spray can


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n spray can a dispenser that holds a substance under pressure and that can release it as a fine spray (usually by means of a propellant gas)
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In literature:

These insects can be successfully combated with a poison spray applied early before the buds open.
"Apple Growing" by M. C. Burritt
A very pretty running pattern can be formed out of the spray, fig.
"Encyclopedia of Needlework" by Thérèse de Dillmont
The boat can't float long wi' such sprays washin' over her.
"Shifting Winds" by R.M. Ballantyne
To its very end the jetty is paved, and when a stiff sea wind is blowing you can drink in the spray to your heart's content.
"Riviera Towns" by Herbert Adams Gibbons
Clouds of foam and salt spray were whirled madly in the air, and, carried far inland, and slates and cans were dashing on the pavements.
"The Story of the Rock" by R.M. Ballantyne
The experiment of Mr. DuPont in spraying shows what can be done on valuable lawn trees.
"Northern Nut Growers Association, Report of the Proceedings at the Third Annual Meeting" by Northern Nut Growers Association
If you have never been at sea in a heavy gale you can form no idea of the confusion of mind occasioned by the wind and spray together.
"Journeys Through Bookland, Vol. 8" by Charles H. Sylvester
You can certainly protect the two-year wood in that way by making a fall spraying and a spring spraying.
"Northern Nut Growers Association, Report of the Proceedings at the Fourth Annual Meeting" by Various
I cannot show you them all; but here is a large one on the outside spray, and you can fancy the others inside.
"The Stones of Venice, Volume III (of 3)" by John Ruskin
I want to get a spray can of insect repellent.
"The Blue Ghost Mystery" by Harold Leland Goodwin
No spray ever drifts in at these heights, no froth or spume can ever in the wildest storms beat upon this verandah.
"Titanic" by Filson Young
It can be applied with a brush or with a spray pump.
"Outlines of dairy bacteriology" by H. L. Russell
Our thoughts and emotions are often but spray flung up from hidden tides that follow a moon no eye can see.
"Ideas of Good and Evil" by William Butler Yeats
Like the latter, the oil spray can be quickly lit when needed and as quickly extinguished.
"The Romance of War Inventions" by Thomas W. Corbin
Fortunately this disease can be effectually checked by the use of Bordeaux spraying mixture.
"Ginseng and Other Medicinal Plants" by A. R. (Arthur Robert) Harding
If there is moss on trees, it can be destroyed readily by a spray of Bordeaux mixture.
"The Practical Garden-Book" by C. E. Hunn
Perhaps the sprays can't get at the stuff that's afire.
"A Boy of the Dominion" by F. S. Brereton
But speaking generally, a sprayed coat can be thicker than a poured coat.
"Pottery, for Artists Craftsmen & Teachers" by George J. Cox
It can now be done with a machine operated by hand which sprays the coloring matter on the book.
"Library Bookbinding" by Arthur Low Bailey
The elder walked over to the bureau, and placed the measure beside the rose-shears and the spraying can.
"Mountain" by Clement Wood

In poetry:

At last it falls. Who cares? Not one:
And yet no power on earth can ever
Replace the fallen leaf upon
Its spray, so easy to dissever.
"In spring and summer winds may blow" by Walter Savage Landor
An air we can't forget;
A sunset's gold that gleams;
A spray of migonette,
Will fill the soul with dreams
More than all history says,
Or romance of old days.
"One Day And Another: A Lyrical Eclogue – Part IV" by Madison Julius Cawein
An air we can't forget;
A sunset's gold that gleams;
A spray of mignonette,
Will fill the soul with dreams
More than all history says,
Or romance of old days.
"What Little Things!" by Madison Julius Cawein
The infant smiles of blushing May,
The buds that carol on the spray,
Can boast no charms to Sorrow's child ;
For Fancy weaves her visions wild,
And sings of vanish'd hours.
"The Outcast" by Laura Sophia Temple

In news:

Mosquito prevention doesn't come out of a spray can .
Spray Can Slam at Napa Valley Art Supplies.
Patrick Parker explains a clean and easy way to remove paint from a spray can to use in your airbrush.
They carry cans of spray paint , but none is a graffiti artist.
I've been an avid user of spray paint for many years, and consider it a quick fix in a can.
Approximately 66-77% of all growers who spray pesticides spray too much or too little, which not only can waste money, but also cause crop losses, said Erdal Ozkan.
Can now spray confidently, knowing that all three of his boom sections are applying product.
The Flexi-Pro comes with an extra spray jet, so you can quickly and easily switch from doing carpet pre- spray to upholstery pre- spray .
Can spray starch be used in place of sizing.
Police say a woman with a can of pepper spray joined other customers to help subdue a shoplifting suspect at a northeast Georgia Macy's store.
Getting pepper-sprayed, most people can agree, is not much fun.
As street artist Twist, he launched a thousand spray cans.
The bright side of the canvas Budding artist brings his spray-paint cans and rockin' themes to the Peninsula art scene.
What can I do before and after spraying to lessen the negative impact on my home.
The spray pump used for both products can lose its seal, causing the fluid to leak.

In science:

An important class of systems of second order differential equations can be represented as (generalized) sprays on a manifold M with tangent bundle T M →→ M .
Generalized Sprays and Nonlinear Connections
Definition 2.1 A section S of T T M over T M is a spray when J S = S ; that is, when it can be expressed local ly as S : (x, y) 7→ (x, y , y , S(x, y)).
Generalized Sprays and Nonlinear Connections
Several important results concerning quadratic sprays [1, 10, 16, 20] rely on the facts that each such spray S determines a unique torsion-free linear connection Γ, and conversely, every quadratic spray S arises from a linear connection Γ the torsion of which can be assigned arbitrarily.
Generalized Sprays and Nonlinear Connections
One of our ultimate goals is to determine just how well nonlinear connections can be studied via sprays.
Generalized Sprays and Nonlinear Connections
Also, we shall frequently consider noncompact manifolds because no spray can be disprisoning on a compact manifold.
Generalized Sprays and Nonlinear Connections
Eruptions beyond the shore of the magma ocean may be supplemented by violent bursting of bubbles at the magma ocean surface: on Earth, such eruptions can eject magma spray up to ∼400 m/s (Taddeucci et al. 2012).
Possible Disintegrating Short-Period Super-Mercury Orbiting KIC 12557548
Such hadrons can be regarded as the leading fragments of parent partons and they are accompanied by a jet-like spray of subleading particles.
Jet Quenching in Heavy Ion Collisions
For example attacker can heap-spray the memory and then cause the application to create a new thread that will be used to trigger the vulnerability.
Security Mitigations for Return-Oriented Programming Attacks
Definition of F(M,E): First note that an Euler class E can be represented by the following data: (1) a generalized triangulation τ = (h, g ′ ), (2) a spray, i.e a collection of disjoint smooth embeddings αx : [0, 1] → M with αx (0) = x0 , αx (1) = x, x ∈ C r(h).
Relative torsion