• Two Cots Were Shoved Together Under a Spreading Tree
    Two Cots Were Shoved Together Under a Spreading Tree
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v shove push roughly "the people pushed and shoved to get in line"
    • v shove come into rough contact with while moving "The passengers jostled each other in the overcrowded train"
    • v shove press or force "Stuff money into an envelope","She thrust the letter into his hand"
    • n shove the act of shoving (giving a push to someone or something) "he gave the door a shove"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: As artists and traders in medieval cities began to form organizations, they instituted tough initiation ceremonies. For example, journeymen in Bergen, Norway, were shoved down a chimney, thrown three times into the sea, and soundly whipped.
    • Shove p. p. of Shove.
    • n Shove The act of shoving; a forcible push. "I rested . . . and then gave the boat another shove ."
    • Shove To drive along by the direct and continuous application of strength; to push; especially, to push (a body) so as to make it move along the surface of another body; as, to shove a boat on the water; to shove a table across the floor.
    • Shove To move off or along by an act pushing, as with an oar a pole used by one in a boat; sometimes with off. "He grasped the oar,
      eceived his guests on board, and shoved from shore."
    • Shove To push along, aside, or away, in a careless or rude manner; to jostle. "And shove away the worthy bidden guest.""He used to shove and elbow his fellow servants."
    • Shove To push or drive forward; to move onward by pushing or jostling.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • shove To press or push along by the direct application of strength continuously exerted; particularly, to push (something) so as to make it slide or move along the surface of another body, either by the hand or by an instrument: as, to shove a table along the floor; to shove a boat into the water.
    • shove To prop; support.
    • shove To push roughly or without ceremony; press against; jostle.
    • shove To push; bring into prominence.
    • shove Synonyms To push, propel, drive. See thrust.
    • shove To press or push forward; push; drive; move along.
    • shove To move in a boat by pushing with a pole or oar which reaches to the bottom of the water or to the shore: often with off or from.
    • shove To germinate; shoot: also, to cast the first teeth.
    • n shove The act of shoving, pushing, or pressing by strength continuously exerted; a strong push, generally along or as if along a surface.
    • n shove The central woody part of the stem of flax or hemp; the boon.
    • n shove A forward movement of packed and piled ice; especially, such a movement in the St. Lawrence river at Montreal, caused in the early winter by the descent of the ground-ice from the Lachine Rapids above, which, on reaching the islands below the city, is packed, thus forming a dam. The body of water formed by the dam bursts the crust of ice on its surface, and the current shoves or pushes the ice in great cakes or blocks, forming in some places masses over 30 feet high. In the spring the shove is caused by the breaking or honey-combing of the ice by the heat of the sun and the pressure of the ice brought from Lake St. Louis by the current.
    • n shove In billiards, the more common designation of the push. Degrees of strength have also given it other names. When it was foul in America to push so gently as to control the balls, the strenuous stroke was called Bowery in New York city, Germantown in Philadelphia, and timber-lick in the West.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Shove shuv to drive along by continuous pressure: to push before one
    • v.i Shove to push forward: to push off
    • n Shove act of shoving: a strong push, a forward movement of packed river-ice
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  • Helen Keller
    “The world is moved along not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.”


Push comes to shove - If or when push comes to shove, the situation has become some bad that you are forced to do something: If push comes to shove, we'll just have to use our savings.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. shoven, AS. scofian, fr. scūfan,; akin to OFries. skūva, D. schuiven, G. schieben, OHG. scioban, Icel. skūfa, skȳfa, Sw. skuffa, Dan. skuffe, Goth. afskiuban, to put away, cast away; cf. Skr. kshubh, to become agitated, to quake, Lith. skubrus, quick, skubinti, to hasten. √160. Cf. Sheaf a bundle of stalks, Scoop Scuffle


In literature:

Shove this in Box 4-11-44!
"The Stars & Stripes, Vol 1, No 1, February 8, 1918" by American Expeditionary Forces
Shoving back his chair, he paced the floor in a fidgety manner and, at length, opened the door of Jack's room.
"Blackbeard: Buccaneer" by Ralph D. Paine
The skipper shoved the schooner off from the wharf, and told Dick to hoist the jib.
"All Adrift" by Oliver Optic
He followed me, shoving and cursing his way among them, swinging his axe.
"The Escape of a Princess Pat" by George Pearson
We did not hesitate, but shoved our way forward, elbowing them away roughly.
"The Fire People" by Ray Cummings
Alex joined him, and gazing over their shoulder, watching, they braced themselves for the shove.
"The Young Railroaders" by Francis Lovell Coombs
Can ee see any o' the other boats shoving down?
"A Poor Man's House" by Stephen Sydney Reynolds
There were Si Peters, Wash Crosby, and four others in the act of shoving Harry's craft into the water.
"The Young Oarsmen of Lakeview" by Ralph Bonehill
We'll make him talk first and then shove him in.
"The Flaming Jewel" by Robert W. Chambers
Descending to the boat, the three oarsmen shoved off, and pulled for the shore, where they landed.
"Up The Baltic" by Oliver Optic

In poetry:

They see the strong white arm knead
It and shove the raw dough
Into the oven's bright hole.
"The Runaways/ Les Effares" by Arthur Rimbaud
But daan they shoved him, an' he roll'd
Heead first bang into th' mess,
An' aght he coom a woeful seet,
As yo may easy guess.
"Th' Traitle Sop" by John Hartley
“Last was west of Ushant,
The Old Man up an damned ‘em;
‘E shoved the ‘elm ‘ard over
And ‘e went for ‘em and rammed ‘em,
That was Number Three,”
Bill said, said he.
"What Bill Said" by Cicely Fox Smith
One dead trunk, like a ruined tower,
Dark-green with toppling trailers, shoved
Its wild wreck o'er the bush; one bower
Looked like a dead man, capped and gloved,
The one who haunted him each hour.
"Eidolons" by Madison Julius Cawein
"Ar, 'orspital! There is the place to git.
If I thort Paradise wus 'arf so snug
I'd shove me 'ead above the parapit
An' stop a slug;
But one thing blocks me playin' sich a joke;
I want another scrap before I croak.
"Rabbits" by C J Dennis
They never rung no joy-bells when 'e made 'is first de- boo;
But 'e got free edjication, w'ich they fondly shoved 'im thro';
Then turned 'im loose in Spadger's Lane to 'ang around the street
An' 'elp the cop to re-erlize the 'ardness uv 'is beat.
"Introduction to Ginger Mick" by C J Dennis

In news:

Mohamud allegedly tied Abdifatah's hands together with an electrical chord, shoved a sock in his mouth and duct-taped it shut.
Barack Obama Will Shove This F—ing Health Care Down Your F—ing Throat.
MSNBC says goodbye to West with a shove, Fox blows a kiss.
Gale-force wind of change shoves climate on to Obama's agenda.
When the teams met in Miami on Nov 29, Hilton Armstrong was ejected for shoving Heat center Joel Anthony while he attempted a dunk.
Is the media going to shove this down our throats till the new royal is crowned.
For months, stores have been shoving holiday decorations at us.
Police said the video taken by Harris shows one child screaming, crying and holding his face while being punched by the other, who is also punched and shoved into a table.
Intent on burning his entire family to death, a southwestern Wisconsin man tried to shove his 2-year-old daughter back into the flames after her pregnant mother had carried her to safety, state prosecutors alleged Tuesday.
A tube is shoved down the nose of a mental patient who's several days into a hunger strike.
Fox Shoves Handicapped Out Of Parking.
Gale -force wind of change shoves climate on to Obama's agenda.
Mine involves returning a failed online shopping purchase to FedEx with just enough time to grab a sandwich to shove into my face back at my desk.
The Potential Interpretations Of Rondo 's Shoving Match.
Buffett Slams Romney for 'Shoving Around Money.

In science:

Clearly a time t for which Xt = Yt should constitute a collision, but what if Xt+1 = Yt ? If in addition Yt+1 = Xt we call such an event a “swap”, otherwise a “shove”.
Avoidance Coupling
Allowing swaps and shoves makes things easy—on Kn , for example, we could couple n walks simply by choosing, at each turn, a uniformly random derangement (or a uniformly random cycle) σ , and having the walker at i move to σ(i) .
Avoidance Coupling
Usually one finds a way to shove the infrared divergences into matrix elements of operators, but there is no candidate for an operator into which to shove this infrared divergence.
A Modern Introduction to Quarkonium Theory