• International Harvester spindle cotton picker, 1942
    International Harvester spindle cotton picker, 1942
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n spindle any holding device consisting of a rigid, sharp-pointed object "the spike pierced the receipts and held them in order"
    • n spindle a stick or pin used to twist the yarn in spinning
    • n spindle any of various rotating shafts that serve as axes for larger rotating parts
    • n spindle a piece of wood that has been turned on a lathe; used as a baluster, chair leg, etc.
    • n spindle (biology) tiny fibers that are seen in cell division; the fibers radiate from two poles and meet at the equator in the middle "chromosomes are distributed by spindles in mitosis and meiosis"
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Spinning spindle Spinning spindle

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Spindle A long and slender stalk resembling a spindle.
    • Spindle A shaft or pipe on which a core of sand is formed.
    • Spindle A slender rod or pin on which anything turns; an axis; as, the spindle of a vane.
    • Spindle (Geom) A solid generated by the revolution of a curved line about its base or double ordinate or chord.
    • Spindle A yarn measure containing, in cotton yarn, 15,120 yards; in linen yarn, 14,400 yards.
    • Spindle (Zoöl) Any marine gastropod of the genus Fusus.
    • Spindle (Zoöl) Any marine univalve shell of the genus Rostellaria; -- called also spindle stromb.
    • Spindle The fusee of a watch.
    • Spindle The long, round, slender rod or pin in spinning wheels by which the thread is twisted, and on which, when twisted, it is wound; also, the pin on which the bobbin is held in a spinning machine, or in the shuttle of a loom.
    • Spindle The shaft, mandrel, or arbor, in a machine tool, as a lathe or drilling machine, etc., which causes the work to revolve, or carries a tool or center, etc.
    • Spindle The vertical rod on which the runner of a grinding mill turns.
    • v. i Spindle To shoot or grow into a long, slender stalk or body; to become disproportionately tall and slender. "It has begun to spindle into overintellectuality."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n spindle In hand-spinning, a small bar, usually of wood, hung to the end of the thread as it is first drawn from the mass of fiber on the distaff. By rotating the spindle, the spinner twists the thread, and as the thread is spun it is wound upon the spindle.
    • n spindle The pin which is used in spinning-wheels for twisting the thread, and on which the thread, when twisted, is wound. See cut under spinning-wheel.
    • n spindle One of the skewers or axes of a spinning-machine upon which a bobbin is placed to wind the yarn as it is spun. See cut under spinning-jenny.
    • n spindle Any slender pointed rod or pin which turns round, or on which anything turns. A small axle or axis, in contradistinction to a shaft or large axle, as the arbor or mandrel in a lathe: as, the spindle of a vane; the spindle of the fusee of a watch. See dead-spindle, live-spindle.
    • n spindle Something having the form of a spindle (sense 1); a fusiform object. The grip of a sword.
    • n spindle The roll of not yet unfolded leaves on a growing plant of Indian corn.
    • n spindle In conchology, a spindle shell.
    • n spindle In anatomy, a fusiform part or organ.
    • n spindle A spindle-cell.
    • n spindle The inner segment of a rod or cone of the bacillary layer of the retina. See cut under retina.
    • n spindle In embryology, one of the fusiform figures produced by chromatin fibers in the process of karyokinesis.
    • n spindle In geometry, a solid generated by the revolution of the arc of a curve-line about its chord, in opposition to a conoid, which is a solid generated by the revolution of a curve about its axis. The spindle is denominated circular, elliptic, hyperbolic, or parabolic, according to the figure of its generating curve.
    • n spindle A measure of yarn: in cotton a spindle of 18 hanks is 15.120 yards; in linen a spindle of 48 cuts is 14,400 yards.
    • n spindle A long slender stalk.
    • n spindle Something very thin and slender.
    • spindle To shoot or grow in a long, slender stalk or body.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Spindle spin′dl the pin from which the thread is twisted: a pin on which anything turns: the fusee of a watch: anything very slender
    • v.i Spindle to grow long and slender
    • adj Spindle long and slender
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  • George Herbert
    “A man of great memory without learning hath a rock and a spindle and no staff to spin.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. spinal, fr. spinnan, to spin; akin to D. spil, G. spille, spindel, OHG. spinnala,. √170. See Spin


In literature:

The whatnot was shaky, having only three short, spindle legs.
"The Corner House Girls at School" by Grace Brooks Hill
The bait was to be placed on this spindle and a tug upon it would let go the trap-door.
"Black Bruin" by Clarence Hawkes
This makes them grow spindling.
"A Treatise on Domestic Economy" by Catherine Esther Beecher
Halla sits down, turning her spindle.
"Modern Icelandic Plays" by Jóhann Sigurjónsson
A very small class instructed by an able teacher, is like a factory of a hundred spindles, with a water-wheel of power sufficient for a thousand.
"The Teacher" by Jacob Abbott
Can you see a spindle-legged, mischievous boy of ten, who loved his little sister dearly; but teased her from morning until night.
"'Smiles'" by Eliot H. Robinson
He loosened the string a bit and twisted it once about his spindle.
"An American Robinson Crusoe" by Samuel. B. Allison
It presents the appearance of a very top-heavy head on a very spindling stem.
"Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Second Annual Meeting" by Northern Nut Growers Association
The spindle had three holes in it, in which staves were thrust as levers, to turn it and hold the ropes taut.
"Adam Johnstone's Son" by F. Marion Crawford
The thing passed above the moon, and was, by other observers, described as "cigar-shaped," "like a torpedo," "a spindle," "a shuttle.
"The Book of the Damned" by Charles Fort

In poetry:

Now they wax, and now they dwindle,
Whirling with the whirling spindle.
Twist ye, twine ye! even so,
Mingle human bliss and woe.
"Twist Ye, Twine Ye" by Sir Walter Scott
She buyeth fields, she planteth vines,
And girds herself to duty's round,
And far into the shades of night,
Her spindle plies with busy sound.
"A Virtuous Woman" by Thomas Frederick Young
No more alone my love the lamp should burn,
Watching the weary spindle twist and turn,
Or o’er the web hold back her tears and yearn:
O winter, O white winter, wert thou gone!
"The Two Sides Of The River" by William Morris
She spun the flax of a spindle,
And I wondered on her face;
She spun the flax of a spindle,
And I marvelled on her grace;
She spun the flax of a spindle,
And I watched a little space.
"Elphin" by Madison Julius Cawein
The mountain, at the first downpour of the rain, looked like a
giant of our people draped in a striped cloak.
The peak of Mujaimir in the flood and rush of debris looked
like a whirling spindle.
"The Poem of Imru-Ul-Quais" by Anonymous Asian
Here are no spindles, nor wheels to be whirled,
No forges nor looms from the outside world,
Stunning the ear with clamour;
You hear but the whisper of leaves unfurled,
And the tap of the woodpecker's hammer
"In the Country" by Kate Seymour Maclean

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In science:

On the other side machine has rotating spindle and a rope to lift some weight (due to rotation).
Algorithmic Information Theory and Foundations of Probability
The solution (c) has been chosen because in this case, the spindle motors is collinear to the axes of the largest focal length of the ellipse.
The eel-like robot
Our experiment consists of two cylindrical sapphire resonators of 3 cm diameter and height supported by spindles at either end within superconducting niobium cavities , which are oriented with their cylindrical axes orthogonal to each other in the horizontal plane (see Fig. 11).
Rotating Resonator-Oscillator Experiments to Test Lorentz Invariance in Electrodynamics
The spindles are firmly held in each lid by sprung brass bushes.
Rotating Resonator-Oscillator Experiments to Test Lorentz Invariance in Electrodynamics
We here consider checkpoints to monitor the following events or conditions: (C1) sufficient cell growth to start DNA replication, (C2) completion of DNA replication, and (C3) spindle assembly.
Stable stochastic dynamics in yeast cell cycle