slave owner


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n slave owner someone who holds slaves
    • ***


  • Victor Hugo
    “A creditor is worse than a slave-owner; for the master owns only your person, but a creditor owns your dignity, and can command it.”
  • Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
    “Freedom in capitalist society always remains about the same as it was in ancient Greek republics: Freedom for slave owners.”


In literature:

The richest slave owners did not feel themselves above those who had few negroes or none.
"Stories Of Georgia" by Joel Chandler Harris
Fox followed with a speech aimed more against Pitt than the slave-owners.
"William Pitt and the Great War" by John Holland Rose
Neither the owners, nor others, were slaves to uniformity.
"Sir Walter Ralegh" by William Stebbing
There was some mean slave owners, but he wasn't one.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States from Interviews with Former Slaves, Arkansas Narratives, Part 4" by Work Projects Administration
On her left arm above the elbow was welded a broad band of copper inscribed with a mark to identify Lua as her owner, for she was a slave.
"The Fire People" by Ray Cummings
The slave-owner never praises and the slave never blames, because one can use the lash while the other is subject to the lash.
"The English Utilitarians, Volume II (of 3)" by Leslie Stephen
Yesterday, on board the boat, a slave-owner and two constables were our fellow-passengers.
"The Life of Charles Dickens, Vol. I-III, Complete" by John Forster
With regard to your slave-owners, they may cry, till they are as black in the face as their own slaves, that Dickens lies.
"The Letters of Charles Dickens" by Charles Dickens
Thomas Hull was the owner of negro slaves, as well as white indented servants, and he made no distinction between them.
"The Witch of Salem" by John R. Musick
Accompanied by his slaves, he walked into the fields, and there met the owner of a fine plot of barley.
"Celebrated Travels and Travellers" by Jules Verne

In poetry:

Pay ransom to the owner,
And fill the bag to the brim.
Who is the owner? The slave is owner,
And ever was. Pay him.
"Boston Hymn" by Ralph Waldo Emerson

In news:

Abdel Nasser Ould Ethmane grew up as a slave owner but became a prominent abolitionist in Mauritania.
Jamie Foxx stars in Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained," as an ex-slave who helps a bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) in return for help exacting revenge on his former owner (Leonardo DiCaprio) and rescuing his wife.
Digital copy of a petition filed by slave owners around the time of the Compensated Emancipation Act, which provided payment to slave owners to free their slaves.
Reba Descended From Indentured Servant—and a Slave Owner.
Andrew Jackson was many things during his life: war hero, slave owner, populist, seventh US President, husband and signer of the Indian Removal Act.
Mary Walker was a former slave who escaped her owner, fled north, and came to own a Cambridge landmark.
One of the worst abuses of American slavery was the fact that slave owners could take a mother's children away from her and sell them to someone else.
African influence includes anticuchos (beef heart), organ meat that Peruvian slave owners from long ago shunned but which remains popular in Peru .
Django Unchained, the story of a slave who becomes a bounty hunter to rescue his wife from a Mississippi plantation owner, is one of the most highly-anticipated yet controversial films this year.
Shelton, founder of the nonprofit American Slaves Inc (ASI) — and owner of Mr Silk 's Liquors — recently announced plans to run as an independent for the 33rd District state Senate seat held by Democrat Gerald Neal since 1989.
The Daily Mail, a British news outlet, posted a story with this headline: Robber who broke into hair salon is beaten by its black-belt owner and kept as a sex slave for three days fed only Viagra.
When the Fugitive Slave Act was passed in 1850, slave owners seeking runaway slaves now had the force of law on their side.
There were kept the auctioneer's descriptive book of slaves received and sold, their owners' names.
To the slave owner, the melody was just keeping his slaves happy as they worked.
An Aug 14 Editorial Observer says that "8 of Yale's 10 residential colleges are named for slave owners".