• WordNet 3.6
    • n shrieking sharp piercing cry "her screaming attracted the neighbors"
    • n shrieking a high-pitched noise resembling a human cry "he ducked at the screechings of shells","he heard the scream of the brakes"
    • ***


  • Heinrich Heine
    “The foolish race of mankind are swarming below in the night; they shriek and rage and quarrel -- and all of them are right.”


In literature:

At sunset the whistle shrieked its loudest.
"The Long Roll" by Mary Johnston
Everybody shrieked like mad, and even the dogs howled.
"The Best Short Stories of 1920" by Various
The second must have shrieked close over their heads.
"Bloom of Cactus" by Robert Ames Bennet
Whereat, with a great shriek, she vanished.
"King Arthur's Knights" by Henry Gilbert
As the procession started, the cannons boomed once more, and the steam whistles shrieked.
"Frank Merriwell Down South" by Burt L. Standish
That is an ear which finds more music in the shrieks of murdered victims than in anything else.
"Frank Merriwell's Bravery" by Burt L. Standish
At that moment Helen shrieked.
"Ruth Fielding and the Gypsies" by Alice B. Emerson
As the poor fellow fell he uttered another shriek, which was followed by the silence of death.
"Frank Merriwell's Pursuit" by Burt L. Standish
He looked imploringly towards us, and seemed to be shrieking for aid.
"Old Jack" by W.H.G. Kingston
Loud shrieks were heard.
"The Heir of Kilfinnan" by W.H.G. Kingston
The men declared that they could hear the shrieks and cries of our shipmates.
"Tales of the Sea" by W.H.G. Kingston
Little Nell shrieked when she saw him, and her grandfather sent her into her own room.
"Tales from Dickens" by Charles Dickens and Hallie Erminie Rives
With a shriek she pushed me off and got up.
"My Secret Life, Volumes I. to III." by Anonymous
It began to waddle clumsily, shrieking, with Evelyn clasped close.
"The Fifth-Dimension Tube" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
Down on the road, people stood still and gazed upward; then of course I shrieked the louder.
"What Happened to Inger Johanne" by Dikken Zwilgmeyer
But, horror of horrors, when the girl saw her betrothed husband, she shrieked and ran away!
"Black Diamonds" by Mór Jókai
Then suddenly, with a shriek, she threw her hands to her head and fell into spasms.
"Tried for Her Life" by Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth
It snorted, shrieked, and panted like a fabulous monster; and Eric thought.
"Villa Eden:" by Berthold Auerbach
Louder and louder grew the shrieks outside, madder and madder the dance, round the death-fire.
"The Ruined Cities of Zululand" by Hugh Mulleneux Walmsley
A few minutes later there was the shriek of an engine, and a locomotive and one carriage steamed up and stopped close by them.
"With Rifle and Bayonet" by F.S. Brereton

In poetry:

Ah! who can paint Louisa's fear,
Her agonies impart?
The shrieks of death assail her ear,
And horror chills her heart.
"Louisa. A Tale." by Jane Bowdler
She said no word, but shrieked aloud,
The waves roll so gayly O,
And vanished away from where she stood,
Love me true!
"St. Margaret's Eve" by William Allingham
Shriek shrilly o'er each day,
As futureward ye fly,
That the men were right who wore the gray,
And Right can never die.
"Sentinel Songs" by Abram Joseph Ryan
And Rudiger approach'd and held
The little infant nigh;
Then Margaret shriek'd, and gather'd then
New powers from agony.
"Rudiger - A Ballad" by Robert Southey
"O Villyun!" shrieked Eliza Ann.
"Oh! What—what do I see?
You don’t not love me any more!
You’ve done deserted me!"
"The Tearful Tale Of Captain Dan" by Ellis Parker Butler
Then a wild fear overcame me,
And I flew off like the wind,
Shrieking "MOTHER!"--and the sailor
Just a little way behind!
"A Ballad" by James Whitcomb Riley

In news:

More than 7,000 people jammed Ellis Auditorium on the night of May 15 to stomp, shudder, shriek and sigh as a young Elvis Presley writhed his way through a rock and roll repertoire.
I immediately started shrieking , and didn't stop for a week.
Tell me you wouldn't run around your kitchen shrieking , too.
I'm pretty much done shrieking .
Meet Hollywood's Go-To Shriek .
That's what a voice actor did to overdub a shriek for the 1951 film Distant Drums.
Culture Chiefs Shriek Protest At Mike's Cuts.
Why the Geese Shrieked .
Oregon woman claims Belieber shrieking damaged her ears.
It used to be easy to separate the hippie bands from the hard rockers, the indie-alternative darlings from the classic dinosaurs, the exploratory jazz trios from the shrieking noise-rockers.
The shriek rang out across the water, like the piercing wail of a frightened child: 'Aaah.
Their stark, night-piercing shrieks aren't just about the quills.
Nicki Minaj and her fellow American Idol judge Mariah Carey finally made good on weeks of feud-hype Tuesday when the pair were videotaped getting into a shriek fest during Idol auditions in Charlotte, N.C.
Sunrise Manor 's costume contest offers plenty of shrieks and giggles.
Our fellow bloggers at XpertHR have found this great video, although the shrieking laughter is a bit much if you are watching it in the morning.

In science:

Earman, Bangs, Crunches, Whimpers, and Shrieks: Singularities and Acausalities in Relativistic Spacetimes (Oxford University Press: New York City, NY and Oxford, England, 1995). V.
General relativistic cosmology with no beginning of time
This can be thought of as a special case of the fact that the formation of upper-shriek respects compositions (and the fact that R → S → eS is the same as R → eR → eS ) cf. [Har66, Chapter I I I, Proposition 6.6].
A dual to tight closure theory