• WordNet 3.6
    • n spraying the dispersion of fungicides or insecticides or fertilizer on growing crops (often from a low-flying aircraft)
    • n spraying the application of a liquid in the form of small particles ejected from a sprayer
    • n spraying a quantity of small objects flying through the air "a spray of bullets"
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The spray WD-40 got its name because there were forty attempts needed before the creation of the "water displacing" substance
    • n spraying Specifically, in ceramics, the process of applying color or glaze to the surface of ware in spray blown from an atomizer. By this means different colors may be blended in the ground tinting, as in Rook-wood pottery.
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  • James Dye
    James Dye
    “Doesn't make much sense to me to spray everything with chemicals when you're trying to clean.”


In literature:

There was such wild confusion along that line of water sprayed rocks that he had no idea of how the engagement was going.
"Plague Ship" by Andre Norton
Were I acquainted with an atheist who, by possibility, had brain and feeling, I would set that spray before him and await reply.
"About Orchids" by Frederick Boyle
It broke directly above us, and for a moment we stood dizzy with the shock, and half blinded by the dashing salt spray.
"St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls, Vol. 5, September 1878, No. 11" by Various
She fastened a pearl spray in her hair, and a heavy shell comb.
"The Shoulders of Atlas" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
In the lower corners are a large lily, a blue flower, and a large double-rose spray.
"English Embroidered Bookbindings" by Cyril James Humphries Davenport
A blue haze of spray rose from the foaming water on the rocks, and there sounded a pleasant murmur from the falling water.
"Navy Boys Behind the Big Guns" by Halsey Davidson
I sprayed my apple trees at the same time, and I sprayed the plums with the same thing I sprayed the apple trees with.
"Trees, Fruits and Flowers of Minnesota, 1916" by Various
The spray drove over the canoe till the Frenchman's clothes were stiff with ice.
"Pathfinders of the West" by A. C. Laut
When spring came each spray began to put out buds.
"Chambers's Elementary Science Readers" by Various
Who had picked up the nozzle and sprayed the unseen man in the street?
"Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Keeping Store" by Laura Lee Hope
Then he looks forth again, and as he gazes down by the shore his eyes rest upon the spray of the blowing cave near Kaumalapau.
"Hawaiian Folk Tales" by Various
Again he sent the spray wide, and they subsided.
"Star Born" by Andre Norton
When washed, immediately apply the spray.
"The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English" by R. V. Pierce
Would you mind getting me that throat spray and medicine Dr. Rathby left?
"The Moving Picture Girls Snowbound" by Laura Lee Hope
It is difficult to spray properly a tree which is more than twenty-five feet in height.
"Apple Growing" by M. C. Burritt
For late peaches spray a third time two weeks after the second spraying.
"Agriculture for Beginners" by Charles William Burkett
The spray, represented in our engraving, is a specimen of an ordinary Brussels lace pattern and of the stitches it is worked in.
"Encyclopedia of Needlework" by Thérèse de Dillmont
As Darrin shook the spray from his eyes he made out the "Grigsby" only as a dark mass far ahead.
"Dave Darrin After The Mine Layers" by H. Irving Hancock
Almost blinded by the spray and rain and vivid lightning, the crew worked on.
"Old Jack" by W.H.G. Kingston
Morgiana opened her lips; the pigeon swept away the grain, and lit upon a laurel spray, proud of his booty.
"God Wills It!" by William Stearns Davis

In poetry:

Heavy hangs the rain-drop
From the burdened spray;
Heavy broods the damp mist
On uplands far away.
"The Two Children Pt 1" by Emily Jane Bronte
Drops that floods of diamonds seem
Are but dazzling spray,
Fleeting as a happy dream,
Swift to fade away.
"Weariness" by John Lawson Stoddard
The grave grows green, the flowers bloom fair,
Above that head;
No sorrowing tint of leaf or spray
Says he is dead.
""Only A Year"" by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Warble out in spray and thicket,
All ye choristers unseen;
Let the leafy woodland echo
With an anthem to its queen!
"The Buried Flower" by William Edmondstoune Aytoun
Earth like a Swimmer
Plunged into the dimmer
Wave of the night,
Now is uprisen,
An Elysian vision
Of spray and of light.
"Mist And Frost" by Duncan Campbell Scott
Ere the sweet thorn-buds were through,
Wife and child doom-stricken lay,
Cold as winter, white as spray--
"One and two!"
"The Little Man In Green" by Isabel Ecclestone Mackay

In news:

Alivia Parker, 21 months, runs through circles of spraying water on a 100-degree day in Montgomery, Ala. Parker is wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 100.
Words spray-painted on the side of a wall near the Sari Club bomb site read in Indonesian "don't urinate here".
It's a beginner-friendly way to experience kayaking without the steep learning curve of rolling or bailing out of a spray skirt.
Before spraying, be sure that you are not spraying any other plants that may be near the weeds.
Spray a large casserole dish or a 9-by-13-inch baking pan with cooking spray.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray the pan with cooking spray.
Spray both sides of chops with cooking spray and place on grill.
UV dye in the spray remains visible on an attacker after they've been sprayed by a would-be victim.
Nouveau Nail's Refreshing Mint Anti-Spray is an anti-fungal prep spray that also dehydrates the natural nail for polish or enhancement prep.
Roast them in a shallow pan sprayed with cooking spray for 40 to 50 minutes or until tender.
Spray a 10 inch Bundt pan with baking spray.
Als Liner Spray In Bedliner Spraying .
Need to eliminate spray -glue mess in your shop SP Solutions developed its Spray Glue Guard to do just that.
Diamond Liners, distributor of sprayed on protective coating equipment, chemicals and supplies, offers a new sprayed -on bedliner coating.
No one else had been spraying for mosquitoes, and the defendant admitted to spraying .

In science:

In the general case, a (possibly nonlinear) connection Γ gives rise to a spray S (see Proposition 4.1), but the correspondence has not been well studied before.
Generalized Sprays and Nonlinear Connections
When the spray S is clear from context, we refer simply to geodesics.
Generalized Sprays and Nonlinear Connections
We refer to for motivation, further general results, and results specific to homogeneous sprays, and to for more examples.
Generalized Sprays and Nonlinear Connections
Therefore the usual exponential map of this spray is not defined (i. e., at t = ε = 1) for any C1 > 0.
Generalized Sprays and Nonlinear Connections
Recall that quadratic sprays correspond to linear connections.
Generalized Sprays and Nonlinear Connections
Unfortunately, when the connection is h(m − 1) this spray is not homogeneous as a spray; it is only an h(m) vector field on T M .
Generalized Sprays and Nonlinear Connections
Proposition 4.3 If H is a connection with geodesic spray S , then S is h(m) if and only if H is vh(m − 1).
Generalized Sprays and Nonlinear Connections
By Theorem 4.1, H induces a (unique, generalized) spray S .
Generalized Sprays and Nonlinear Connections
Figure 1 shows the surface resistivity for the plates sprayed so far.
Construction of a Digital Hadron Calorimeter
Example 5 in is an experiment to investigate five varieties and two spray regimes.
Decomposition tables for experiments. II. Two--one randomizations
PCB by a freezing spray (to ~ -20° C) and observed a shift in position of the pulse by 1 ns at maximum.
Calibration prototype for the EUDET HCAL
As we have seen, almost immediately after they are produced, quarks and gluons fragment and hadronize, leading to sprays of energetic hadrons, which we may call ‘jets’.
Phenomenological aspects of new physics at high energy hadron colliders
Proposition 8.2 The dilation structure of a riemannian manifold constructed from the geodesic spray, as in proposition 5.2, has the RNP from definition 8.1.
Sub-riemannian geometry from intrinsic viewpoint
However, as discussed below, requiring detection of a high-pT hadron is a significant trigger bias on jet fragmentation, and the jet-like sprays selected in this way differ strongly from samples of jets selected by calorimetric measurements.
Jet Quenching in Heavy Ion Collisions
Lin and Spray, 2000] Lin, C. and Spray, J. (2000). Effects of item-selection criteria on classification testing with the sequential probability ratio test.
Modern Sequential Analysis and its Applications to Computerized Adaptive Testing