• WordNet 3.6
    • n skimmer gull-like seabird that flies along the surface of the water with an elongated lower mandible immersed to skim out food
    • n skimmer a stiff hat made of straw with a flat crown
    • n skimmer a cooking utensil used to skim fat from the surface of liquids
    • n skimmer a rapid superficial reader
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Skimmer (Zoöl) Any one of several large bivalve shells, sometimes used for skimming milk, as the sea clams, and large scallops.
    • Skimmer (Zoöl) Any species of longwinged marine birds of the genus Rhynchops, allied to the terns, but having the lower mandible compressed and much longer than the upper one. These birds fly rapidly along the surface of the water, with the lower mandible immersed, thus skimming out small fishes. The American species (R. nigra) is common on the southern coasts of the United States. Called also scissorbill, and shearbill.
    • Skimmer One who, or that which, skims; esp., a utensil with which liquids are skimmed.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n skimmer One who or that which skims; especially, an implement used for skimming. Specifically
    • n skimmer A flat shallow pan of metal perforated at the bottom to allow liquids to drain through; a colander.
    • n skimmer A stiff bar of iron used in a foundry to hold back the floating slag while pouring molten metal from the ladle.
    • n skimmer One of several bivalves whose shells may be used to skim milk, etc.
    • n skimmer The common clam, Mya arenaria.
    • n skimmer The big beach-clam, Mactra or Spisula solidissima.
    • n skimmer A scallop, as Pecten maximus.
    • n skimmer One who skims over a subject; a superficial student or reader.
    • n skimmer A bird that skims or shears the water, as any member of the genus Rhynchops; a cutwater, Shearwater, or Scissorbill. The American species is R. nigra, specified as the black skimmer, common on the South Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States and southward. It closely resembles a tern or sea-swallow, except in its bizarre bill. The upper parts are chiefly black, the lower white, with a rosy blush in the breeding-season; the bill is carmine and black; the feet are carmine. The length is 16 to 20 inches, the extent 42 to 50 inches; the upper mandible is 3 inches, the lower 3½ to 4½. See cut under Rhynchops.
    • skimmer To skim lightly to and fro.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Skimmer a utensil for skimming milk: a bird that skims the water
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary


In literature:

The man sells nails and skimmers with a far off expression, and don't want cows to run at large any more.
"Peck's Sunshine Being a Collection of Articles Written for Peck's Sun, Milwaukee, Wis. - 1882" by George W. Peck
Danny Meadow Mouse often had sat watching Skimmer the Swallow sailing around up in the blue, blue sky.
"The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse" by Thornton W. Burgess
Take them up on a perforated skimmer.
"Choice Cookery" by Catherine Owen
Take them up with a skimmer, and dish them on a platter around the mutton.
"Studies of American Fungi. Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc." by George Francis Atkinson
The prisoners take it upon themselves to punish these pot-skimmers in their own way.
"A Journal of a Young Man of Massachusetts, 2nd ed." by Benjamin Waterhouse
When boiled tender, take them out of the water with a skimmer, salt and butter them to the taste.
"The American Housewife" by Anonymous
If the skimmer brings up chicken bones, throw them aside.
"Dishes & Beverages of the Old South" by Martha McCulloch Williams
How many holes in a skimmer?
"The Only True Mother Goose Melodies" by Munroe and Francis
How many holes in a skimmer?
"Cole's Funny Picture Book No. 1" by Edward William Cole
Remove oysters with skimmer and add enough cream to oysters to make one cupful.
"Stevenson Memorial Cook Book" by Various

In poetry:

Det är skimmer i molnen och glitter i sjön,
det är ljus över stränder och näs,
och omkring står den härliga skogen grön
bakom ängarnas gungande gräs.
"Ur Strövtåg I Hembygden" by Gustaf Froding

In news:

The skimmer feeds in a most unusual fashion.
ATM skimmer drains bank accounts in Md.
CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies is the exclusive importer for Welltech Machinery Company's products, which include disk-type oil skimmers .
That's about 75 percent of the total collected in two and a half months by 500 smaller skimmers working to clean up the massive BP spill.
At least it's been out on the water near the site of the BP oil spill, while other skimmers were docked.
George Perry may have fallen victim to the skimmers .
Last month, SIW Editor Geoff Kohl spoke with ADT's John Pierce about a growing number of ATM attacks using credit card skimmers and what banks can do to prevent them.
River Skimmer keeps downtown waterway clear of debris.
Some question if tanker-turned-skimmer can make impact in Gulf.
Police say two skimmer devices were placed on local hospital ATM 's this week.
Two ATM 's at local northern Virginia hospitals were found with skimmer devices on them.
Skimmers found at 4 area Publix stores.
"Skimmers are our critical mass right now," he said recently.
Orlando bank ATM rigged with skimmer.
Oil Separation Division, offers three oil concentrators that complement most Abanaki oil skimmers.

In science:

It consists of a PZT-driven pulsed valve, molecular beam skimmer, decelerator stages, linear time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TOFMS), and a microchannel-plate ion detector.
High-energy-resolution molecular beams for cold collision studies
The molecules then pass through a 1 mm-diameter skimmer, 82 mm from the nozzle, into a high vacuum.
Slowing heavy, ground-state molecules using an alternating gradient decelerator
This source produces YbF beams as slow as 290 m/s with translational and rotational temperatures as low as 1.4 K . A 552 nm laser beam, the velocity selector, crosses the molecular beam 108 mm downstream from the skimmer.
Slowing heavy, ground-state molecules using an alternating gradient decelerator
The molecular beam passes after 2 cm through a skimmer with 1 mm diameter and reaches an ultra-high vacuum chamber. 5 cm behind the nozzle, an 8 cm long hexapole lens focuses molecules in the low field seeking states on the entrance of the Stark decelerator.
Cold SO_2 molecules by Stark deceleration
From the discharge, our beam travels to a 5 mm diameter, 50 mm long conical skimmer which is mounted 300 mm from the exit of the nozzle.
Stopping Supersonic Beams with an Atomic Coilgun