standard time


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n standard time the official time in a local region (adjusted for location around the Earth); established by law or custom
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Daylight savings time started during World War I, so Americans could use as much natural lighting as possible and conserve energy needed for war production. Despite the Uniform Time Act, which Congress passed in 1966 to standardize the time change, several states within the United States do not observe Daylight Saving Time. They are Arizona, Hawaii, parts of Indiana, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa.
    • Standard time the civil time that has been established by law or by general usage over a region or country. In England the standard time is Greenwich mean solar time. In the United States and Canada four kinds of standard time have been adopted by the railroads and accepted by the people, viz., Eastern Central Mountain, and Pacific time, corresponding severally to the mean local times of the 75th, 90th, 105th, and 120th meridians west from Greenwich, and being therefore five, six, seven, and eight hours slower than Greenwich time.
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  • Mark Twain
    “To arrive at a just estimate of a renowned man's character one must judge it by the standards of his time, not ours.”


In literature:

Not that the dollars and cents count so much, after a time, but because a name somehow becomes a standard.
"Mixed Faces" by Roy Norton
But while Boyle was a skillful chemist, judged by the standards of his time, we cannot call him a skillful medical investigator.
"Medical Investigation in Seventeenth Century England" by Charles W. Bodemer
For a time it was doubtless useful in keeping up the standard of national work.
"Needlework As Art" by Marian Alford
In time some of these libraries came to be of very considerable size even by modern standards.
"Books Before Typography" by Frederick W. Hamilton
At that time, it is probable, he might have called some five-sevenths of Samoa to his standard.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 17 (of 25)" by Robert Louis Stevenson
Now these standards become higher as time advances.
"Essentials of Economic Theory" by John Bates Clark
What are the dimensions of the standard type case of the present time?
"Type Cases and Composing-room furniture" by A. A. Stewart
The king himself, by his own example, lost no time in establishing the new standards of conduct.
"Women of England, Volume 9 (of 10)" by Burleigh James Bartlett
God has but one standard of morality for all people and for all time.
"With the Children on Sunday" by Sylvanus Stall
What is the use of giving my time to the boys unless I can hold them up to certain standards?
"A Boy Knight" by Martin J. (Martin Jerome) Scott

In poetry:

Those Yankees--ah! they never shun
A chance to make a dime,
And counterfeit the very sun
In keeping "Standard Time."
"The Little Clock" by Hattie Howard
That heart - that hand - are due
To those whose laurels grew
Twined round the Southern Standard
What time the bugle blew.
"What Time the Bugle Blew" by Anonymous Oceania

In news:

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In science:

This fact together with standard martingale stopping theorems can then be used to show that the expected time needed for |Vt | to equal n is at most linear in n.
The Randomness Recycler: A new technique for perfect sampling
Their work, however, is limited to only analytic forms, and therefore not easy, e.g., to compare with the standard results in flat space-time.
General Relativistic Modification of a Pulsar Electromagnetic Field
Assuming that the classical motion is characterized by a finite correlation time τcl , it follows that the matrix W = B in the standard representation is a banded matrix which looks random .
Quantum Irreversibility of Energy Spreading
Our early-time model is based on a selection from one of the standard families of black hole initial data used in numerical relativity, the QC-sequence.
Modeling gravitational radiation from coalescing binary black holes
Bgeom describes space-time Poincar´e or conformal algebras and the remaining generators It is easy to show that one can introduce the standard spanning Bint are Lorentz scalars.
Generalized Space-time Supersymmetries, Division Algebras and Octonionic M-theory