• Puppet, with her guitar, sitting on top of a haystack
    Puppet, with her guitar, sitting on top of a haystack
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v sit serve in a specific professional capacity "the priest sat for confession","she sat on the jury"
    • v sit be seated
    • v sit show to a seat; assign a seat for "The host seated me next to Mrs. Smith"
    • v sit sit and travel on the back of animal, usually while controlling its motions "She never sat a horse!","Did you ever ride a camel?","The girl liked to drive the young mare"
    • v sit take a seat
    • v sit be in session "When does the court of law sit?"
    • v sit assume a posture as for artistic purposes "We don't know the woman who posed for Leonardo so often"
    • v sit work or act as a baby-sitter; I have too much homework to do" "I cannot baby-sit tonight"
    • v sit be located or situated somewhere "The White House sits on Pennsylvania Avenue"
    • v sit be around, often idly or without specific purpose "The object sat in the corner","We sat around chatting for another hour"
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Squanko sitting on a wide window ledge Squanko sitting on a wide window ledge
Jacques, with his crutches, sits on a bench under a tree Jacques, with his crutches, sits on a bench under a tree
A kitten sits and stares at a doll A kitten sits and stares at a doll
A happy-looking kitten sitting upright A happy-looking kitten sitting upright
sitting wolfhound puppy sitting wolfhound puppy
sitting puppy sitting puppy
wolfhound sitting by collapsed man wolfhound sitting by collapsed man
Sitting in Seton's little study Sitting in Seton's little study

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: There are three golf balls sitting on the moon
    • Sit obs. 3d pers. sing. pres. of Sit, for sitteth.
    • Sit To be adjusted; to fit; as, a coat sts well or ill. "This new and gorgeous garment, majesty, Sits not so easy on me as you think."
    • Sit To cause to be seated or in a sitting posture; to furnish a seat to; -- used reflexively. "They sat them down to weep.""Sit you down, father; rest you."
    • Sit To cover and warm eggs for hatching, as a fowl; to brood; to incubate. "As the partridge sitteth on eggs, and hatcheth them not."
    • Sit To have position, as at the point blown from; to hold a relative position; to have direction. "Like a good miller that knows how to grind, which way soever the wind sits .""Sits the wind in that quarter?"
    • Sit To hold a session; to be in session for official business; -- said of legislative assemblies, courts, etc.; as, the court sits in January; the aldermen sit to-night.
    • Sit To lie, rest, or bear; to press or weigh; -- with on; as, a weight or burden sits lightly upon him. "The calamity sits heavy on us."
    • Sit To occupy a place or seat as a member of an official body; as, to sit in Congress.
    • Sit To perch; to rest with the feet drawn up, as birds do on a branch, pole, etc.
    • Sit To remain in a state of repose; to rest; to abide; to rest in any position or condition. "And Moses said to . . . the children of Reuben, Shall your brothren go to war, and shall ye sit here?""Like a demigod here sit I in the sky."
    • Sit To rest upon the haunches, or the lower extremity of the trunk of the body; -- said of human beings, and sometimes of other animals; as, to sit on a sofa, on a chair, or on the ground. "And he came and took the book put of the right hand of him that sate upon the seat.""I pray you, jest, sir, as you sit at dinner."
    • Sit To sit upon; to keep one's seat upon; as, he sits a horse well. "Hardly the muse can sit the headstrong horse."
    • Sit To suit (well or ill); to become.
    • Sit To suit one well or ill, as an act; to become; to befit; -- used impersonally.
    • Sit To take a position for the purpose of having some artistic representation of one's self made, as a picture or a bust; as, to sit to a painter.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: In York, Pennsylvania, you can't sit down while watering your lawn with a hose.
    • sit To take or have such a posture that the back is comparatively erect, while the rest of the body bends at the hips and generally at the knees, to conform to a support beneath; rest in such a posture; occupy a seat: said of persons, and also of some animals, as dogs and cats.
    • sit To crouch, as a bird on a nest; hence, to brood; incubate.
    • sit To perch in a crouching posture; roost: said of birds.
    • sit To be or continue in a state of rest; remain passive or inactive; repose.
    • sit To continue in a position or place; remain; stay; pass the time.
    • sit To be located; have a seat or site; be placed; dwell; abide.
    • sit To have a certain position or direction; be disposed in a particular way.
    • sit To rest, lie, or bear (on); weigh; be carried or endured.
    • sit To be worn or adjusted; fit, as a garment; hence used figuratively of anything assumed, as an air, appearance, opinion, or habit.
    • sit To be incumbent; lie or rest, as an obligation; be proper or seemly; suit; comport.
    • sit To abide; be confirmed; prosper.
    • sit To place one's self in position or in readiness for a certain end: as, to sit for one's portrait; to sit for an examination, or for a fellowship in a university.
    • sit To be convened, as an assembly; hold a session; be officially engaged in deliberative or judicial business.
    • sit To occupy a seat in an official capacity; be in any assembly as a member; have a seat, as in Parliament; occupy a see (as bishop).
    • sit To crack off and subside without breaking, as a mass of coal after holing and removal of the sprags.
    • sit To establish one's self; settle.
    • sit Milit., to encamp, especially for the purpose of besieging; begin a siege.
    • sit To cease from action; pause; rest.
    • sit To yield passively; submit as if satisfied; content one's self.
    • sit To adhere firmly to anything.
    • sit To quash; check; repress, especially by a snub.
    • sit To maintain a sitting posture; sit with the back comparatively erect; not to be bedridden.
    • sit To refrain from or defer going to bed or to sleep.
    • sit Hence— To keep watch during the night or the usual time for sleeping: generally followed by with.
    • sit To have or keep a seat upon.
    • sit To seat: chiefly in reflexive use.
    • sit To rest or weigh on; concern; interest; affect; stand (in expense); cost.
    • sit To be incumbent upon; lie or rest upon; be proper for; suit; become; befit.
    • sit To fit, as a garment.
    • n sit A subsidence or fall of the roof of a coal-mine.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Over 23% of all photocopier faults worldwide are caused by people sitting on them and photocopying their asses.
    • v.i Sit sit to rest on the haunches: to perch, as birds: to rest: to remain, abide: to brood: to occupy a seat, esp. officially: to be officially engaged: to blow from a certain direction, as the wind: to be worn, to fit, to be becoming: to take an attitude of readiness, or for any special purpose: to hold a deliberative session
    • v.t Sit to keep a seat, or good seat, upon: to seat, place on a seat:—pr.p. sit′ting; pa.t. and pa.p. sat
    • n Sit a subsidence of the roof of a coal-mine:
    • n Sit a callosity of the skin under the saddle, often leading to ulcer
    • n Sit (slang) a situation
    • ***


  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “People sitting on top of the world, usually arrived there standing up.”
  • William James
    “The path to cheerfulness is to sit cheerfully and to act and speak as if cheerfulness were already there.”
  • William James
    “Thus the sovereign voluntary path to cheerfulness, if cheerfulness be lost, is to sit up cheerfully and to act and speak as if cheerfulness were already there.”
  • Gertrude Stein
    “It takes a lot of time to be a genius. You have to sit around so much doing nothing, really doing nothing.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “A big man has no time really to do anything but just sit and be big.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “I've been drunk for about a week now, and I thought it might sober me up to sit in a library.”


Sit on the fence - If someone sits on the fence, they try not to support either side in a dispute.
Sit pretty - Someone who's sitting pretty is in a very advantageous situation.
Sit well with - If something doesn't sit well with you, it doesn't please you or is not acceptable to you.
Sitting duck - A sitting duck is something or someone that is easy to criticise or target.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. sitten, AS. sittan,; akin to OS. sittian, OFries. sitta, D. zitten, G. sitzen, OHG. sizzen, Icel. sitja, SW. sitta, Dan. sidde, Goth. sitan, Russ. sidiete, L. sedere, Gr. , Skr. sad,. √154. Cf. Assess,Assize Cathedral Chair Dissident Excise Insidious Possess Reside Sanhedrim Seance Seat (n.) Sedate 4th Sell Siege Session Set (v. t.) Sizar Size Subsidy


In literature:

When he reached the hotel he went into his sitting-room and worked for an hour and a half, producing a short paragraph, which did not please him.
"The Call of the Blood" by Robert Smythe Hichens
You were not allowed to sit on your bed.
"An Onlooker in France 1917-1919" by William Orpen
She did not stand any higher than the bench on which I was sitting.
"Marie Claire" by Marguerite Audoux
I dislike sitting with you here myself.
"Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
The cream of it is this: the way I myself felt, sitting there among all those soft, easily lived people.
"The Best Short Stories of 1917" by Various
Any High Court judge may sit in a tribunal belonging to any one of these divisions.
"The Governments of Europe" by Frederic Austin Ogg
A still greater honour accorded to Darius was permission to sit, during lessons, on the topmost visible step of the winding stair.
"Clayhanger" by Arnold Bennett
Can you sit on a car?
"Priscilla's Spies" by George A. Birmingham
At length, Major Harper came softly into her sitting-room.
"Agatha's Husband A Novel" by Dinah Maria Craik (AKA: Dinah Maria Mulock)
Sit down, gentlemen, sit down!
"The Long Roll" by Mary Johnston
Besides this, there was a scantily furnished sitting room and bed room.
"Old Rail Fence Corners" by Various
Draw them a little flattened in the rear from sitting down too much and you'll have a masterpiece.
"Erik Dorn" by Ben Hecht
Are we sitting right?
"The Shadow World" by Hamlin Garland
On the lawn at one side was a white-covered table, with a man and a woman sitting beside it.
"The Best Short Stories of 1919" by Various
I shall sit up a long while yet.
"Deerbrook" by Harriet Martineau
Naturally, any new thing that bears on my specialty makes me sit up.
"The Tyranny of the Dark" by Hamlin Garland
He taught in the late afternoon, when he and the boys could sit in the shade.
"The Saracen: Land of the Infidel" by Robert Shea
When he woke, a short time had passed, and Sophia was still sitting there, gazing down at him.
"The Saracen: The Holy War" by Robert Shea
We sit gnawing the chicken bones and blessing the American!
"Round the Wonderful World" by G. E. Mitton
May I sit there, Miss Ross?
"Lover or Friend" by Rosa Nouchette Carey

In poetry:

"If I sit in the dust
For lauding good wine,
Ha, ha! it is just:
So sits the vine!"
"Abu Midjan" by George MacDonald
Better go your lone way
And let me go alone,
Let me sit with empty heart
And make no moan.
"The Dumb Wife Speaks" by Benjamin Musser
We in sorrow coldly witting,
In the bleak world sitting, sitting,
By the forest, near the mould,
Heard the summer calling, calling,
Through the dead leaves falling, falling,
That her life grew faint and old.
"Lament Of The Winds" by Archibald Lampman
This is the month of wooing; let me sit
Close hand in hand with Nature, as a man,
Being deep in love, would sit beside a maid,
And ask for rest as lovers ask for love,
In tender whispers, while the May-winds blow.
"Lazing" by Maurice Thompson
Truth Lord, but I have marr'd them: let my shame
Go where it doth deserve.
And know you not, sayes Love, who bore the blame?
My deare, then I will serve.
You must sit down, says Love, and taste my meat:
So I did sit and eat.
"Love (III)" by George Herbert
She has said "yes," and the world is a-smite.
There she sits as she sat in my dream;
There she sits, and the blue waves gleam,
And the current bears us along the while
For happy mile after happy mile,
A fairy boat on a fairy stream.
"Barcarole III" by Susan Coolidge

In news:

She likes to get into my purse and sit there until it moves because she knows she will get to go with Mom.
Opening night Tuesday at New York City Ballet seemed like a surprise party — one where the dancers came into the theater to rehearse, turned on the lights and found the audience sitting there.
Frogs, as everyone has heard, will sit quietly in a pot of steadily warming water until they are boiled alive.
Abandoned Olympic Cathedrals Sit Rotting in Beijing.
Even with their All-Star sitting out, the Portland Trail Blazers hit their preseason peak on Monday night with a 120-114 win over the Utah Jazz.
Baquet was sitting in his office on the edge of the Los Angeles Times newsroom on July 25, discussing his pending promotion to editor.
Chicken and barbecue should be served without a crust, and sitting next to some potato salad and green beans.
Pepe Guardiola and his successor Tito Vilanova sit in the dug out during the Copa del Rey final win.
One thing's for sure, from where I sit: Barrack 's interest, and his background in buying distressed properties, suggests that the Dodgers' price may be going up.
Ruth Hawfield sits next to her cot in a Red Cross evacuation shelter set up in the gymnasium of Toms River High School North.
On this week's featured PBS Hawaii video, Jim and Kanoa Leahey sit down with Duane Kurisu, owner of ESPN 1420 radio, the Hawaii Winter Baseball League , and part-owner of the San Francisco Giants.
Are you sitting down, space fans.
One minute, I am watching a couple of bats wing over the rooftops beneath the hotel terrace where I sit.
You know the crowd's off at a fashion show when someone sitting in the back wonders aloud if they're going to make an announcement before the show starts.
Sitting Bull from the book "The Last Stand" by Nathaniel Philbrick.

In science:

Rotational symmetry of the match contourlines implies that the templates should sit at the vertices of regular polygons in the waveform parameter-space.
Optimum Placement of Post-1PN GW Chirp Templates Made Simple at any Match Level via Tanaka-Tagoshi Coordinates
A B and the real group now sits inside this complex group.
Large N limit of SO(N) gauge theory of fermions and bosons
If S2 > S3 , we put the effective spin on the sublattice in which S 2 is sitting and vice versa.
Thermodynamics of strongly disordered spin ladders
After an appropriate subdivision, we can assume that each cone of Σ sits in one of the orthants and the support of Σ is ⊕i6∈I R≥0 ei + ⊕i∈I Rei for some basis {ei} and some nonempty set I .
McKay correspondence for elliptic genera
Any loop l in Pa (H ) sitting outside the bal l B (x0 , M (R)) bounds a 2-disk not intersecting B (x0 , R).
A refinement of the simple connectivity at infinity of groups
The interactions between two spins come from the overlap integral of the electron wave functions which are bound to the atoms sitting on the lattice sites.
Random Antiferromagnetic Spin-1/2 Chains with Competing Interactions
Such a piece sits between the diagonal lines s − r = xk and s − r = yk , where 1 ≤ k ≤ l − 1.
Kerov's central limit theorem for the Plancherel measure on Young diagrams
The element za sits in bidegree (d, d), where d is the dimension of a.
On the Cachazo-Douglas-Seiberg-Witten conjecture for simple Lie algebras
Unless we can make sense of this situation it tells us that the hidden boundary should sit at some 0 .
Enlarging the Parameter Space of Heterotic M-Theory Flux Compactifications to Phenomenological Viability
Independence of the eigenvalues would mean lims→0 R2 (s) − δ(s) = 1, hence no change in the probability for a second value to sit near E if a first is present.
Random Matrices and the Anderson Model
Via this identification, we can think of e(ℓ) n−1 as sitting inside of the group algebra of Sn\{i} .
A Hodge decomposition for the complex of injective words
The Fermi-Dirac convolution can represent a one-dimensional spin 1 2 Heisenberg ferromagnet (the ferro-magnetism as proposed by Heisenberg) sitting in a Fock space, whereas the Bose-Einstein model has integer spin.
Measure convolution semigroups and non-infinitely divisible probability distributions
The subset Fn (S ) ⊂ S consists of n-central elements and by definition Φ(Fn (S )) sits in the center of Mn (Γ).
Noncommutative plane curves
Clearly, DA is an isometric copy of the Deligne complex associated to G(A) sitting inside D′ .
Automorphisms and abstract commensurators of 2-dimensional Artin groups
Therefore, classically the second field is sitting at the bottom of its potential.
Non-Gaussianity from Preheating