• WordNet 3.6
    • adj short-winded breathing laboriously or convulsively
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Short-winded Affected with shortness of breath; having a quick, difficult respiration, as dyspnoic and asthmatic persons.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • short-winded Breathing with difficulty; dyspnœic.
    • short-winded Unable to bear long-continued violent exertion, as running, without difficulty of breathing; out of breath.
    • short-winded Panting; characterized by difficulty of breathing.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Short-winded affected with shortness of wind or breath
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. sceort; Old High Ger. scurz; the Dut. and Sw. kort, Ger. kurz, are borrowed from L. curtus.


In literature:

Short and Long, having tempted the fates far enough, was winding up his own line.
"The Girls of Central High in Camp" by Gertrude W. Morrison
Her course at the Seminary was cut short in early spring by a cough which came from a long ride in the keen wind.
"A Son of the Middle Border" by Hamlin Garland
This short cutting at the remoue, saues your plants from Wind, and neede the lesse or no staking.
"A New Orchard And Garden" by William Lawson
I won't rest until I find out how he manages to get wind of my theatrical ventures at such short notice.
"Secret Memoirs: The Story of Louise, Crown Princess" by Henry W. Fischer
Too late i' the day for me to thrid the windings: but There's still a way to win the race by death's short cut!
"Browning's England" by Helen Archibald Clarke
It was soon evident to the most sanguine that the wind was changing, and there was shortly no mistake about the matter.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine -- Volume 57, No. 351, January 1845" by Various
Shortly before midday the snowing began again and the wind moaned dismally through the rigging.
"Submarine Warfare of To-day" by Charles W. Domville-Fife
Now and then, however, a short puff of wind ruffled the water, and then died away again.
"Out on the Pampas" by G. A. Henty
The moment that Dixon entered the short winding tunnel that led to the outer air he was vaguely aware that something was wrong.
"Astounding Stories, May, 1931" by Various
He walked rapidly to the creek and followed its windings a short distance; then he paused a few minutes, as if reflecting.
"The Somnambulist and the Detective" by Allan Pinkerton

In poetry:

The flowers that from the earth do spring,
Like snow but short remain;
The gentle wind the blossoms bring,
Of flowers that deck the plain.
"The Seasons Of The Year Compared To the Life Of A Man" by Susannah Hawkins
The tall fleet cur, with deep-mouthed voice,
Now speeds him, as the wind;
While half-grown pup, and short-legged fice,
Are yelping far behind.
"The Bear Hunt" by Abraham Lincoln
There's a soft wind singing in the idle rigging,
High tide splashing, and a young pale moon,
Lights in a window and a fiddle jigging
Over and over there the same short tune.
"The Sailor's Garden" by Cicely Fox Smith
As ships at sea, or posts upon the road,
Shafts from the bow, or cowards from their foe,
Or smoke before the wind, or as a flood —
So swiftly hence we short-lif'd mortals go.
"A Memento Mori -- Or Remember Death" by Rees Prichard
With a whoop and a yell, and a scream and a shout,
At once the whole murderous body turned out;
And swift as the hawk pounces down on the pigeon,
Pursued the poor short-winded men of religion.
"The Legend Of St. Sophia Of Kioff" by William Makepeace Thackeray
"Thy limbs will shortly be twice as stout as they are now,
Then I'll yoke thee to my cart like a pony in the plough;
My playmate thou shalt be; and when the wind is cold
Our hearth shall be thy bed, our house shall be thy fold.
"The Pet-Lamb" by William Wordsworth

In news:

Sisters Emily Harvey, 7, left, and Sarah Harvey, 10, enjoy a moment with the strong wind blowing through their hair at the edge of the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier shortly after the county re-opened it for public use.
Chanos is shorting major wind and solar players.
Master short seller Jim Chanos caused a stir in the alternative energy sector, calling the largest wind and solar companies, Vestas and First Solar, shorting opportunities.
The sun was shining, no blasting wind whipping dust in your face, and the temperature was mild enough for a short sleeved shirt.
A short loop trail winds through stunning rock formations created 13,000 years ago by a melting glacier .
Aerial spraying was cut short Friday night because of high winds.
SEPTA will suspend Philadelphia-area bus, trolley, subway and regional rail service shortly after midnight Sunday as Hurricane Sandy threatens the region with high winds and flood-inducing rains.
Might it just be the effect that Raymond Chandler described so brilliantly in the opening lines of his 1938 short story "Red Wind".
Short-Circuit Modeling of a Wind Power Plant.
An important aspect of wind power plant (WPP) impact studies is to evaluate short-circuit current (SCC) contribution of the plant into the transmission network under different fault conditions.
Even though the warm summer months are winding down, it's still the perfect time to think about how we look and feel in shorts, skirts, tank tops and swim suits.
BAQI TANAH, AFGHANISTAN —The Pakistan border is a short walk through the desert from this village, and the rutted road that winds past it is a main thoroughfare for smugglers, Taliban insurgents and corrupt Afghan border police.
Despite a storm with winds that eventually blew over the chuppah, an outdoor wedding at the Baltimore Museum of Art was nothing short of magical.
The winds will be short-lived, dying out by Monday afternoon.
Rainfall last night was short-lived but furious in the eastern half of Union County where nearly 700 Strong-Urbana residents were without power and one Huttig woman reported a gust of wind that pealed the roof off her mobile home.

In science:

The same as in Fig. 6 for short time interval beginning from the moment of wind velocity increase from 20 to 30 km/s.
3D Gasdynamic Modelling of the Changes in the Flow Structure During Transition From Quiescent to Active State in Symbiotic Stars
The average particle number, after a short period of transient oscillations (when the mode is temporarily inside the Hubble radius) monotonically increases at late times, and this mirrors the behavior of zk , which circles around the origin for a while before finally winding up at the point zk = 1.
Particle creation, classicality and related issues in quantum field theory: II. Examples from field theory
We believe that the most likely explanation is the collapse of the WCR onto the companion star, perhaps helped by a short increase in the mass-loss rate of the primary wind.
3D modelling of the colliding winds in Eta Carinae - evidence for radiative inhibition
In systems with lower mass white dwarfs, more material is accreted prior to the TNR, and this larger amount of gas is ejected in a combination of a low-mass shell (early in the outburst), and an optically thick wind (shortly thereafter).
A Spectroscopic and Photometric Survey of Novae in M31
Since the particle wind may be the consequences of small amplitude seismic activities (Thompson & Duncan 1996), it can vary dramatically even on short time scales. A varying particle wind will cause a varying period derivative.
Wind braking of magnetars