squeak through


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v squeak through escape "She squeaked by me"
    • ***


In literature:

They squeaked through underneath.
"Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Complete" by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
Rats began to squeak and scuffle in the night time, through dark galleries they mined behind the panelling.
"Dombey and Son" by Charles Dickens
Two minutes later it was made fast and the halyard began to squeak through the rude pulley at the top of the pole.
"Alice of Old Vincennes" by Maurice Thompson
They squeaked through underneath.
"Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Part 4" by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
As he raised his hand the rats fled squeaking, and disappeared through the hole in the ceiling.
"Dracula's Guest" by Bram Stoker
One knife went right through him, and grated with a harsh squeak on the cobble-stones beneath.
"The Velvet Glove" by Henry Seton Merriman
With a squeak, the mice scampered down from the tree; then they ran along the hall, through the pantry, and back to their home.
"The Child's World" by Hetty Browne, Sarah Withers, W.K. Tate
Oh, I guess I can pull him through, but at that it's going to be a close squeak.
"The Bells of San Juan" by Jackson Gregory
He was now, just a little, but the feeling was somewhat submerged in his gratitude at having "squeaked through" at all.
"Polly Oliver's Problem" by Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin
We'll squeak through somehow.
"Abe Lincoln Gets His Chance" by Frances Cavanah
Yet in spite of all the ballot-stuffing and intimidations, Wayne had barely squeaked through, by a four per cent majority.
"Police Your Planet" by Lester del Rey
They sidled through it, fearful that the squeaking might betray them.
"Spring Street" by James H. Richardson
There were shouts of people outside, too, and the squeaking and scampering of rats through the walls.
"The Blue Wall" by Richard Washburn Child
The hatch squeaked open reluctantly and the boys squirmed through on to the deck.
"The Black Buccaneer" by Stephen W. Meader
They squeaked through underneath.
"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain
And still the great pole continued to squeak on through days that were six months long and nights that made breakfast seem almost useless.
"Cordwood" by Edgar Wilson (Bill) Nye
The walkie-talkie emitted a series of squeaks and squawks, and Ferrati's voice came through now with distortion.
"The Secret of the Ninth Planet" by Donald Allen Wollheim
It was a narrow squeak, but I got through all right.
"Toppleton's Client" by John Kendrick Bangs
The door squeaked as she opened it wide enough to slip through.
"Guilt of the Brass Thieves" by Mildred A. Wirt
All at once a terrible shudder ran through his frame, for a rustling and squeaking behind the oak wainscot startled him.
"Mad" by George Manville Fenn

In news:

CAFTA squeaks through House, on to Bush.
Don comes through pretty well, but Lina's voice is a harsh, squeaking disaster that threatens to sink the studio.
The proposed Lupin Beach project was discussed at great length and ultimately squeaked through the Planning Commission at a meeting Oct 11.
Early in her college career, she squeaked through her required algebra course with a D.
During World Cup qualifiers, Argentina failed to live up to expectations, barely squeaking through the South America group by winning the last automatic slot.
After a hard-fought battle, the charter schools measure, Initiative 1240, has squeaked through in Washington state 50.8 percent to 49.2.
SHE almost squeaked through unscathed.
I suspected that when all the votes were in, Prop 30 might squeak through, and right now it looks like it wll.
A company appropriately named Squeak No More has developed a way to screw the subfloor to the joists through the carpet.
The primary objective for the United States against Guatemala was a win or at worst a draw, and squeaking through to the next round of World Cup qualifying.
(AP) — The primary objective for the United States against Guatemala was a win or at worst a draw, and squeaking through to the next round of World Cup qualifying.
They have to with all the noise from squeaking shoes and bouncing balls reverberating through a cavernous gymnasium.