ,' Details Of A Family's Strange World.
Were there really fairies at the bottom of the garden, or was it merely a childhood prank gone strangely and lastingly awry.
Today, St Vincent dropped the video for "Cheerleader," off last year's Strange Mercy (which we recently named No 34 on our best albums of 2011 list).
Strange, but true: Get more crime news in our "Crime Time" blog.
Man with ammo, 'strange writings' detained at Sikh temple.
I know, it's strange, but that's what I wanted.
The beautiful and strange mansion has attracted visitors for years.
There have been some strange stories in this space--stories that stretched (and often completely ignored) the traditional definition of sports journalism.

In science:

Since the thermal conductivity of strange quark matter is very high and the density profile of the strange star is very flat, we will take the uniform temperature and density approximation.
Cooling of a New Born Compact Star with QCD Phase Transition
We find that for Λ ≥ 2.88µ, strange quark matter is absolutely stable, while for Λ ≥ 2.35(> ∼ 2.7)µ, a strange star is globally stable (compared to a neutron star).
Cooling of a New Born Compact Star with QCD Phase Transition
The effect of strange quark mass to the strange star is also studied.
Cooling of a New Born Compact Star with QCD Phase Transition
FIG. 5: Effect of strange quark mass, ms , on the pressure P . P0 is the zero quark mass pressure of strange quark matter about the same energy density ǫ.
Cooling of a New Born Compact Star with QCD Phase Transition
TABLE II: Effect of strange quark mass on the global structure of a strange star.
Cooling of a New Born Compact Star with QCD Phase Transition
We review the status of recently observed positive parity charmed resonances, both in the non-strange and in the strange sector.
Excited Charmed Mesons: Observations, Analyses and Puzzles
N → νµX ) − σ ( ¯νµN → ¯νµX ) σ (νµN → µ−X ) − σ ( ¯νµN → µ+X ) Suppose now that, for some reason, strange quarks carry, on average, a larger fraction of the nucleon momentum than do strange antiquarks (see Fig. 2).
Theoretical Summary of Moriond 2004: QCD and Hadronic Interactions
We calculate the strange quark and antiquark distributions of the nucleon by using the effective chiral quark model, and find that the strange-antistrange asymmetry can bring a contribution of about 60–100% to the NuTeV deviation of sin2 θw from the standard value measured in other electroweak processes.
Effect of Asymmetric Strange-Antistrange Sea to the NuTeV Anomaly
Among various topics, the strange content of the nucleon sea is one of the most attractive issues, due to its close connection to the proton spin problem and to the obscure situation about the strange-antistrange asymmetry .
Effect of Asymmetric Strange-Antistrange Sea to the NuTeV Anomaly
This “weight problem ” doesn’t arise there, and inflat ion, strange dark matter, and strange dark energy aren’t needed for a flat universe .
Origin of the Blueshift in Signals from Pioneer 10 and 11
Both NuTeV and CTEQ agree that the NuTeV sin2 θW discrepancy is unlikely covered completely by an asymmetry in the strange and anti-strange PDFs.
Heavy Flavours: experimental summary
Recent NuTeV analysis reports no significant asymmetry between strange and anti-strange PDFs.
Heavy Flavours: experimental summary
If strange matter is stable, neutron stars are likely to be strange stars, and cosmic ray strangelets will be created when two strange stars in a binary system collide after inspiral due to loss of orbital energy in the form of gravitational radiation.
Cosmic ray strangelets
No high-resolution simulations of collisions involving two strange stars have been performed, and the physics in black hole-strange star collisions, where Newtonian and semirelativistic results do exist [23, 24, 25], is too different from the strange star-strange star collision to be of real guidance.
Cosmic ray strangelets
Given the stiffness of the equation of state for strange quark matter, strange star-strange star collisions should lie in the low end of the mass release range found for neutron stars, so a conservative estimate of the galactic production rate of strangelets is 10−10M⊙yr−1 .
Cosmic ray strangelets