• WordNet 3.6
    • v spot-check pick out random samples for examination in order to ensure high quality
    • ***


In literature:

He knew that the water had risen at that spot, and that it would quite check their progress.
"Tess of the d'Urbervilles" by Thomas Hardy
You might bring your check book, too, and the revolver, which we had better bury in some quiet spot.
"Bab: A Sub-Deb" by Mary Roberts Rinehart
His habitual awe of the white man checked his arm; the trapper's friends crowded to the spot, and arrested him.
"The Adventures of Captain Bonneville Digested From His Journal" by Washington Irving
At the first step she checked herself; rooted to the spot, under a sudden revulsion of feeling which quieted her in an instant.
"The New Magdalen" by Wilkie Collins
De Bourgueville, who went to the spot and exerted his eloquence to check this last act of violence, witnessed the opening of the coffin.
"Account of a Tour in Normandy, Vol. II. (of 2)" by Dawson Turner
Two spots of color leaped in her checks.
"His Family" by Ernest Poole
There, at that spot, whence he breaketh our ranks, check him, putting forth thy strength.
"The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 2"
He had already chosen the spots for the detector-transmitter check points.
"Tom Swift and The Visitor from Planet X" by Victor Appleton
He looked as though he would box the boy's ears on the spot, but he held himself in check.
"Historic Boyhoods" by Rupert Sargent Holland
Last night I spot-checked Bond, in Fourteen, and I found an irregularity.
"Final Weapon" by Everett B. Cole
Brucco mumbled and checked points off on his fingers, searching for weak spots in the chain of reason.
"Deathworld" by Harry Harrison
A minute later he spotted five more planes and these he was able to check.
"A Yankee Flier Over Berlin" by Al Avery
That's cheaper than making a safari around the cluster, spot-checking the super-markets.
"Sjambak" by John Holbrook Vance
A spot check of newspapers in Philadelphia and New York reveals a pattern quite similar.
"Old English Patent Medicines in America" by George B. Griffenhagen
And our agents are making spot checks on them just to make sure.
"Fifty Per Cent Prophet" by Gordon Randall Garrett
Rick hadn't known about the spot check, but it made sense.
"The Scarlet Lake Mystery" by Harold Leland Goodwin
This running spot-check on the collected semen samples assured us that our radiation was effectively destroying the spermatozoa.
"The Test Colony" by Winston Marks
Holding on to his trunk check he followed the girl a few yards to the spot where his trunk had been thrown out.
"The Ranch Girls at Home Again" by Margaret Vandercook
Color failing in spots and checking observed.
"Paint Technology and Tests" by Henry A. Gardner
It checks the blood at one's heart, to stand on the spot and remember it.
"Pencillings by the Way" by N. Parker Willis

In news:

It's been spotted on clearance so check your local store.
Brown said a check was not written on the spot.
If you spot us, say hello and check out the cool car.
One-inch color display with zoom lets you check scan quality on the spot after scanning.
Perhaps you've seen the Western Sky television ads that promise a $5,000, on-the-spot loan – without a pesky credit check.
Here is the latest Spot Check from ThirtyTwo starring Danny Larsen, Chris Grenier, Scott Stevens, Dani Rajcsanyi, JP Walker, Joe Sexton and Toni Kerkela.
Hunters who happened to have a deer in their vehicle while driving on US 54 near the Route F overpass in Fulton were pulled over during a " spot check " on Sunday.
Hunters who happened to have a deer in their vehicle and be driving on Highway 54 near the Route F overpass in Fulton were pulled over during a " spot check " on Sunday.
ThirtyTwo Spot Check – Germany/Austria.
ThirtyTwo Spot Check – Brighton.
Hunters who happened to have a deer in their vehicle while driving on US 54 near the Route F overpass in Fulton were pulled over during a "spot check" on Sunday.
Hunters who happened to have a deer in their vehicle and be driving on Highway 54 near the Route F overpass in Fulton were pulled over during a "spot check" on Sunday.
Some New York spots get name-checked in Food & Wine 's "50 Trends to Try," which appears in the next issue and isn't yet online.
Three great holiday spots to check out in the Caribbean.
Guardware's image analysis software, which scans for pornography , is now in portable form on a USB stick so that administrators can spot-check any system as desired.

In science:

An additional observational test offered by maser theory is to check whether there is any correlation between the linear polarization position angle (P.A.) and the SNR shock front in the vicinity of a maser spot.
OH Zeeman Magnetic Field Detections Toward Five Supernova Remnants Using the VLA
In this form the level matching is easily checked by using cyclicity of trace to move the last letter in Wσ,I to the first spot in the word.
Gauge theory description of compactified pp-waves
As explained in Ref. 13, spot checks on the stress tensor showed that the cuboidal/cubic cells did not mechanically destabilize liquid-crystalline phases.
Dipolar interactions, molecular flexibility, and flexoelectricity in bent-core liquid crystals
Check year-old references to spot long-term variable objects (variable stars, novae, i.e. not supernovae) on both archived NEAT images and DSS/POSS images.
Rates and Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae
We can spot-check for this possibility by inspecting individual models from the ensembles.
Gravitational lensing model degeneracies: Is steepness all-important?
We ran a new light curve solution with PHOEBE, this time including the small spot on the primary as above, in order to check the influence of the spot specifically on the derived temperature ratio.
Near-Infrared Light Curves of the Brown Dwarf Eclipsing Binary 2MASS J05352184-0546085: Can Spots Explain the Temperature Reversal?
Therefore, RacX employs several automatic techniques (i.e., initialization pruning and array cross-range checking), to reduce the number of “critical” false positives that lie in hot-spots or critical paths.
Efficient Deterministic Replay Using Complete Race Detection
We also verified that the source is at the collimator focus by placing it at the point where the two laser beams are coincident. A last check was to scan the positional arm of the interferometer to check that the spot convergence did not walk as the spatial baseline changed.
A Demonstration of Spectral and Spatial Interferometry at THz Frequencies
Several lines of evidence and cross-checks allow us to build some confidence on the spot corrections.
The prevalence of dust on the exoplanet HD 189733b from Hubble and Spitzer observations
However, this hot spot provides an excellent check of position reconstruction for a point source of events.
Electron Energy Spectra, Fluxes, and Day-Night Asymmetries of $^{8}$B Solar Neutrinos from the 391-Day Salt Phase SNO Data Set
IR coordinate systems), and at one or two contaminating stars in the hot-spot fields. C ross-checks of the derived flux densities were made using aperture photometry, where possible.
A Radio through X-ray Study of the Hot Spots, Active Nucleus, and Environment of the Nearby FR II Radio Galaxy 3C 33
In addition, the auditor does spot checking instead of examining every item (transaction, asset, etc.).
Recommended Practices for Spreadsheet Testing
Piotr Pieranski and Sylwek Przybyl have graciously spot-checked the writhe and tightening computations in this table using their knot-tightening and writhe computation codes .
The Shapes of Tight Composite Knots
When checking on a regular Bayesian analysis of this beta-binomial model, I could not spot any discrepancy, using either independent (Fig. 1) or dependent (Fig. 2) priors.
Comments on "Confidence distribution, the frequentist distribution estimator of a parameter --- a review" by Min-ge Xie and Kesar Singh
The quality of the synthetic PSF was checked by comparing the isophotal profiles of two stars and the profiles of two PSFs created in the same spot.
The Properties of Field Elliptical Galaxies at Intermediate Redshift. I: Empirical Scaling Laws