• WordNet 3.6
    • v sicken get sick "She fell sick last Friday, and now she is in the hospital"
    • v sicken make sick or ill "This kind of food sickens me"
    • v sicken cause aversion in; offend the moral sense of "The pornographic pictures sickened us"
    • v sicken upset and make nauseated "The smell of the food turned the pregnant woman's stomach","The mold on the food sickened the diners"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Sicken To be filled to disgust; to be disgusted or nauseated; to be filled with abhorrence or aversion; to be surfeited or satiated. "Mine eyes did sicken at the sight."
    • Sicken To become disgusting or tedious. "The toiling pleasure sickens into pain."
    • Sicken To become sick; to fall into disease. "The judges that sat upon the jail, and those that attended, sickened upon it and died."
    • Sicken To become weak; to decay; to languish. "All pleasures sicken , and all glories sink."
    • Sicken To impair; to weaken.
    • Sicken To make qualmish; to nauseate; to disgust; as, to sicken the stomach.
    • Sicken To make sick; to disease. "Raise this strength, and sicken that to death."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • sicken To fall sick; fall into ill health; become ill: used of persons, animals, or plants: as, the fowl sickened; the vine sickened.
    • sicken To experience a sickening sensation; feel nauseated or disgusted: as, to sicken at the sight of squalor.
    • sicken To lose force or vitality; become weakened, impaired, or deteriorated: said of things (in technical use, especially of mercury: compare mortification, 1 ).
    • sicken To make sick; bring into a disordered state or condition; affect with disease, or (more commonly) with some temporary disorder or indisposition, as nausea, vertigo, or languor: as, the bad odors sickened him.
    • sicken To make mentally sick; cause to feel nauseating contempt or disgust. See sickening.
    • sicken To make nauseatingly weary (of) or dissatisfied (with); cause a disgusted dislike in: with of: as, this sickened him of his bargain.
    • sicken To bring into an unsettled or disordered state; impair; impoverish: said of things.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Sicken to make sick: to disgust: to make weary of anything
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  • Dorothy Parker
    “They sicken at the calm that know the storm.”
  • William Shakespeare
    “When love begins to sicken and decay it uses an enforced ceremony. [Julius Caesar]”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. seóc; Ger. siech, Dut. ziek.


In literature:

The sickening contagion of the sin of the place grew upon me every moment.
"Memoirs of Arthur Hamilton, B. A. Of Trinity College, Cambridge" by Arthur Christopher Benson
The sights we encountered were horrible and sickening to the last degree.
"Forty-one years in India" by Frederick Sleigh Roberts
The thing was sickeningly clear to me.
"The Killer" by Stewart Edward White
The jolt was sickening.
"The Furnace of Gold" by Philip Verrill Mighels
Men sickened at dawn and were dead at sunset.
"The River and I" by John G. Neihardt
At the same time he was sickened by the suave interest she pretended, by her shallow insincerity.
"The Iron Furrow" by George C. Shedd
It was a sickening thing.
"The Courage of Marge O'Doone" by James Oliver Curwood
Half the village is sickening for it; the doctor's distracted.
"The Story of Bawn" by Katharine Tynan
Something in his eyes filled me with sickening fear.
"Dead Man's Rock" by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
Then the recovery, another mountain, another sickening upward rush, another poise, and the downward crash.
"Stories of Ships and the Sea" by Jack London

In poetry:

Ambition views the deed,
Nor sickens at the sight;
'Tis rather deem'd a grateful meed,
In which she takes delight.
"Enigma XXVIII." by Elizabeth Hitchener
And did young Stephen sicken,
And did young Stephen die?
And did the sad hearts thicken,
And did the mourners cry?
"Ode To Stephen Bowling Bots" by Mark Twain
Strings of bruises for pearls,
Tears for forget-me-nots,
And a deadly pain
Of the sickening shame
Watching the fading spots.
"On - On - Poet" by Aleister Crowley
Oh, holy father, list thee to my prayer!
And though I may not kneel as others kneel,
And tell my heart-aches with a suppliant air,
I crave they grace a sickened soul to heal.
"Mystery Of Carmel" by Madge Morris Wagner
"That's my nooation too,--but aw thowt tha should try,
What a wife as a laikon could be;
Noa daat tha's fan livin o' love rayther dry,
For aw'll own aw'd grown sickened o' thee."
"What It Comes To" by John Hartley
Her fluttering heart, too keenly blest,
Would sicken, but she leans on Thee,
Sees Thee by faith on Mary's breast,
And breathes serene and free.
Slight tremblings only of her veil declare
Soft answers duly whispered to each soothing prayer.
"Churching Of Women" by John Keble

In news:

The Sickening Secret of Mirror's Edge.
But given the preliminary evidence that fracking can sicken livestock, pollute the environment and even cause seismic activity, many activists are left to ask: Is it worth it.
NJ train derailment tips tankers, sickens dozens.
FRESNO, Calif (AP) — Authorities say the toxic mushrooms that killed two residents of a California senior care facility and sickened four others came from the home's backyard .
Suffolk County Police have arrested a Brentwood woman after she used a barbeque grill to heat her home, sickening her family.
A company voluntarily recalled nearly 96,000 pounds of ground beef products after two people were sickened, possibly by the E. Coli bacteria, the US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service said Saturday.
Students Sickened by Bob Marley Drink at School.
Number of children sickened by suspected outbreak of food- borne vomiting virus rises to 8,400.
Thomas Ricardo Cunningham, one of the two University of Colorado students accused of feeding pot brownies to his class on Friday, sending three to the hospital and sickening five others, formally was charged Wednesday with 18 felonies.
Authorities still don't know what sickened hundreds of people in and around the Dona Ana County Industrial Park near the Mexican border Tuesday morning.
New Mexico authorities say an unknown hazardous material release has sickened about 200 people near the Mexican border just northwest of El Paso, Texas.
200 sickened after hazardous materials release.
Watching your husband cheat on you on a sex tape on the internet isn't exactly fun, just ask Linda Hogan, who exclusively told that it was "sickening" to see.
Imported ricotta cheese recalled after 14 people sickened.
Residents sickened by improper use of generators.