• WordNet 3.6
    • n stability the quality of being enduring and free from change or variation "early mariners relied on the constancy of the trade winds"
    • n stability the quality or attribute of being firm and steadfast
    • n stability a stable order (especially of society)
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: More than 100 years ago, the felt hat makers of England used mercury to stabilize wool. Most of them eventually became poisoned by the fumes, as demonstrated by the Mad Hatter in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Breathing mercury's fumes over a long period of time will cause erethism, a disorder characterized by nervousness, irritability, and strange personality changes.
    • Stability Fixedness; -- as opposed to fluidity. "Since fluidness and stability are contrary qualities."
    • Stability Steadiness or firmness of character; firmness of resolution or purpose; the quality opposite to fickleness irresolution, or inconstancy; constancy; steadfastness; as, a man of little stability, or of unusual stability .
    • Stability The state or quality of being stable, or firm; steadiness; stableness; firmness; strength to stand without being moved or overthrown; as, the stability of a structure; the stability of a throne or a constitution.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: "Evaluation and Parameterization of Stability and Safety Performance Characteristics of Two and Three Wheeled Vehicular Toys for Riding." Title of a $230,000 research project proposed by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, to study the various ways children fall off bicycles.
    • n stability The state or property of being stable or firm; strength to stand and resist overthrow or change; stableness; firmness: as, the stability of a building, of a government, or of a system.
    • n stability Steadiness or firmness, as of purpose or resolution; fixity of character; steadfastness: the opposite of fickleness and inconstancy.
    • n stability Fixedness, as opposed to fluidity.
    • n stability Continuance in the same state; permanence; specifically, an additional or fourth vow of continuance in the same profession, and residence for life in the same monastery, imposed upon monks by the Benedictine rule.
    • n stability That character of equilibrium, or of a body in equilibrium, in virtue of which, if the position is disturbed, it tends to be restored. The term is especially used in this sense with reference to ships and floating bodies, in which the distance of the center of gravity below the metacenter is the measure- of the stability. This may be considered as the difference between the distance of the center of flotation from the metacenter, called the stability of figure, and the distance of the center of gravity from the metacenter, called the stability of load. The stability under sail is also considered.
    • n stability Synonyms and
    • n stability Immobility, permanence. See stable.
    • n stability Molecular stability, permanence of condition as regards the arrangement of the molecules: said of metals which, by repeated annealing, have been brought into a state in which further changes of dimensions or structure do not occur.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Stability state of being stable: steadiness
    • ***


  • Sir Ronald Mason
    Sir Ronald Mason
    “The emotional security and political stability in this country entitle us to be a nuclear power.”
  • Lynn White
    Lynn White
    “We live in an era when rapid change breeds fear, and fear too often congeals us into a rigidity which we mistake for stability.”
  • Mary Baker Eddy
    “Chastity is the cement of civilization and progress. Without it there is no stability in society, and without it one cannot attain the Science of Life.”
  • Peace Pilgrim
    “World peace will never be stable until enough of us find inner peace to stabilize it”
  • John Stuart Mill
    “A party of order or stability, and a party of progress or reform, are both necessary elements of a healthy state of political life.”
  • Craig Mary
    Craig Mary
    “The presence of a long-term, conscious goal has helped me maintain stability through the ubiquitous changes of over half a century.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. stabilitas,; cf. F. stabilité,. See Stable (a.)
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. stabilisstāre, to stand.


In literature:

It is a conservative force, making for stability, but it has its dangers.
"How to Teach" by George Drayton Strayer and Naomi Norsworthy
Newton even suggested that the planetary system did not contain within itself the elements of indefinite stability.
"Library Of The World's Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol. 2" by Charles Dudley Warner
The northern kingdom, on the contrary, had none of these elements of stability.
"Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations" by Archibald Sayce
No authority exists for making the expenditure necessary to secure its stability.
"Messages and Papers of Rutherford B. Hayes" by James D. Richardson
He felt his whole stability of character on trial.
"The Rules of the Game" by Stewart Edward White
Any possible success he could win would lack stability, would lack reality, because there would be neither truth nor fact behind it.
"The Wild Olive" by Basil King
Nothing in the world can again give stability to the pillar or to your reign.
"Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, April, 1876." by Various
The Stability of Truth.
"The California Birthday Book" by Various
This contributed greatly to social stability.
"Our Legal Heritage, 5th Ed." by S. A. Reilly
Resistance and stability are implied in the words.
"Expositions of Holy Scripture: Romans Corinthians (To II Corinthians, Chap. V)" by Alexander Maclaren
Fine skins also bore a very high price: another proof of the stability of almost every thing connected with China.
"Robert Kerr's General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 18" by William Stevenson
At first it was believed that underpinning the central piers would secure the stability of the whole.
"The Cathedral Church of Peterborough" by W.D. Sweeting
There is no stability in him, neither length of love nor of hate, no bottom, little faith.
"The Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-Nay" by Maurice Hewlett
Its immediate fruits are courage, stability, calm, unselfishness, friendship, generosity, humility, and hope.
"A Student in Arms" by Donald Hankey
Weismann has done good service in emphasizing the stability of the germ-plasm.
"The Whence and the Whither of Man" by John Mason Tyler
Yet what might look like a limitation is really his strength and safe foundation and stability.
"A Psychiatric Milestone" by Various
It is that which gives it stability in its facility to change its administration.
"American Eloquence, Volume IV. (of 4) Studies In American Political History (1897)" by Various
It is fighting for the stability of society, for the fundamental rights of the whole nation.
"Constructive Imperialism" by Viscount Milner
He lacks that firmness and stability of character which result from mental culture.
"A Review of Uncle Tom's Cabin" by A. Woodward
The new English interest was settled with as solid a stability as anything in human affairs can look for.
"The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. IV. (of 12)" by Edmund Burke

In poetry:

At the beginning of the week
A strictly rigid path I seek,
And vow the only state for me,
In finance, is stability;
I sternly view all borrowing
As an absurd and evil thing.
"Inevitable" by C J Dennis

In news:

Along with solvent delivery, The Dow Chemical Company subsidiary provides waste management, technical support, and use of stabilizers, additives, and test kits.
As the economy continues to stabilize, the sector offers attractive investment opportunities.
Edwards visits Goose Creek for final stage of stabilization project.
Fishbowl 's development group follows programming practices designed to help increase software stability.
John McCain, who was at a small-business roundtable in Des Moines, talked to President Bush and urged him to tap the Exchange Stabilization Fund.
For the first time, researchers are reporting that a treatment might help stabilize Alzheimer's disease for as much as three years, although the evidence is weak and in only four patients.
The Financial Stability Board said in a report to G20 ministers that a spate of 'events and failures' make a rethink of capital rules a matter of urgency.
The breed was stabilized by Alexander, the fourth Duke of Gordon, between the years of 1770 to 1820.
Airlines try to restore stability to post-Sandy skies.
Plastic non-skid feet on bottom for stability.
Plastic rest on bottom for stability on the countertop.
It's been a turbulent period for charter schools in the United States, with financial analysts raising concerns about their stability and regulators in several states shutting down schools for poor performance.
He explains his strategy here, as well as what investors can do to find the same stability in today's markets.
Mini Drive-Lock, a one-piece, small-diameter implant, is ideal for long-term denture stabilization or fixed prosthetics.
Izabela Pereira is seeing economic growth and stability return to Timor- Leste .

In science:

In most cases, when a splitting is stabilized, the distance will increase by one (rather than dropping to zero.) Thus if the genus is subtracted from the distance, the resulting integer, called the complexity, should tend to stay constant under stabilization.
Heegaard splittings and the pants complex
We will show that for any Heegaard splitting of a given manifold, under an infinite sequence of stabilizations the complexities of the stabilizations form a convergent sequence whose limit is non-trivial and which depends only on the manifold.
Heegaard splittings and the pants complex
Sedgwick later showed that the result of stabilizing any of these once is also a stabilization of all the lower genus splittings.
Heegaard splittings and the pants complex
As in Section 5, consider a sequence Σg of genus– g stabilizations of Σ and a sequence g of stabilizations of Σ(cid:48) .
Heegaard splittings and the pants complex
This section contains the proofs of Theorem 1.6 on stability of isolated stationary measures and Theorem 1.7 establishing generic stability of random diffeomorphisms.
Bifurcations of stationary measures of random diffeomorphisms
Also, one can define the analog of the concept of stability , which in the FRV calculus assumes the form of spectral stability.
Applying Free Random Variables to Random Matrix Analysis of Financial Data. Part I: A Gaussian Case
Then the R-stabilizer with respect to F is contained in the R-stabilizer with respect to Γ.
Asymptotic Dimension of Discrete Groups
Here we will describe this stability analysis in an intuitive way as a spread of changes in the cavity fields update that is analogous to what is called bug proliferation in the context of the stability of the one step replica symmetry breaking ansatz [33, 34, 39].
The number of matchings in random graphs
We can say, that the stability analysis we performed is more complete than the stability analysis of particle motion along geodesics because we take into account the collective behavior of the particles.
Stability of general relativistic static thick disks: the isotropic Schwarzschild thick disk
FIG. 6: Stability of the SP solution: The complexity Σ is plotted versus the largest eigenvector λmax of the stability matrix (Ti|l,j |i ) defined in Eq. (45), for various values of the average graph degree c.
Message passing for vertex covers
In this case stochastic stability directly implies stability of the Lyapunov exponents under small random perturbations of the dynamics.
Random Dynamical Systems
We will also make use of the concept of a stabilizer state [13, Section 10.5.1, page 454]. A stabilizer group G is an abelian group generated by a subset T ⊂ Pn of the Pauli operators on n qubits.
Approximate Randomization of Quantum States With Fewer Bits of Key
By a stabilizer state, we will mean a pure state which spans the one dimensional subspace CG stabilized by a group G of order 2n .
Approximate Randomization of Quantum States With Fewer Bits of Key
This large volume multi-K¨ahler approach to stabilization differs from the KKLT stabilization mechanism.
Roulette Inflation with K\"ahler Moduli and their Axions
In particular, the stabilizer Gθ = {g ∈ G : gχθ = χθ } coincides with the stabilizer of Zθ = {z ∈ Z : θ(z) = 0}.
Harmonic analysis of finite lamplighter random walks