• WordNet 3.6
    • n spouse a person's partner in marriage
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Of married couples, 70% of men and 60% of women have cheated on their spouse
    • Spouse A man or woman engaged or joined in wedlock; a married person, husband or wife. "At last such grace I found, and means I wrought,
      That I that lady to my spouse had won."
    • Spouse A married man, in distinction from a spousess or married woman; a bridegroom or husband. "At which marriage was [were] no persons present but the spouse , the spousess, the Duchess of Bedford her mother, the priest, two gentlewomen, and a young man."
    • v. t Spouse spouz To wed; to espouse. "This markis hath her spoused with a ring.""Though spoused , yet wanting wedlock's solemnize.""She was found again, and spoused to Marinell."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: In 1965, Congress authorized the Secret Service to protect former presidents and their spouses for their lifetime, unless they decline the protection. Recently, Congress limited the protection of former presidents and their spouses (elected after January 1, 1997) to 10 years after leaving office. President Clinton, who was elected in 1996, will be the last president to receive lifelong protection from the Secret Service.
    • n spouse A married person, husband or wife; either one of a married pair.
    • spouse To take for a husband or a wife; wed; espouse.
    • spouse To give in marriage.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: It is illegal to marry the spouse of a grandparent in Maine, Maryland, South Carolina, and Washington, DC.
    • n Spouse spowz a husband or wife
    • n Spouse usually in pl. nuptials: marriage
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  • Proverb
    “One's best fortune, or, their worst is their spouse.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Be tolerant of the human race. Your whole family belongs to it -- and some of your spouse's family does too.”
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    “An early-rising man... a good spouse but a bad husband.”
  • Cynthia Nelms
    Cynthia Nelms
    “The secret to a happy marriage is to tell your spouse everything, but the essentials.”
  • Jean Jacques Rousseau
    “Plant and your spouse plants with you; weed and you weed alone.”
  • Ellen Goodman
    Ellen Goodman
    “You can fire your secretary, divorce your spouse, abandon your children. But they remain your co-authors forever.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OF. espous, espos, fem. espouse, F. époux, épouse, fr. L. sponsus, sponsa, prop. p. p. of spondere, sponsum, to promise solemnly, to engage one's self. Cf. Despond Espouse Respond Sponsor


In literature:

Look: Nature burns around us and rolls in the arms of Summer, and drinks in the devouring breath of her ruddy spouse.
"Frédéric Mistral" by Charles Alfred Downer
He had been marooned long enough with a sick woman and her depressed spouse.
"The Trumpeter Swan" by Temple Bailey
Then, uniting his fortunes with his brother's spouse, he plotted with her help against Tullius.
"Dio's Rome, Volume 1 (of 6)" by Cassius Dio
He had been marooned long enough with a sick woman and her depressed spouse.
"The Trumpeter Swan" by Temple Bailey
He alone sat at table during his meals; his 'court,' including even his spouse, squatted around and fed upon the floor.
"Roumania Past and Present" by James Samuelson
RING, a ring means marriage; and if a letter can be found near it, this is the initial of the future spouse.
"Tea-Cup Reading, and the Art of Fortune-Telling by Tea Leaves" by 'A Highland Seer'
The Egyptians of old saw in their sublime god, Osiris, and his ideal spouse, Isis, the authors of music.
"For Every Music Lover" by Aubertine Woodward Moore
The King never behaves as a despot but always with much consideration for the feelings of his spouses.
"Tales from the Hindu Dramatists" by R. N. Dutta
Zashue was pleased with his spouse.
"The Delight Makers" by Adolf Bandelier
The Church is His spouse.
"Explanation of Catholic Morals" by John H. Stapleton

In poetry:

Mary without a stain,
Joseph that was her spouse,
All God's women and men,
Out of His glorious House.
"A Woman Commends Her Little Son" by Katharine Tynan
O Happy soul, Jehovah's bride,
The Lamb's beloved spouse;
Strong consolation's flowing tide,
Thy Husband thee allows.
"The Believer's Jointure : Chapter I." by Ralph Erskine
'— So you've lost a sprucer spouse than I!'
She held her peace, as if fain deny
She would indeed
For his pleasure's sake, but could lip no lie.
"A Conversation At Dawn" by Thomas Hardy
The hollow-eyed, the chaste Elvira came,
Trembling and veiled, to view her traitor spouse.
Was it one last bright smile she thought to claim,
Such as made sweet the morning of his vows?
"Don Juan in Hell" by James Elroy Flecker
All thy good works which went before
And waited for thee, at the door,
Shall own thee there, and all in one
Weave a constellation
Of crowns, with which the King, thy spouse,
Shall build up thy triumphant brows.
"A Hymn to the Name and Honour of the Admirable Saint Teresa" by Richard Crashaw
The world was widowed by the death of Christ:
Vainly its suffering soul for peace has sought
And found it not.
For nothing, nothing, nothing has sufficed
To bring back comfort to the stricken house
From whence has gone the Master and the Spouse.
"Widows" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

In news:

Benefits calculated separately from spouse's.
Low sex drive from one spouse or the other in a relationship is a problem that I hear often.
11 Tips for the Spouse With a Lower Sex Drive .
Side Issue in the Plame Case: Who Sent Her Spouse to Africa.
What is a heart cath, and why does your spouse need it.
One of the most critical (and most unsung) roles in an entrepreneurial company is not the founder or owner—it's the role of that person's significant other or spouse.
Not your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend, but your vehicle.
How To Talk To Your Spouse.
Some have even tried to strangle their spouses during sleep.).
If your spouse's spending is out of control, you'll have to keep your cash on lock.
At the time of her passing, she was surrounded with love by five of her children and spouses along with many grandchildren.
ST PAUL (AP) – State officials say a property tax break has been extended to five years for the surviving spouses of disabled Minnesota veterans.
Right of survivorship exists and neither spouse has a disposable interest during the lifetime of the other.
My spouse and I recently invited 2,000 strangers into our home.
I'm hoping to swap cash for my spouse's portion of the property.

In science:

Spouse that (1) for any α < λ Pα (cid:13) ˙Qα − σ closed , (2) Borel codes for sets from ideals I , J are absolute, then Pλ preserve (I , J ) - Luzin sets.
Generalized Luzin sets
The total sample used for the familial aggregation analyses included 222 probands who had 1194 adult first-degree relatives and spouses.
Generalized score test of homogeneity for mixed effects models
Many thanks to friends and fellow graduate students Conor Buechler (and spouse Alicia), Tom Butler, Jon Chandra, Michael Endres, Andr´e Walker-Loud, and Heather Zorn-Butler.
Single barium ion spectroscopy: light shifts, hyperfine structure, and progress on an optical frequency standard and atomic parity violation
We also define that i is a spouse of j if these are endpoints of an arc.
Stable Mixed Graphs
We have done a preliminary analysis of the Framingham Heart Study (FHS) data, a longitudinal social network study which includes many covariates (e.g. obesity, marriage, depression, smoking, alcohol) and link types (friend, neighbor, co-worker, sibling, spouse) [3, 2].
Statistical Tests for Contagion in Observational Social Network Studies