• WordNet 3.6
    • v spade dig (up) with a spade "I spade compost into the flower beds"
    • n spade a sturdy hand shovel that can be pushed into the earth with the foot
    • n spade a playing card in the major suit that has one or more black figures on it "she led a low spade","spades were trumps"
    • n spade (ethnic slur) extremely offensive name for a Black person "only a Black can call another Black a nigga"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history. Spades - King David, Clubs - Alexander the Great, Hearts - Charlemagne, Diamonds - Julius Caesar
    • Spade A castrated man or beast.
    • Spade A cutting instrument used in flensing a whale.
    • Spade (Zoöl) A hart or stag three years old.
    • Spade An implement for digging or cutting the ground, consisting usually of an oblong and nearly rectangular blade of iron, with a handle like that of a shovel. "With spade and pickax armed."
    • Spade One of that suit of cards each of which bears one or more figures resembling a spade. "“Let spades be trumps!” she said."
    • v. t Spade spād To dig with a spade; to pare off the sward of, as land, with a spade.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The symbols used on playing cards were supposed to represent the four classes of men: hearts represented the clergy; spades (from the Spanish word espada, or sword) represented the warriors; clubs were originally leaves and represented the peasants; and citizens and merchants were recognized in the diamonds.
    • n spade A tool for digging and cutting the ground, having a rather thick iron blade, usually flat, so formed that its terminal edge (either straight or curved) may be pressed into the ground or other resisting substance with one foot, and a handle, usually with a crosspiece at the top, to be grasped by both hands. A spade differs from a two-handed shovel chiefly in the form and thickness of the blade.
    • n spade A tool of soft iron used with diamond-powder by cameo-cutters in finishing.
    • n spade In whaling, a large chisel-like implement used on blubber or bone in cutting-in. See phrases following.
    • n spade In herpetology, a formation on the foot of some toads with which they dig. See spade-fool.
    • spade To dig or cut with a spade; dig up (the ground) by menns of a spade.
    • spade In whaling, to use the boat-spade on, as a whale; cut the tendons of the flukes of; hamstring.
    • n spade A playing-card of one of the two black suits of a pack, the other being clubs.
    • n spade An emasculated person; a eunuch.
    • n spade An emasculated animal; a gelding.
    • n spade In artillery, a thick metal projection at the end of the trail of a field-gun carriage, which is forced into the ground by the recoil and tends to keep the carriage in the same position for subsequent rounds.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Each of the suits on a deck of cards represents the four major pillars of the economy in the middle ages: heart represented the Church, spades represented the military, clubs represented agriculture, and diamonds represented the merchant class.
    • n Spade spād a broad blade of iron with a handle, used for digging: a playing-card of one of the two black suits, shaped like a heart with a triangular handle
    • v.t Spade to dig with a spade
    • n Spade spād a eunuch: a gelding
    • Spade Also Spā′do
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  • John Ruskin
    “To watch the corn grow, or the blossoms set; to draw hard breath over the plough or spade; to read, to think, to love, to pray, are the things that make men happy.”
  • Oscar Wilde
    “I hate vulgar realism in literature. The man who could call a spade a spade should be compelled to use one. It is the only thing he is fit for.”


Call a spade a spade - A person who calls a spade a spade is one speaks frankly and makes little or no attempt to conceal their opinions or to spare the feelings of their audience.
In spades - (UK) If you have something in spades, you have a lot of it.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. spæd,; spada,; akin to D. spade, G. spaten, Icel. spaði, Dan. & Sw. spade, L. spatha, a spatula, a broad two-edged sword, a spathe, Gr. spa`qh. Cf. Epaulet Spade at cards, Spathe Spatula


In literature:

With Yeager I led the way to the clump, followed by my men carrying spades and shovels.
"The Pirate of Panama" by William MacLeod Raine
After walking for some time Daimur, who was carrying the old spade, set it down suddenly.
"The Enchanted Island" by Fannie Louise Apjohn
The bid of two Spades shows exactly four Spades and the same high-card holding which justifies doubling one Spade.
"Auction of To-day" by Milton C. Work
That weapon is the spade.
"To My Younger Brethren" by Handley C. G. Moule
The last spade used is very narrow, and tapers rapidly, so as to form a narrow wedge-shaped cavity for the bottom of the trench.
"Farm drainage" by Henry Flagg French
It was moonlight, so they all three went out with spades and picks to the road.
"Taking Tales" by W.H.G. Kingston
We pried the door open far enough to hand out the spade.
"The Blue Birds' Winter Nest" by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
An' ev'y las' one got a lil fahm so lil you can't plow her; got dig her up wid a spade.
"Bonaventure" by George Washington Cable
He snatched the loaded rifle which one of the soldiers had exchanged for a spade and fired.
"The Hour and the Man" by Harriet Martineau
You saw him get a spade and take the pot.
"Card Trick" by Walter Bupp AKA Randall Garrett

In poetry:

Father, the coals are dying,
See! I have heated the spade,
Let me throw the door wide open,
I will not be afraid.
"A Mystery Play" by Duncan Campbell Scott
The sympathetic pair agreed,
To form a grave without a spade;
Bury their fawn beneath a tree,
And chaunt a requiem to his shade.
"The Stag" by William Hayley
The earth shook with laughter
as the spades tickled its side
and gleamed so pretty with
so many forgotten flowers
from those final cadillac brides
"On The Day They Birthed My Mother..." by Miguel Pinero
Girt with a boyish garb for boyish task,
Eager she wields her spade: yet loves as well
Rest on a friendly knee, intent to ask
The tale he loves to tell.
"Dedication for The Hunting Of The Snark" by Lewis Carroll
There was a Young Lady of Hull,
Who was chased by a virulent bull;
But she seized on a spade,
And called out, 'Who's afraid?'
Which distracted that virulent bull.
"Limerick: There was a Young Lady of Hull" by Edward Lear
"Oh; love, if e'er this desert plain,
Where I must sweat with axe and spade,
Shall hold a people sprung from twain,
Or better made by Him, who made
That pair in vain.
"Mount Arafa" by Richard Doddridge Blackmore

In news:

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In science:

For convenience, we use a slightly modified tree Tn which has spades attached to the leaves of the original tree (see Figure 3).
Sampling of min-entropy relative to quantum knowledge
For a path αn ∈ [m]n from the root to a spade (i.e., leaf ), we define the weight vρ (αn ) of the path αn as the sum of the values on the edges along this path.
Sampling of min-entropy relative to quantum knowledge
The tree Tj has depth j + 1, with spades sitting on the j + 1-st level.
Sampling of min-entropy relative to quantum knowledge
The SPADE programming language for stream processing is based on this principle .
Open Data: Reverse Engineering and Maintenance Perspective
Suppose the ace of spades is on the bottom of a deck of n cards.
Riffle shuffles of a deck with repeated cards