social function


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n social function a vaguely specified social event "the party was quite an affair","an occasion arranged to honor the president","a seemingly endless round of social functions"
    • ***


  • Dag Hammarskjold
    “If even dying is to be made a social function, then, grant me the favor of sneaking out on tiptoe without disturbing the party.”
  • Ezra Pound
    “Literature does not exist in a vacuum. Writers as such have a definite social function exactly proportional to their ability as writers. This is their main use.”


In literature:

The function of this object is due to its power to revive and perpetuate a certain special social atmosphere.
"The Approach to Philosophy" by Ralph Barton Perry
Skippy's attitude towards social functions underwent a change of front.
"Skippy Bedelle" by Owen Johnson
These cheese cakes are always much in evidence at afternoon teas, garden parties, and all social functions in India.
"The Khaki Kook Book" by Mary Kennedy Core
He heard of her at this social function or at that, and was glad that she should go.
"Aladdin of London" by Sir Max Pemberton
A study of the rights, the origin, and the social functions of the wealthier classes.
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park
As a social function it was a flat failure.
"The Boy Scouts Book of Stories" by Various
It was as much a social as an agricultural function.
"Treasure Valley" by Marian Keith
On the other hand the home need not abdicate all of its old-time functions as a social center.
"The Farmer and His Community" by Dwight Sanderson
A similar social function is performed by that well-known mode of American humor which ridicules the inhabitants of certain states.
"The American Mind" by Bliss Perry
The Prince from thence on vanished for the day into a round of semi-social functions, but he did not escape the crowds.
"Westward with the Prince of Wales" by W. Douglas Newton

In news:

Whether or not social media is a function that needs to be centralized varies among publishers.
This combination is an impossibility according to Bergson, who regarded the function of comedy to be the criticism of society and social conventions.
Encyclicals, especially social encyclicals, often function as Rorschach tests.
Prom season is upon us, and this weekend the juniors and seniors of Old Colony Vocational Regional Technical High School will be attending the school social function of the year.
Social workers, by virtue of their training and function, are called upon to interpret government regulations and to dispense resources.
Discusses the functions of social institutions in terms of meeting society's needs.
Acquisition adds enterprise customers and world-class social functionality to Brightspot CMS publishing platform.
At the office water cooler, the latest community social function, or church gathering, news stories were the topic of conversations.
The meeting starts promptly at 8 pm When we aren't diving , we have social functions, and the second Thursday is usually a dinner.
It is a business function cloaked in social context.
BrightEdge Enhances S3 Platform With New Functionality To Drive ROI And Social Insights.
InsideView Social Key Standard in All InsideView Sales Intelligence Products Today While Customers Wait for Key Functionality.
Stiriz now owns a dozen of the once-popular organ that was used across the nation in churches and for social functions.
This white paper outlines in six main areas the latest research into the benefits provided by parks: physical health, mental health, social functioning, youth development, environment, and economic impact.
For 5.3 million Americans, an impending social engagement or performance situation brings fear that prompts avoidance or otherwise interferes with functioning.

In science:

However, they are often lacking crucial functionalities, such as the integration of real-time data streams or the interdisciplinary integration of expertise from the natural, social and engineering sciences.
Collective Awareness and Socially Interactive Computing As the functionality of ICT systems becomes increasingly complex, the ability of users to interact with the system is a critical factor.
Commonly observed in nature and in the social sciences are probability distribution functions that appear to involve dual underlying mechanisms, with a ‘tipping point’ between them.
Nonuniversal power law scaling in the probability distribution of scientific citations
Many models of interest in the natural and social sciences have no closed-form likelihood function, which means that they cannot be treated using the usual techniques of statistical inference.
Expectation-Propagation for Likelihood-Free Inference
In natural and social sciences, one finds many examples of probabilistic models whose likelihood function is intractable.
Expectation-Propagation for Likelihood-Free Inference