• WordNet 3.6
    • adj shielded (used especially of machinery) protected by a shield to prevent injury
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Additional illustrations & photos:

spears shield uniform spears shield uniform
The old king sees himself reflected in the shields of the bodyguard The old king sees himself reflected in the shields of the bodyguard
Round book-plate: Three stags on a shield below two rings Round book-plate: Three stags on a shield below two rings
Helmet above a shield Helmet above a shield
Hare's bookplate: Lion above shield Hare's bookplate: Lion above shield
shield leaning against a rock surrounded by bushes shield leaning against a rock surrounded by bushes
four people around a shield four people around a shield

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: On an American one-dollar bill, there is an owl in the upper right-hand corner of the "1" encased in the "shield" and a spider hidden in the front upper right-hand corner
    • shielded In zoology, shield-bearing; scutigerous; cataphract; loricate. See cut under phylloxera-mite.
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  • Sir William
    Sir William
    “No other man-made device since the shields and lances of the ancient knights fulfills a man's ego like an automobile.”
  • Diana Black
    Diana Black
    “Big egos are big shields for lots of empty space.”
  • William Morris Hughes
    William Morris Hughes
    “Without the Empire we should be tossed like a cork in the cross current of world politics. It is at once our sword and our shield.”
  • Herbert Spencer
    “The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly, is to fill the world with fools.”
  • Robert Green Ingersoll
    “The superior man is the providence of the inferior. He is eyes for the blind, strength for the weak, and a shield for the defenseless.”
  • Quentin Crisp
    “Vice is its own reward. It is virtue which, if it is to be marketed with consumer appeal, must carry Green Shield stamps.”


In literature:

All wore their swords and iron head-pieces, and carried shields.
"The Norsemen in the West" by R.M. Ballantyne
Take your sword, javelin, and shield with you.
"The Hot Swamp" by R.M. Ballantyne
Now I must go, and I think the less we say to anyone about Miss Shields, you know, the better.
"The Mark Of Cain" by Andrew Lang
Underneath the fourteen windows he saw three rows of stone shields, and under each shield was the name of a knight.
"King Arthur and His Knights" by Maude L. Radford
Griflet struck the shield with the butt of his spear, so that it fell clattering down to the ground.
"Stories of King Arthur and His Knights" by U. Waldo Cutler
The battle-shield he bore aloft to all the lands, And gently fared he not, over the country he rules.
"The Sagas of Olaf Tryggvason and of Harald The Tyrant (Harald Haardraade)" by Snorri Sturluson
The room was lighted by a single star, large as a battle-shield.
"The Golden Spears" by Edmund Leamy
The shields bear the correct arms of the Abbey, and round the shields are intertwining iron rods.
"Bell's Cathedrals: The Abbey Church of Tewkesbury" by H. J. L. J. Massé
And Hector in the van carried his shield, equal on all sides.
"The Iliad of Homer (1873)" by Homer
At the seventh blow his shield was cracked across and his shield arm was numbed.
"King Arthur's Knights" by Henry Gilbert

In poetry:

The tap it gives how arch and sly!
The breath it wakes how fresh and grateful!
Behind its shield how soft the sigh!
The whispered tale of shame how fateful!
"The First Fan" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
"To mock that face, fretted with useless care,
And bitter useless striving after love?
O Palomydes, with much honour bear
Beast Glatysaunt upon your shield, above
"King Arthur's Tomb" by William Morris
Lord of the Universe! shield us and guide us,
Trusting Thee always, through shadow and sun!
Thou hast united us, who shall divide us?
Keep us, oh keep us the MANY IN ONE!
"Union and Liberty" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Christ might have called the angels down
To bear him safe above,
To shield his brow from sorrow's crown,
From death's cold blight, and bitter frown,
Had it not been for love.
"Love" by Nancy Rebecca Campbell Glass
'O Balin, Balin, I that fain had died
To save thy life, have brought thee to thy death.
Why had ye not the shield I knew? and why
Trampled ye thus on that which bare the Crown?'
"Balin and Balan" by Alfred Lord Tennyson
The Lord is still the same,
A mighty shield and tow'r,
And they who trust his name
Are guarded by his pow'r:
He can the rage of lions tame,
And bear them harmless through the flame.
"The Power And Triumph Of Faith" by John Newton

In news:

Mark Shields is a nationally known columnist and commentator.
Shield your face from the sun (and keep tabs on your valuables) at your next music fest with a floppy hat and a shoulder bag.
The Shat-R-Shield T5 and T5 high output (HO) lamps use a clear Shat-R-Kote plastic coating that will not yellow, crack or flake and does not shorten the life of the lamp.
Shields and Brooks Foresee Republican House Takeover.
Monday May 21, 2012 Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago by Rick Shields.
Some parents believe they have to protect their children from harmful people and situations, but what happens when you're shielding your child from everything.
Teri Shields, who launched daughter Brooke's on-camera career when she was a baby and managed the young star into her 20s, sometimes with controversy, has died.
Shields and Brooks on Gamesmanship , Sportsmanship.
After a spring hiatus, Mark Shields and David Brooks are back under the same roof and swung by before Friday's program for a new Doubleheader.
Political Analysis of Mark Shields and Paul Gigot .
Syndicated columnist Mark Shields and Wall Street Journal columnist Paul Gigot discuss the week's news in politics, including the search for vice presidential candidates and the upcoming Republican campaign.
The NewsHour's political analysts, syndicated columnist Mark Shields and Wall Street Journal columnist Paul Gigot assess the fallout.
Wall Street Journal columnist Paul Gigot and syndicated columnist Mark Shields discuss the political implications of the Starr report.
Wall Street Journal columnist Paul Gigot and syndicated columnist Mark Shields discuss the political impact of the senator's speech.
Syndicated columnist Mark Shields, "Wall Street Journal" columnist Paul Gigot , are joined by William Kristol, editor and publisher of the "Weekly Standard," a conservative magazine.

In science:

The increase of sensitivity with temperature increase for neutron backgrounds below ~600 keV in incident energy (see Fig. 4(a)) would be offset by the 50 cm of water shielding. Figure 8(b) indicates this improvement, assuming the same null result at 37oC, together with the results from CDMS, KIMS and COUPP.
A CF3I-based SDD Prototype for Spin-independent Dark Matter Searches
We verified that these effects are robust by varying the parameters in our simulations such as the total column-density of the cloud or the self-shielding function.
Effects of turbulent diffusion on the chemistry of diffuse clouds
Radon-free air flushes the volume of each module and the inner volume of the shielding (Fig. 4).
BiPo prototype for SuperNEMO radiopurity measurements
Within the shielded interiors of dense clouds, molecules stick to grain surfaces which become the sites of further chemical evolution.
The Molecular Hydrogen Explorer H2EX
A shield with the solar array on the bottom of the service module maintains the necessary shadowing cone.
The Molecular Hydrogen Explorer H2EX