squeeze by


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v squeeze by manage one's existence barely "I guess I can squeeze by on this lousy salary"
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In literature:

The cabinet now by degrees came forward, and Antonio was at length able to squeeze himself in between it and the wall.
"The Old Man of the Mountain, The Lovecharm and Pietro of Abano" by Ludwig Tieck
They may be squeezed out by pressing the skin, and ignorant people suppose them to be little worms.
"The Ladies Book of Useful Information" by Anonymous
You are being squeezed by all!
"Life and sport in China" by Oliver G. Ready
Mr. Grenville squeezed me by the hand again, kissed the ladies, and withdrew.
"Stories of Authors, British and American" by Edwin Watts Chubb
Had she tired of me, exhausted me, wrung my mind dry of interest; and flung me by like a squeezed orange?
"Lippincott's Magazine, December 1878" by Various
When the recognised "squeeze" is exceeded, they protest by riot.
"Appearances" by Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson
If it is wanted "Dry," by squeezing the ball, its baked shell is cracked and its contents pour out.
"Indian Conjuring" by L. H. Branson
They, also, were of the opinion that Munn's object was to squeeze the club by threats.
"A Young Man in a Hurry" by Robert W. Chambers
She awakened at the general stir, and when I squeezed by her she immediately fished for a packet of lunch.
"Desert Dust" by Edwin L. Sabin
Five minutes after that not a seat could be had, even by squeezing.
"Uncle Sam's Boys as Sergeants" by H. Irving Hancock
These are the upper sponges of the mountains, squeezed each year by the summer sun.
"The Young Alaskans in the Rockies" by Emerson Hough
He had by this time squeezed her shoulders, patted her back, kissed her feet, her dress, her hands, her eyes, and pawed her hair.
"IT and Other Stories" by Gouverneur Morris
Encourage bleeding by squeezing tissue about wound.
"The Home Medical Library, Volume I (of VI)" by Various
When I want to make the big thief spit them out, I squeeze him by the neck.
"The Dop Doctor" by Clotilde Inez Mary Graves
We will say that the cool wind makes the clouds heavy by squeezing them together, and sends them down in drops of rain.
"Harper's Young People, January 6, 1880" by Various
The trenches were narrow, about wide enough for one man, though two might pass by squeezing.
"Ned, Bob and Jerry on the Firing Line" by Clarence Young
Bobby knew how she felt by the way she squeezed his hand.
"Rose O'Paradise" by Grace Miller White
Wash butter well to remove the salt, and squeeze out water by wringing it in a well-floured cloth.
"Dishes & Beverages of the Old South" by Martha McCulloch Williams
He squeezed by me as I came in.
"Erdgeist (Earth-Spirit)" by Frank Wedekind
Her breath burst out of her nostrils, followed by squeezed, whining noises.
"Lion Loose" by James H. Schmitz

In poetry:

Mere conchs! not fit for warp or woof!
Till cunning come to pound and squeeze
And clarify,—-refine to proof
The liquor filtered by degrees,
While the world stands aloof.
"Popularity" by Robert Browning
A lady and gentleman of the Music Hall company, Monti & Spry,
Managed to make their escape by climbing up very high
To an advertisement board, and smashing the glass of the fanlight,
And squeezed themselves through with a great fight.
"The Burning of the People's Variety Theatre, Aberdeen" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

Attend a lecture by the Dalai Lama and there's Benioff again--squeezed between former Senators and movie stars.
VMware View 4 uses a specialized transport protocol to squeeze out lag time and significantly increase the number of monitors supported by the virtual desktop.
Of course, traditional publishers already feel squeezed by the deep discounts commonly expected on bestsellers .
Squeezed by economy, shoppers become swappers.
Palestinian Christians are being squeezed out of the Holy Land by a loss of jobs and travel restrictions.
Squeezed by a lagging economy and jobs market, families are axing pricier colleges from their application lists.
Traditional primary-care doctors are finding themselves, and their patients, squeezed by the government and the marketplace.
Water needs squeezed by historic drought.
Local governments say they're being squeezed by mandatory costs.
Whether you walk or drive by the Old Mission in Santa Barbara, over to Rocky Nook Park or the Natural History Museum, it can be a tight and sometimes confusing squeeze.
David Cameron might dismiss the by-election as a typical third party squeeze, but actually there was nothing typical about this election at all, writes YouGov's Anthony Wells for Channel 4 News.
Despite their benefits, independent cath labs are getting squeezed out of the marketplace by lower reimbursements.
Child care providers feel the squeeze by state licensing.
Prosecutors say she stalked the Darien resident and squeezed $6,000 from him by threatening to hurt his reputation.
That may be what prosecutors in Spain are thinking after a man was arrested for theft by worming his body into a suitcase that was loaded onto an airport bus just so he could squeeze back out and steal from other luggage.

In science:

It is interesting that the propagators for the Hamiltonians given by Eqs. (1) and (43), one involving a two-level system coupled to a bath of harmonic oscillators and the other with a bath of two-level systems, are analogous to the squeezing and rotation operations, respectively.
Functional integral treatment of some quantum nondemolition systems
In Sec. 7 we discuss squeezing of Husimi function by variation of magnetic field.
Husimi operator and Husimi function for describing electron's probability distribution in uniform magnetic field derived by virtue of the entangled state representation
Let the corresponding squeezing operator is S (µ) , in the |λi representation it is expressed by (see Appendix) S (µ) = Z d2λ πµ |λ/µi hλ| .
Husimi operator and Husimi function for describing electron's probability distribution in uniform magnetic field derived by virtue of the entangled state representation
Since the SNR for direct detection of a light beam is improved by squeezing (see Appendix), even when only a single mode is excited, one might expect that it is possible to improve the SNR of directional measurements using a single-mode squeezed beam and a split detector.
Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Squeezed-Light Laser Radar
However, Bob expects to observe equal variances in ˆx and ˆp, which is achieved by the eavesdropper with appropriate squeezing operations.
Testing Quantum Devices: Practical Entanglement Verification in Bipartite Optical Systems
To be able to draw a comparison for more realistic intensities, we can replace Eq. (22) by a quadrature squeezed state, i.e.
Testing Quantum Devices: Practical Entanglement Verification in Bipartite Optical Systems
The main change to the magnetic cycle will be the completion of a β -squeeze for ALICE; we expect that the experience gained by then with the other experiments will allow this to be commissioned quite efficiently.
The LHC as a Nucleus-Nucleus Collider
III the primordial fluctuations were treated as isolated and thus described by a pure (squeezed) state.
Why do cosmological perturbations look classical to us?
Each Jack is labeled by a root state, but is actually a superposition of the root state along with many other descendant states which can be constructed by “squeezing” occupation numbers — i.e., which can be obtained by starting with the root state and moving bosons towards each other in pairs6,7 .
Central Charge and Quasihole Scaling Dimensions From Model Wavefunctions: Towards Relating Jack Wavefunctions to W-algebras
Such a Kerr medium may be used to produce squeezing in the light field, e.g. by suppressing the intensity fluctuations (amplitude squeezing), and this can be translated directly to optomechanics .
Optomechanics (a brief review)
With regard to the mirror, squeezed states might be produced by varying the optical spring constant in time.
Optomechanics (a brief review)
Paris et al. discuss the conditional preparation of a state in one mode of a two mode squeezed state by an appropriate measurement on the other mode in Ref. .
Conditions for Factorizable Output From a Beam splitter
This fact is used by Maldacena to derive a consistency condition for the three-point correlation functions in the squeezed limit for single field inflation. • Consistency condition.
Primordial Non-Gaussianities from Inflation Models
Postselection through timeresolved homodyne detection led to an output CSS state which was squeezed by 3.5 dB.
Optical hybrid approaches to quantum information
However, this time, also the squeezing corrections are performed through cluster computation, since any squeezing gate is available by propagating the relevant state through a horizontal, linear four-mode wire (see Fig. 3.3.11).
Optical hybrid approaches to quantum information