• WordNet 3.6
    • n shapelessness the quality of lacking an esthetically pleasing shape
    • n shapelessness an amorphous or indefinite shape "a shapeless mass"
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n shapelessness Shapeless character or condition; lack of regular or definite form.
    • ***


In literature:

Amelius saw the tears finding their way through the pretty plump fingers, which he remembered so shapeless and so thin.
"The Fallen Leaves" by Wilkie Collins
In the middle of the road was a small, shapeless, black object.
"The Cathedral" by Sir Hugh Walpole
One other detail: On the left side of the skirt of the black dress was, as I thought at first, a shapeless bunch of white ribbon.
"The Last Galley" by Arthur Conan Doyle
He rose, and taking her by the arms, led her gently towards the shapeless ruin half overwhelmed by a land-slide.
"Gaspar Ruiz" by Joseph Conrad
The pious Llewelyn began his song from the rude and shapeless chaos.
"Imogen" by William Godwin
A great shapeless blot of darkness, with legs to it, accompanied every cow, and calf, and bullock wherever it went.
"Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood" by George MacDonald
It was as shapeless as death.
"The Cruise of the Dry Dock" by T. S. Stribling
At length, about six in the evening, a dim, hazy, shapeless sort of mist seemed to rise far away between sea and sky.
"The Field of Ice" by Jules Verne
There were little shapeless ones of skins lying over sticks.
"Buried Cities, Part 2" by Jennie Hall
There were little shapeless ones of skins lying over sticks.
"Buried Cities: Pompeii, Olympia, Mycenae" by Jennie Hall
Something had dropped shapeless, bulky at her feet and she could not see Mr. Stewart.
"In the Valley" by Harold Frederic
For the space of, perhaps a minute, I stared down at the shapeless heap, that had once been Pepper.
"The House on the Borderland" by William Hope Hodgson
If coal has all been vegetable soil, then it is likely that some of it has not been quite converted into shapeless coal.
"Town Geology" by Charles Kingsley
Here's a nice world, where hulking, shapeless giants like O'Toole hide themselves from angry uncles behind a dwarf-girl's petticoats.
"Clementina" by A.E.W. Mason
The Waralis worship Waghia the lord of tigers in the form of a shapeless stone.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Part 1, Slice 1" by Various
The small dark eyes in her copper face, and her shapeless body, were associated with winters and summers stretching to a vanishing point.
"Lazarre" by Mary Hartwell Catherwood
A thousand strange fancies, shapeless and undefined, rushed by, as the maiden looked on the warrior.
"Traditions of Lancashire, Volume 1 (of 2)" by John Roby
Early in the afternoon the head of Tete Noir was reduced to shapeless pulp from tremendous thrashings.
"The Great Lone Land" by W. F. Butler
He exchanged a few, simple, shy words with me from a mouth smashed to shapelessness by many blows.
"Tramping on Life" by Harry Kemp
But the mausoleum itself resisted the spoiler and remained 'a huge shapeless heap of massive fragments of masonry'.
"Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official" by William Sleeman

In poetry:

From there we watch'd the falls above,
The rocks half-worn and gray,
That still, like shapeless Sphinxes, strove
To tear their veils of spray.
"A Walk To Pamphy Linns" by Alexander Anderson
Till thrones of kings and queens shall tumble,
And monuments of stone and brass,
Shall into shapeless ruin crumble,
And blow away like withered grass.
"To Miss Mary Bain" by David John Scott
'Twas on a night of wildest storms,
When loudly roar'd the raving main,—
When dark clouds shew'd their shapeless forms,
And hail beat hard the cottage pane,—
"Lines Written In A Cottage" by Sir John Carr
One rough, uneven stone, one shapeless mass,
Will all the beauty of the work deface:
One lawless man, that does in vice surpass,
Will thee and all thy family disgrace.
"Advice To Ev'ry Master Of A Family, To Govern His House In A Religious Manner" by Rees Prichard
Yet ev'n these bones from insult to protect,
Some frail memorial still erected nigh,
With uncouth rhymes and shapeless sculpture deck'd,
Implores the passing tribute of a sigh.
"Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" by Thomas Gray
Before I knocked and flesh let enter,
With liquid hands tapped on the womb,
I who was as shapeless as the water
That shaped the Jordan near my home
Was brother to Mnetha's daughter
And sister to the fathering worm.
"Before I Knocked" by Dylan Thomas

In news:

Shapeless dreampop or empty stylistics.
Russell Crowe's body is shapeless now, his complexion pasty, his hair long and lank.
The National Stadium of Karachi stands on Dalmia road, not far from what could be the centre of an unending, shapeless city.
His shapeless memoir covers 14 years of an American woman's life in Italy.
Scrubs — those shapeless, utilitarian two-piece uniforms that are now omnipresent — were originally designed and intended for wear exclusively in the operating room.
Yep, those mushy, shapeless, bulky bean-bag chairs work wonders at absorbing vibrations – and they make the ride on any boat.
When he conducted the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto on a high-profile 2002 Deutsche Grammophon release with the young violinist Ilya Gringolts, the orchestra sounded shapeless and unruly.

In science:

My work would have been shapeless without F.
Aspects of the history, anatomy, taxonomy and palaeobiology of sauropod dinosaurs
God, thou great symmetry, Who put a biting lust in me From whence my sorrows spring, For al l the frittered days That I have spent in shapeless ways Give me one perfect thing.
Symmetry Tests and Standard Model Backgrounds
This distinction is interesting as it is in principle possible for fluctuations to be localized but shapeless, or more surprisingly, to be shapeful but not localized.
Non-Gaussian spectra and the search for cosmic strings
In terms of the various levels of structure considered we can then characterize Gaussian fluctuations as shapeless, delocalized and disconnected.
Non-Gaussian spectra and the search for cosmic strings
From top to bottom and left to right, a plain regular sphere, a shapeless sphere, a delocalized sphere, and a disconnected sphere.
Non-Gaussian spectra and the search for cosmic strings
Respectively we have strings, shapeless strings, unlocalized strings and disconnected strings.
Non-Gaussian spectra and the search for cosmic strings
We depict a spherical hot spot in real space, then a shapeless sphere, a delocalized sphere, and a disconnected sphere.
Non-Gaussian spectra and the search for cosmic strings
For the case of a sphere we find that what we recognize as shape is mostly localization. A shapeless sphere keeps its recognizable features.
Non-Gaussian spectra and the search for cosmic strings
Shapeless strings, delocalized strings, and disconnected strings are shown.
Non-Gaussian spectra and the search for cosmic strings
On the other hand the fact that line-like discontinuities are present even for shapeless strings shows how much more structure there is in the map on top of the structure which we can recognize.
Non-Gaussian spectra and the search for cosmic strings