squash vine


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n squash vine any of numerous annual trailing plants of the genus Cucurbita grown for their fleshy edible fruits
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In literature:

As they passed by, squash-vines and bean-plants grew from the corn-hills.
"Good Stories For Great Holidays" by Frances Jenkins Olcott
A strip twenty feet wide may be reserved for vines, as melons, cucumbers and squashes.
"Three Acres and Liberty" by Bolton Hall
WINTER SQUASH is the kind of squash that may be removed from the vine in the fall and stored for winter use.
"Woman's Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 2" by Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences
Each day they examined the vines, and though the big, yellow flowers continued to bloom and fade, no squash grew on the stems.
"Philippine Folk Tales" by Mabel Cook Cole
Another with a penny bought a squash vine, from which he sold five large squashes for fifty-five cents.
"The American Missionary Vol. XLIV. No. 2." by Various
Sweet potato, melon, squash, and cucumber vines are examples of such plants.
"The First Book of Farming" by Charles L. Goodrich
Nancy and Flora were going through the garden, stepping between the squash and tomato vines.
"Young Lucretia and Other Stories" by Mary E. Wilkins
Later, when Chirpy Cricket met her, he asked her if she had seen her cousin who was spending the summer among the squash vines.
"The Tale of Mrs. Ladybug" by Arthur Scott Bailey
Melons, squash, pumpkins or similar sprawling vines may be grown in it.
"Making a Garden of Perennials" by W. C. Egan
Also, our vines, melons, cucumbers, squashes, and pumpkins.
"Mysteries of Bee-keeping Explained" by M. Quinby
The same may be said of vines, such as cucumbers, melons, squash, etc.
"Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Nature Study" by Ontario Ministry of Education
The squash vine is a great stragger if left to its own devices.
"Old Plymouth Trails" by Winthrop Packard
I cultivate my orchard all the time to keep the weeds down; plant it to vines, such as squashes, pumpkins, melons, etc.
"The Apple" by Various
The beetles, attracted by their favorite tidbit, will feed upon the squash vines and be poisoned by the arsenite.
"The Practical Garden-Book" by C. E. Hunn
This vine is a near relative of the pumpkins and squashes of our gardens.
"The Wild Flowers of California: Their Names, Haunts, and Habits" by Mary Elizabeth Parsons
To repress the ardor of the squash vine borer, scatter a handful of tobacco dust around each plant.
"Gardening for Little Girls" by Olive Hyde Foster

In poetry:

How lush, how loose, the uninhibited squash is.
If ever hearts (and these immoderate leaves
Are vegetable hearts) were worn on sleeves,
The squash's are. In green the squash vine gushes.
"Squash In Blossom" by Robert Francis

In news:

Chili powder 2 cups diced vine-ripe tomatoes Pizza Toppings: 1 medium red onion , sliced " 1 zucchini, sliced " 1 yellow squash, sliced " 1 eggplant, sliced " 2 Tbsps.
I know I searched that tangle of squash vines just a couple of days ago.
Sep 20, 2005 — Lettuce gone to seed, old squash vines and tomato plants what to do with all the yard and garden "waste".
Lettuce gone to seed, old squash vines and tomato plants what to do with all the yard and garden "waste".
Squash vine borer prevention limited by time.
Squash vine borers When strong, healthy zucchini plants wilt and then collapse into piles of yellow mush, blame the squash vine borer.
Adults' emergence from their pupation in the soil is timed to coincide with the sprouting runners of squash vines : early June in southern locales and late June or early July in the North.
Damage In late June or early July, adult squash vine borers lay eggs at the base of squash and pumpkin vines (and sometimes cucumbers and melons).