sine wave


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n sine wave a wave whose waveform resembles a sine curve
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In literature:

Lockley interpreted the term to mean sine waves, rounded at top and trough.
"Operation Terror" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
Nobody hardly uses anything but sine waves for communication, but I got to make this gadget turn out a freak wave-type by guess and golly.
"The Machine That Saved The World" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
I drew some sketches of overlapping sine waves for her to explain what I thought was going on.
"The Right Time" by Walter Bupp
The machine scans the patterns of the mind, translates what it sees into charts and sine waves.
"The Tunnel Under The World" by Frederik Pohl

In news:

The new line of UPS systems from Middle Atlantic features Pure Sine Wave technology, integration with AV control systems, and a sliding rackrail mount for single-person UPS mounting capability.
The UL/cUL distinctions also coincide with the first American theatrical-venue use of sine wave technology at the Overture Center for the Arts, in Madison, WI.
To serve wideband analog-to-digital-converter (ADC) and direct-digital-synthesis (DDS) architectures, the VFTX210 temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) provides a sine-wave output frequency to 1.0 GHz with jitter under 0.3 ps.
It is a true sine wave unit and therefore an excellent inverter charger .
Upgraded features include a real-time measurement mode, an enhanced impulse response mode, support for multichannel input devices, and triggered swept sine wave functionality for traditional laboratory quality control measurements .
Chances are that if you ask the typical electrical engineer to generate a 120-Hz sine wave, delay a signal by 300 µsec, or create a 10-µsec pulse once every second, most engineers would not think of using a microcontroller.
From the beginning of the power quality era, designers of disturbance analyzer equipment have understood that sine wave distortions are essentially unique.
When necessary, data center computer synchronization is done on a digital signal level rather than on the power source's 60 Hz sine wave.
The two-tone-terminator (T3) line of diode mixers offers excellent suppression of IMD while providing high performance levels with both sine-wave and square-wave local-oscillator signals through 12 GHz.

In science:

Vref is the amplitude of the test signal without perturbation and ∆Vtest is the maximal error Vtest - Vref. Without encoding the sine wave stimulus the rejection of a perturbation that has its power concentrated around the test frequency (not filtered by the sensor or the test filter) is equal to 0dB.
Online Sensor Testing through Superposition of Encoded Stimulus
In the basic superposition scheme presented in , the stimulus is a sine wave signal (see Figure 1).
Online Sensor Testing through Superposition of Encoded Stimulus
Let us consider a sheet deforming as a sine-wave propagating to the right (Fig. 3).
The hydrodynamics of swimming microorganisms
The sensor sensitivity is measured by transmitting single cycle gated sine wave signals with different central frequencies from 5 kHz to 100 kHz.
Sensor development and calibration for acoustic neutrino detection in ice
We choose a sine wave that propagates towards the right through a periodic box.
Conservative, special-relativistic smoothed particle hydrodynamics
We use equal mass particles in this test, constant pressure throughout the box is instantiated as in the sine wave problem above and we impose again a constant initial velocity of v0 = 0.997.
Conservative, special-relativistic smoothed particle hydrodynamics
Second, we expand the Shapiro delay for small-eccentricity orbits as a function of orbital harmonics, i.e., sine and cosine waves with frequencies that are integer multiples of the orbital frequency.
The orthometric parameterisation of the Shapiro delay and an improved test of general relativity with binary pulsars
Identity (64) means that the triangular sine and rectangular cosine waves capture temporal symmetries of periodic processes regardless specifics of individual vibrating systems.
Non-Smooth Spatio-Temporal Coordinates in Nonlinear Dynamics
FIG. 6: Convergence factors and and errors for as in Fig. 5 but for the diagonal sine wave test.
Numerical stability of the Z4c formulation of general relativity
We searched the WASP photometry of each star for rotational modulations by using a sine-wave fitting algorithm as described by Maxted et al. (2011).
Seven transiting hot-Jupiters from WASP-South, Euler and TRAPPIST: WASP-47b, WASP-55b, WASP-61b, WASP-62b, WASP-63b, WASP-66b & WASP-67b
We begin by computing the enhancement of the amplitude of a sine wave by adding two equal sine-waves together, with a variable displacement, φ, between the two.
New Limits on Gravitational Radiation using Pulsars
D convergence test Following , we test the convergence rate of our method for onedimensional uniform advection of a sine wave over a periodic domain Ω = [0, 1).
The remapped particle-mesh advection scheme
Energy in emitted in gravitational waves that would generate a sinegaussian signal detectable with 50% efficiency, as a function of the frequency of the sine-gaussian waveform.
Progress towards Gravitational Wave Astronomy
A final flat space test is adapted from a Newtonian test suggested by . A sine wave is advected in a surrounding flow.
Numerical simulations of interfaces in relativistic hydrodynamics
FIG. 4: Results for a test with a shock tube test with a sine wave density profile for 200 points.
Numerical simulations of interfaces in relativistic hydrodynamics