• WordNet 3.6
    • n snakehead showy perennial of marshlands of eastern and central North America having waxy lanceolate leaves and flower with lower part creamy white and upper parts pale pink to deep purple
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: There are species of fish that can walk on land in search of water when its water source dries up. Some can survive as long as three days on land such as the snakehead fish
    • Snakehead A loose, bent-up end of one of the strap rails, or flat rails, formerly used on American railroads. It was sometimes so bent by the passage of a train as to slip over a wheel and pierce the bottom of a car.
    • Snakehead (Bot) The Guinea-hen flower. See Snake's-head, and under Guinea.
    • Snakehead (Bot) The turtlehead.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n snakehead Same as snake's-head, 1.
    • n snakehead A plant, the turtle-head, Chelone glabra, used in medicine as a tonic and aperient. See Chelone.
    • n snakehead A fish of the family Ophiocephalidæ.
    • n snakehead A snake-headed turtle, Chelys matamata, having a large flat carapace and long pointed head, found in South America. See cut under Chelydidæ.
    • n snakehead The end of a flat railroad-rail when curling upward. In the beginning of railroad-building in America the track was sometimes made by screwing or spiking straps of iron along the upper side of timbers; an end of such a rail often became bent upward, and sometimes so far as to be caught by a wheel and driven up through the car, to the danger or injury of the passengers. Such a loose end was called a snakehead from its moving up and down when tne wheels passed over it. Also snake's-head.
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In literature:

Infusion of snakehead, (balmony,) 2 quarts.
"The American Reformed Cattle Doctor" by George Dadd

In news:

Wildlife officials hope that's not happening and are out looking for snakeheads before the monsters multiply.
Schneiderman announces arrest of Snakehead smuggler.
Snakehead Hoopla Just a Memory Anne Arundel Pond Sits Forsaken Two Years Later.
3rd Snakehead Taints the Potomac Catch Sparks Fear Of Reproduction.
SFU studying snakehead fish caught in Burnaby's Central Park lagoon.
The investigation also revealed that Ip caused the sale of over $1,500 of Snakeheads to the same undercover agent, knowing that the highly invasive species would be illegally transported to New York.
Snakeheads can be sold as pets or food, so it's likely someone dumped the fish in Central Park.
The second annual Maryland state bounty on snakeheads is sure to boost the media hype around this Asian invasive species.
While Rorapaugh hopes to see snakehead filets for sale in local grocery stores, he says there are no plans to set up a real fishery.
How To Get Rid Of Invasive Snakehead .
Snakeheads had not previously ventured above Great Falls.
Crackdowns at borders, Mr Keefe says, are only more apt to drive immigrants into the hands of skilled snakeheads .
So why worry now about a few dozen snakeheads .
Some scientists said they believe the same might not be true of snakeheads , which are known for their voracious appetites and rapid reproduction.
Authorities poisoned the pond to kill those snakeheads .