speech act


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n speech act the use of language to perform some act
    • ***


  • Allan Bloom
    Allan Bloom
    “There is no real teacher who in practice does not believe in the existence of the soul, or in a magic that acts on it through speech.”


In literature:

The general tenor of the earliest Christian apologetic, as it is to be found in the speeches of the Acts of the Apostles.
"The Life of St. Paul" by James Stalker
However you tried to phrase it, it came out sounding like a last-act speech from a historical play.
"Planet of the Damned" by Harry Harrison
Was the speech delivered before or after the Stamp Act?
"Teachers' Outlines for Studies in English" by Gilbert Sykes Blakely
Nor has the act any relation to his previous speeches.
"The Death Shot" by Mayne Reid
His aim was to attain self-command, to be master of himself, of his thought and speech and acts.
"History of the English People, Volume V (of 8)" by John Richard Green
That intention shrivelled, somehow, in the act of speech.
"The Man Who Lost Himself" by H. De Vere Stacpoole
He looked and acted like a gentleman, and his speech indicated that he was a person of refinement.
"Down South" by Oliver Optic
Extracts from the speeches of Lords Chatham and Camden on the passing and repeal of the Stamp Act.
"The Loyalists of America and Their Times, Vol. 2 of 2" by Edgerton Ryerson
Garth's heart warmed to the act and the speech.
"Two on the Trail" by Hulbert Footner
You know you have made speeches before and have acted before people.
"Madge Morton's Victory" by Amy D.V. Chalmers
It is unreasonable to be offended by acts or speeches of an insane patient, to bear a grudge or expect an apology.
"The Home Medical Library, Volume II (of VI)" by Various
I never saw her do, nor heard her say, the heartless acts and speeches whereof I knew both of them guilty.
"In Convent Walls" by Emily Sarah Holt
You might as well pass an Act of Parliament to make our friend Joseph Hume's speeches English.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Vol 58, No. 357, July 1845" by Various
In a speech to the Assembly, Governor Berkeley, fairly foaming with rage, denounced the act.
"Patrician and Plebeian" by Thomas J. Wertenbaker
William, condemns Henry's behavior in Parsons' Cause, 86; and describes his speech against the Stamp Act, 87.
"Patrick Henry" by Moses Coit Tyler
Turn next to Scene 3 of Act II., and read the speeches of the Porter.
"The Galaxy" by Various
For example, the Countess's speech, Act I., Sc.
"The Galaxy, Volume 23, No. 2, February, 1877" by Various
Amid complaints, speeches, theoretical discussions, an act of personal or general revolt takes place.
"Anarchism" by E. V. Zenker
During the first visit, he tells me that the audience wanted a speech after each act.
"A Frenchman in America" by Max O'Rell
If she acts as contemptibly as I expect she will, I shall repeat some of those speeches for her benefit.
"Dolly's College Experiences" by Mabel Cronise Jones

In poetry:

When first SIR BERKELY came aboard
He read a speech to all,
And told them how he'd made a vow
To act on duty's call.
"The Martinet" by William Schwenck Gilbert
"Now, speech is very curious:
You never know what minute
A word will show a brand-new side,
With brand-new meaning in it.
This world could hardly turn around,
If some things acted like they sound.
"April" by Nancy Byrd Turner

In news:

These Congressmen Want To Legislate Away Your Free Speech With 'The Violence in Video Games Labeling Act'.
Representative Paul D Ryan used his convention speech on Wednesday to fault President Obama for failing to act on a deficit-reduction plan that he himself had helped kill.
"Man must make the Torah manifest " in every action, speech and creative act.
The show starts in Act 5, with Hamlet's febrile death speech, then flashes back to Act 1, with Horatio and Fernando and the Ghost.
John Searle can be an acute thinker, and has given us insightful analyses of such topics as the nature of speech acts and the construction of social reality.
" during President Barack Obama's speech last week was an act "based on racism and rooted in fears of a black President".
Harvey Weinstein brilliantly sold The King's Speech as an acting triumph, scoring SAG and Oscar victories.
Thom Jones is the director of voice and speech for Trinity Rep and the Brown University acting program in Providence, Rhode Island.
From the Palmer Raids to the Patriot Act A History of the Fight for Free Speech in America By Christopher M Finan Beacon Press 360p $25.95.
President Obama needs to act on speech.
The ban highlights the tough balancing act that Germany must face in grappling with its Nazi past while protecting free speech.
Last night, I opined that hate speech is a violent act because it incites people to harm the target of the speech.
This means that they frequently engage in a balancing act between free speech and these other values.
Neil Munro, the Daily Caller reporter who interrupted Obama's DREAM Act Lite speech yesterday by yelling, "Why do you favor foreigners over American workers".
After surviving the months-long opening act of campaign speeches, debates, commercials, and yard signs that proliferated like weeds, I missed the grand finale.

In science:

They are also enriched with a communication kit including a primitive set of speech acts, a set of special “get message ” actions and a set of conversation protocols.
Logic-Based Specification Languages for Intelligent Software Agents
In (Baldoni et al. 2003b) Dylog agents are enriched with a communication kit including a primitive set of speech acts, a set of special “get message ” actions and a set of conversation protocols.
Logic-Based Specification Languages for Intelligent Software Agents
Elephant 2000 - A programming language based on speech acts.
Multi-valued Action Languages in CLP(FD)
To design MAS, we developed a generic set of communication acts . The agents perform five speech acts: inform, diffuse, ask, reply and confirm. The basic elements of this language (variables and primitives of the language) are listed in the following table (Table 2).
Agent-Based {\mu}-Tools Integrated into a Co-Design Platform
CA = Where l is a speech act denoted by a performative verb, xe is the source of communication, xr is the receiver, t is the type of message and m is the message itself, which can be an assertion, a question, a response, etc.
Agent-Based {\mu}-Tools Integrated into a Co-Design Platform
Like speech acts, PCAs can be defined in terms of the communicative goals they fulfill as well as their possible verbalizations.
Planning Argumentative Texts
The Dialogue Manager then constructs a speech act specification as a response, and passes this to the linguistic realiser for output as a natural language response.
Generating One-Anaphoric Expressions: Where Does the Decision Lie?
Illustration is acted out speech, Emblems are actions that replace words and Deixis is a combination of gestures and voice • Provide consequential communication of an individual’s embodiment Bodily actions unintentionally give off information about who is in the workspace, where they are and what they are doing.
The Review and Analysis of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Principles
Elements of a plan-based theory of speech acts.
Towards a PURE Spoken Dialogue System for Information Access
The employment of words in these speech acts is not necessarily less relevant to their meaning than their use in speech acts of the truth-bearing kind.
Does Meaning Evolve?
To Wittgenstein the question ’What is a word really?’ is analogous to ’What is a piece in chess?’ This led Austin to offer a systematic classification of the variety of speech acts.
Does Meaning Evolve?
The intonational disambiguation of indirect speech acts.
Some Bibliographical References on Intonation and Intonational Meaning
Hinkelman & Allen (1989) use patterns of linguistic features to suggest a range of speech act interpretations for an utterance.
A Machine Learning Approach to the Classification of Dialogue Utterances
Seligman et al. (1994) describe an approach to speech act interpretation in the context of a speech translation system; they restrict their attention to communicative goals which can be explicitly expressed via so-called conventional surface cue patterns rather than deep intentions.
A Machine Learning Approach to the Classification of Dialogue Utterances
Hinkelman, E. & Allen, J. (1989), Two constraints on speech act ambiguitity, in ‘27th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Proceedings of the Conference’, ACL, pp. 212–219.
A Machine Learning Approach to the Classification of Dialogue Utterances