slide down


  • wolfhound and dingoes sliding down a bank
    wolfhound and dingoes sliding down a bank
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v slide down fall or sink heavily "He slumped onto the couch","My spirits sank"
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Sliding Down to Work Sliding Down to Work


In literature:

He evidently finds sliding down bannisters more to his taste.
"The Little Colonel's Hero" by Annie Fellows Johnston
Then Saunders saw it sliding down the banister in the hall.
"Famous Modern Ghost Stories" by Various
But to his dismay the big black thing began to slide down the steep bank right toward the river.
"The Tale of Cuffy Bear" by Arthur Scott Bailey
You can fly, but must I slide down the chain again?
"The Cuckoo Clock" by Mrs. Molesworth
With a little help it now slides down the inclined plane to the bottom.
"Rough Stone Monuments and Their Builders" by T. Eric Peet
Chain lightnin' couldn't slide down this 'ere hill without puttin' on the brakes.
"In the Days of Poor Richard" by Irving Bacheller
Saw him go sliding down over the bank, into the gulch, screamed again and went sliding after him.
"The Lookout Man" by B. M. Bower
It's just as easy as sliding down hill.
"Winning His "W"" by Everett Titsworth Tomlinson
It is pleasant sliding down hill on a rail, but who pulls the sled back?
"Among the Forces" by Henry White Warren
Then there was the toboggan slide down Randall's Hill, and way across the river on the ice.
"The Scientific American Boy" by A. Russell (Alexander Russell) Bond
One evening, after school, the young folks stopped to slide down-hill.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 13, No. 78, April, 1864" by Various
Sometimes there are a dozen boys, all or nearly all with a sled of their own, sliding down the same hill at once.
"Wreaths of Friendship" by T. S. Arthur and F. C. Woodworth
It was no distance to the roof, then she could slide down the post.
"Dorothy Dale's Camping Days" by Margaret Penrose
I heard Shem sliding down the mast a minute since.
"The Pursuit of the House-Boat" by John Kendrick Bangs
Upside was steep gravel, an' the dawgs'd just naturally slide down into the bear.
"The Turtles of Tasman" by Jack London
He was sliding headlong down a steep, the velocity momently increasing.
"Idolatry" by Julian Hawthorne
Everybody knew that they were sliding down the easy slope to their tragic end, but they seemed never to think of it.
"The Book of the Bush" by George Dunderdale
We made Miss Emory lie down behind a little slide of rock, and disposed ourselves under shelter.
"The Killer" by Stewart Edward White
Why not go up the other sliding stair and down again?
"Observations of an Orderly" by Ward Muir
When the children were romping about, sliding down a little hill they made, and tumbling about in the snow, along came Mr. Thompson.
"Six Little Bunkers at Grandpa Ford's" by Laura Lee Hope

In poetry:

A braver swell, a swifter sliding;
The river hasteth, her banks recede:
Wing-like sails on her bosom gliding
Bear down the lily and drown the reed.
"Divided" by Jean Ingelow
"But Time with still and stealthy stride,
That climbs and treads and levels all,
That bids the loosening keystone slide,
And topples down the crumbling wall,--
"The Broken Circle" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Then Phunny-kind shivers a little, too;
And heaves a deep sigh; and says, "Are you froo?"
Then slides down, quietly, to the floor,
Doubtfully watching the outer door.
"Saarchinkold!" by Clara Doty Bates
Ha! Cadger goes down, see, he stands on his crown —
Those rails take a power of clouting —
A long sliding blunder — he's up — well, I wonder
If now it's all over but shouting.
"Hippodromania; Or, Whiffs From The Pipe" by Adam Lindsay Gordon
Now Ribble, sun-chequered, slides joyfully down
Which late thro' the bridges roared foaming and brown:
Now hot lies the scent, and the morning is still, &mdash
Hark for'ard, good hounds, to a view and a kill!
"Otter Hunting In Ribblesdale" by Cicely Fox Smith
Tell me why the meadow-lands
Become so warm in June;
Why the tangled roses breathe
So softly to the moon;
And when the sunset bars come down to pass the feet of day,
Why the singing thrushes slide between the sprigs of May?
"England's Fields" by Lloyd Roberts

In news:

Derrick Williams sliding farther down the bench .
Accounting's Marlys Wooten snapped this pic of Cooper and me racing down the inflatable slide.
Derrick Williams sliding farther down the bench.
Photo courtesy of Missouri City This mom and son had fun last year sliding down the snow.
And Quick symbol/number input: Users can simply slide their fingers up or down to input a number or symbol instead of toggling between different keyboards .
Next thing you know there gonna want to Skate down a slide.
The staff shows off its first-rate stuff with succulent ribs and all the nice choices of sides that slide down so easy.
Scroll down to see a slide show.
Gas prices are on their way down, but will the slide last.
That is, until, she decided to slide down it while making the most awkward, hilarious, insane scream I've ever heard in my life.
When the laughter ceases the relationship is on the down slide.
Bodies were slipping and sliding down First Street in Grand Haven on Friday night during the annual Winterfest Intergalactic Human Sled Race.
Aaren Green, 13, slides down the mound of snow while.
Here Jon and son Joel slide down a hill.
Slip your slides (existing ones will work, or you can look up services that will convert your standard photos) into the slot and flip on the flourescent bulb for an illuminated trip down memory lane.

In science:

Otherwise notice that if we slide the element in position (1, 1) continuously down to zero, there can be at most one point at which the location of the optimal k-assignment changes, and at this point, the element in position (1, 1) goes from not being used to being used.
A Proof of Parisi's Conjecture on the Random Assignment Problem
Thus we see that diagrammatically, the process of forming the name of an arrow involves reversing the left-right order of the top row of dots by rotating them concentrically, and sliding them down to lie parallel with, and to the left of, the bottom row.
Temperley-Lieb Algebra: From Knot Theory to Logic and Computation via Quantum Mechanics
The partition obtained from its p-core by sliding the bottom bead on runner ja down two positions is labelled by [a, a+ 1]B .
The complexities of some simple modules of the symmetric groups
The partition obtained by sliding two distinct beads on runner ja and jb (with a ≥ b) down one position each is labelled by [a, b]B .
The complexities of some simple modules of the symmetric groups
The partition obtained from its p-core by sliding the bottom bead on runner a down two positions is labelled by [p − 1, a + 1]B0 .
The complexities of some simple modules of the symmetric groups
The partition obtained by sliding one bead on runner a and one bead on runner b (a > b) down one position each is labelled by [a − 1, b + 1]B0 .
The complexities of some simple modules of the symmetric groups
The partition obtained by sliding two beads on runner a down one position each is labelled by [a, 0]B0 .
The complexities of some simple modules of the symmetric groups
Observe that we may view FP as a Ferrers board by sliding all the squares down and then left.
A Simple Bijective Proof of the Shape-Wilf-Equivalence of the Patterns 231 and 312
If a χ minimization is used, an initial position estimate that falls part way down the side of the star is as likely to slide down the profile and locate the first available peak as it is to climb up the profile to the peak.
WFPC2 Stellar Photometry with HSTphot
With increasing mutation rate, the population slides further down the slope.
Biological Evolution and Statistical Physics
But because the overall distribution has a slope close to 1, changes in the assumed duration simply slide the log N-log S contribution from the HEAO-1 instruments up or down along the same curve.
Fast X-ray Transients and Their Connection to Gamma-Ray Bursts
If, in turn, the additive noise is very weak, the particle slides down the slope in an almost deterministic way.
Coexistence of resonant activation and noise enhanced stability in a model of tumor-host interaction: Statistics of extinction times
A homogeneous cylinder with a horizontal axis rolls down under gravity with sliding on an inclined plane.
Test problems in mechanics and special relativity
The chip of the left-hand side (chip #20) has more down-weighted probes all over the slide, and it has a large down-weighted area in the upper left part of the slide.
Quality assessment for short oligonucleotide microarray data
The performance criterion is obtained by taking the average of a(·) over a sliding window within the last L samples, down to a minimum window i=25 a(i, Ei ).
Bayesian Optimization for Adaptive MCMC