state of flux


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n state of flux a state of uncertainty about what should be done (usually following some important event) preceding the establishment of a new direction of action "the flux following the death of the emperor"
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In literature:

But these leaders in turn soon gave way to new men; and the political parties gradually fell into a state of flux.
"The Canadian Dominion" by Oscar D. Skelton
The whole world is in a state of flux.
"December Love" by Robert Hichens
Things of this world are in so constant a flux, that nothing remains long in the same state.
"Second Treatise of Government" by John Locke
It is a whole, but a whole in a state of constant flux.
"On Compromise" by John Morley
Their civilisation was in a state of flux, and immediate practical convenience was the only guide.
"A Short History of Women's Rights" by Eugene A. Hecker
This, too, may be in a state of flux.
"Recreations in Astronomy" by Henry Warren
To Alexander the whole world of love was in a nebulous and constructive state of flux and lava.
"A Pagan of the Hills" by Charles Neville Buck
Our entire social life seems in a state of flux.
"Rural Problems of Today" by Ernest R. Groves
Brangwen himself was in one of his states or flux.
"The Rainbow" by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
A picture of the social life of England during the Norman period is a picture of manners and customs in a state of flux.
"Women of England, Volume 9 (of 10)" by Burleigh James Bartlett
Since the end of World War II Romanian society and its values have been in a state of flux.
"Area Handbook for Romania" by Eugene K. Keefe, Donald W. Bernier, Lyle E. Brenneman, William Giloane, James M. Moore, and Neda A. Walpole
Incipient patrolling is seen early in the breeding season when territorial boundaries are in a state of flux.
"Natural History of the Bell Vireo, Vireo bellii Audubon" by Jon C. Barlow
The heat and cold which surround the globe are in a state of constant and universal flux and reflux.
"Principles of Geology" by Charles Lyell
The exact state of things cannot as yet be determined, so long as the mass of facts is still in constant flux.
"On Germinal Selection as a Source of Definite Variation" by August Weismann
Parties are in a state of constant flux; a movement divides itself into countless factions.
"Socialism and the Social Movement in the 19th Century" by Werner Sombart
All is in a state of flux, and what appeared compact and coherent at a distance yields to our touch upon closer contact.
"Creed And Deed" by Felix Adler
All the forces of life are in a state of flux.
"The Everlasting Arms" by Joseph Hocking
The Laws of the game, which for some time were in a state of flux, have now been settled as authoritatively as those of Bridge or Whist.
"Hoyle's Games Modernized"
We live all of us apparently in a divine state of flux.
"The Oxford Book of American Essays" by Various
From what has been stated, it must be evident that this subject not only is in a state of flux but that it is in a state of great confusion.
"Scurvy Past and Present" by Alfred Fabian Hess

In news:

New York City is in a constant state of physical flux: building new structures, tearing old ones down, renovating existing spaces and restoring relics from the past.
There comes a time when every man finds his book collection in a state of flux.
Cubs bullpen in state of flux .
Looking over the news reports from the past weeks, it would seem that the home furnishings business at retail is in a huge state of flux .
FEMA still in ' state of flux ,' needs to improve coordination efforts, watchdog says.
The 170-pound division is in a state of flux, as evidenced by the rise of fighters like Rick Story and Jake Ellenberger, writes Jason Probst.
Walker's future, as well as that of Aggie football, in state of flux.
Two months after the implementation of California's "top-two" primary system, many of the state's November contests remain in flux.
The laws on outdoor advertising signs are in a state of flux across Canada with cities looking for new ways to both regulate and tax their growing presence, particularly as new technology expands the type and size of billboard platforms.
Tracer Products introduced a cordless, rechargeable UV (365 nm) leak detection flashlight featuring state-of-the-art, ultra-high-flux LED technology.
The flashlight uses ultra-high-flux LED technology to produce a nominal steady-state UV-A intensity of 18,000 microwatts per centimeter squared at a distance of 15 inches.
Republicans and a breakaway caucus of four Democrats are floating the idea of a "coalition government" in the state Senate as control of the chamber remains in flux and a key race heads to the courtroom.
Walker's future, as well as that of Aggie football, in state of flux .
The Republican Party is in a state of flux.
With the NFL labor situation in a state of flux, Cam Newton may have to start thinking about singing for his supper.

In science:

Flux qubit.— Another possibility to realize a qubit in the phase limit EJ ≫ EC is by using a degeneracy between two current-carrying states of an RF-SQUID (see Fig. 2b) .
Superconducting qubits
Thiemann, “Uniqueness of Diffeomorphism Invariant States on Holonomy-Flux Algebras,” Commun.
Simple model for quantum general relativity from loop quantum gravity
These clusters are not typically used for computational science and quite often are in a state of flux.
Cluster Computing White Paper
Thiemann, “Uniqueness of Diffeomorphism Invariant States on Holonomy – Flux Algebras”, to appear A.
Consistency Check on Volume and Triad Operator Quantisation in Loop Quantum Gravity II
Flux expulsion of the magnetic field from the superfluid superconductive core of a neutron star, based on different equation of states was applied, and its subsequent decay in the crust, which also depends on conductivity of the crust, and hence on the temperature, T, and the neutron star age.
On the Present and Future of Pulsar Astronomy
Alchourrón C, Gärdenfors P, Makinson D (1985). On the Logic of Theory Change: Partial Meet Contraction and Revision Functions. J Symbolic Logic 50: 510–530. Gärdenfors P (1988). Knowledge in flux: modeling the dynamics of epistemic states.
Space-contained conflict revision, for geographic information
Meissner and Ochsenfeld demonstrated that the magnetic flux is expelled from a superconductor, regardless of its state in the distant past.
Failed theories of superconductivity
By completely removing the barrier the flux state is reset. (d) By returning to the double well case the state is re-trapped in one of the two wells depending on the total input flux Φx, implementing in this way the step function and the memorization.
Realization and test of an Artificial Neural Network based on Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices
In the double-well case the state is blocked in one of the two wells, protected by the barrier and practically independent on the input flux if this is not too large (Fig.3b).
Realization and test of an Artificial Neural Network based on Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices
Crabtree et al., Physics and materials Science of Vortex States, Flux pinning and Dynamics, 357-385 1999, Kluwer Academic Publishers. During the submission of this paper we became aware of a related work on MgB2 by U.
Peak effect in single crystal MgB$_2$ superconductor for ${\bf H}\parallel c$-axis
The Flux-Balance-Analysis [17, 20] considers the steady state of the dynamics which optimizes the production of the biomass by linear programming.
Flux distribution in metabolic networks close to optimal biomass production
Borges [2003], “Fluxes of cosmic rays: A delicately balanced stationary state”, Phys.
Some Open Points in Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics
Assmann, in Physics and Material Sciences of Vortex States, Flux Pinning and Dynamics, edited by R.
Magnetothermal instabilities in type II superconductors
This device is fabricated to commercial standards in a state-of-the-art semiconductor fabrication facility. (Right figure.) Single Flux Quantum Logic: The figure shows a prototype 4-level single flux quantum logical binary de-multiplexing tree for efficient addressing.
A Near-Term Quantum Computing Approach for Hard Computational Problems in Space Exploration