spectral colour


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n spectral colour a color that has hue
    • ***


In literature:

Through the spectral boughs of the sycamores the golden sky had faded to the colour of ashes.
"One Man in His Time" by Ellen Glasgow
Striking alterations of colour attended these spectral vicissitudes.
"A Popular History of Astronomy During the Nineteenth Century" by Agnes M. (Agnes Mary) Clerke
This was shown by Newton, who recombined the spectral colours and produced white.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 6" by Various
Our illustrations, in which perforce the colour is left out, are the palest, most spectral of shadows beside the glory of the original plates.
"William Blake" by Irene Langridge

In news:

Its unique, spectral-based colour model results in better colours simulations than any other proofing solution available .

In science:

Figure 9 shows various far-red and near-infrared colours plotted as a function of spectral type.
Forty seven new T dwarfs from the UKIDSS Large Area Survey
However, trends with increasing spectral type are apparent in some colours, suggesting changes that are driven principally by decreasing Teff .
Forty seven new T dwarfs from the UKIDSS Large Area Survey
We apply colour corrections to the Planck and WMAP measurements (the latter using the fit provided by Jarosik et al. 2003) based on an estimate of the spectral index in each band.
Radio to infrared spectra of late-type galaxies with Planck and WMAP data
In the online colour figure, red, blue and green shading illustrate spectral weight in the xz , yz , and xy orbitals respectively.
Breaking of four-fold lattice symmetry in a model for pnictide superconductors
To constrain the solutions it is required to use spectroscopic data or/and colours in other spectral ranges (e.g., Vazdekis et al. 1997).
MIUSCAT: extended MILES spectral coverage. II. Constraints from optical photometry
The colour selection used in the Drake et al. (2010) study was biased towards systems dominated by the white dwarf, meaning that systems with earlier main-sequence star spectral types were missed.
Eclipsing Post Common Envelope Binaries from the Catalina Surveys
However in the two optical campaigns, most of the observations are compatible with the constant spectral index hypothesis (note that a drop of the colour index can be marginally observed in Zhang & Xie (1996)).
Very rapid optical variability of PKS 2155-304
In 1970 Tinsley460 developed her theory for the evolution of the spectral energy distribution of galaxies and showed that strong evolutionary corrections were to be expected for the colours of ellipticals, because of the aging of the stellar populationm .
From Messier to Abell: 200 years of science with galaxy clusters
Of these, 7 have spectral types and a further 9 have some colour information.
Optical studies of companions to millisecond pulsars
The predicted spectral evolution of aging stellar populations used when deriving the colour criteria of section 3 assumes the stellar IMF to be continuous.
On quasar host galaxies as tests of non-cosmological redshifts
Radio telescopes record intensity, polarisation and velocity data that is converted into pseudo-colour images or 3D spectral line cubes.
Future Directions in Astronomy Visualisation
Then, for all methods the passage from theoretical quantities to observed ones requires the adoption of suitable spectral libraries as a function of Teff , surface gravity and C/O ratio, or alternatively tables of bolometric corrections and Teff –colour transformations.
Population synthesis models including AGB stars and their ingredients
These studies have revealed differential evolution of the galaxy luminosity function with luminosity and also with colour or spectral type.
Wide Field Spectroscopy and the Universe
Rather than talking just about a luminosity function in one colour, one should consider a multivariate function which includes luminosities in various spectral bands and dynamical properties of galaxies.
Summary Talk: Multi-Wavelength Sky Surveys (IAU179)
The I−J and I−K colours of the 30 nearby star candidates indicate spectral types of M6 to M8, which we plan to ascertain through low-resolution spectroscopy.
New neighbours: IV. 30 DENIS late-M dwarfs between 15 and 30 parsecs