• WordNet 3.6
    • n stalagmite a cylinder of calcium carbonate projecting upward from the floor of a limestone cave
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Mineral deposits in caves: The ones growing upward are stalagmites, the ones growing downward are stalactites.
    • n Stalagmite stȧ*lăg"mīt (Geol) A deposit more or less resembling an inverted stalactite, formed by calcareous water dropping on the floors of caverns; hence, a similar deposit of other material.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n stalagmite Carbonate of lime deposited on the floor of a cavern. See stalactite.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Stalagmite sta-lag′mīt a deposit of carbonate of lime, &c., on the floor of a cavern, usually cylindrical or conical in form, caused by the dripping from the roof of water holding some substance in solution; it is the counterpart to a Stalactite, and both are often fused together, forming a Stalactitic column
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Gr. sta`lagma that which drops, a drop, fr. stala`zein to drop: cf. F. stalagmite,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Gr. stalagmos, a dropping—stalazein, to drip.


In literature:

Stalactites and stalagmites of all sizes were discovered.
"Memoirs of Three Civil War Generals, Complete" by U. S. Grant, W. T. Sherman, P. H. Sheridan
The rock is white limestone, in which are chambers and passage-ways, stalactites and stalagmites innumerable.
"Cuba, Old and New" by Albert Gardner Robinson
Small cavity and stalagmitic crust.
"Three Expeditions into the Interior of Eastern Australia, Vol 2 (of 2)" by Thomas Mitchell
A curious appearance was presented by a small free stalagmite in the retired part of the cave.
"Ice-Caves of France and Switzerland" by George Forrest Browne
I remember talking to him once about some queerly shaped stalagmites.
"The Four Pools Mystery" by Jean Webster
The floor was covered with stalagmites, rough and uneven, showing that the place had not been trod, perhaps for centuries.
"The Wonder Island Boys: Conquest of the Savages" by Roger Thompson Finlay
The floor is covered with stalagmites of every form, and it sparkles as if paved with diamonds.
"The History of Tasmania , Volume II (of 2)" by John West
The stalagmites in the cavern tower 100 feet high.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science January 1931" by Various
Clumps of stalagmites made the floor a maze which they threaded painfully.
"Astounding Stories, April, 1931" by Various
The cave is in the form of a cross, 92 ft. long and 164 ft. broad, with stalactites and stalagmites.
"The Shores of the Adriatic" by F. Hamilton Jackson
He dodged through passages, rounded turns, leaped over stalagmites.
"The Caves of Fear" by John Blaine
Tiny bits of limestone formed and gradually built them up from the bottom; these are called stalagmites.
"Legends of the Skyline Drive and the Great Valley of Virginia" by Carrie Hunter Willis
It is not stratified, and contains many fallen fragments of rock, rounded stones, and broken pieces of stalagmite.
"The Origin of the World According to Revelation and Science" by John William Dawson
Between two large masses of stalagmite was the body of a woman, robed in white.
"The Maroon" by Mayne Reid
A layer of stalagmite varying from one to fifteen inches in thickness.
"A Manual of the Antiquity of Man" by J. P. MacLean
Beautiful Ice Stalagmites are Pranks of Jack Frost.
"Making Your Camera Pay" by Frederick C. Davis
This vase was formed from concretions of carbonate of lime, of the nature of stalagmite, or, rather, stalactite.
"Scenes and Adventures in the Semi-Alpine Region of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and Arkansas" by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft
At one end rose a lofty heap of rocks that had fallen from the roof and been cemented together by stalagmites.
"George Alfred Henty" by George Manville Fenn
On the water-formed terraces are numerous stalagmites resembling congewoi and other zoophytes.
"The Jenolan Caves" by Samuel Cook
Farther on, the explorers passed an oozing icicle-like stalagmite which dangled from the roof.
"Dan Carter and the Great Carved Face" by Mildred A. Wirt

In news:

The alchemists ' battles and special powers involve palm-blasting force fields, suddenly snaking bridges of ice, and stalagmites erupting from the ground.
Beauty may be only skin-deep for humans, but a visit to Cosmic Cavern proves that the natural beauty of the Ozarks goes all the way to the bone--or the stalagmite, as the case may be.
A limestone cave with stalactites and stalagmites.
Oregon stalagmite tells 13,000-year-long story.
Stalagmite in Oregon cave tells tale of 13,000 winters.
The Oregon caves where the stalagmite that recorded some 13,000 winters was discovered.
For their study, Ersek and his colleagues examined a cave formation called a stalagmite that started forming 13,000 years ago in a cavern in what is now Oregon Caves National Monument.
We are 300 feet below the earth's surface in Sequoia National Park's Crystal Cave, aptly named for its magnificent, shining stalactites and stalagmites that surround us.
Rainfall studied in more detail than ever by using stalagmite from cave near settlement.

In science:

FORTI P., POSTPISCHL D., 1986 - May the growth axes of stalagmites be considered as recorders of historic and prehistoric earthquakes? Preliminary results from the Bologna karst area (Italy). Int. Symp. “Engineering problems in seismic areas”, Bari, v. 1, pp. 183-193.
Luminescence of Speleothems in Italian Gypsum Caves: Preliminary Report