sew together


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v sew together fasten by sewing; do needlework
    • ***


In literature:

Curled up as though sewed together by heavy cords.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, June, 1930" by Various
The company of sewing-girls collected together in this school-room was of course a very miscellaneous one.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 15, No. 89, March, 1865" by Various
Eve sewed fig-leaves together.
"Needlework As Art" by Marian Alford
He built large rafts, attaching to them the skins of beasts sewed together and inflated, to give them buoyancy.
"Alexander the Great" by Jacob Abbott
But Mrs. MacCall and Aunt Sarah were sitting together sewing in the latter's big front room over the dining-room of the Corner House.
"The Corner House Girls Growing Up" by Grace Brooks Hill
So, for several days, she sewed the skins together, and at last hung before her bed of boughs a heavy curtain.
"The Wilderness Trail" by Frank Williams
Most of these strips are woven in these ribbons and sewed together.
"Letters from China and Japan" by John Dewey
The two sisters remained together, the invalid stretched on the sofa, the other sewing near the lamp.
"'Jena' or 'Sedan'?" by Franz Beyerlein
She had sewed heavy skins together for the outside cover of the wigwam.
"Two Indian Children of Long Ago" by Frances Taylor
Bessie sends as farewell presents some of the little chains which she makes, and the sisters sew them together for her.
"Elizabeth Gilbert and Her Work for the Blind" by Frances Martin
It was Saturday afternoon, and mother and daughter were sitting together sewing.
"Almost a Woman" by Mary Wood-Allen
We found some old striped sun-blinds in the attic, and the girls sewed them together.
"The Wouldbegoods" by E. Nesbit
Get evergreens from the woods for "scenery," and use two pairs of portieres sewed together for a curtain.
"Harper's Round Table, July 16, 1895" by Various
When the strips are sewed together and lined, this makes a very warm mat.
"The Ladies' Knitting and Netting Book" by Miss Watts
It was quite thin and soft, and out of it he cut a suit for Jack, and sewed it together.
"Left on the Prairie" by M. B. Cox
It's just an everlasting patchwork, for you're always sewing together little bits, hundreds of them, that you have to match.
"Prisoners of Poverty" by Helen Campbell
Another grip had to be sewed together, as it was dripping pemmican.
"Farthest North" by Fridtjof Nansen
I took it up; it was a parachute, made of four handkerchiefs hastily sewed together.
"The Voodoo Gold Trail" by Walter Walden
Together they attended mass at the parish church, spun, sewed, or busied themselves about the house.
"Joan of Arc" by Lucy Foster Madison
Charlotte was a glove-maker; that is, she sewed the fingers together, and put in the thumbs, forgits, and quirks.
"Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles" by Mrs. Henry Wood

In news:

) featured a mad German scientist (Dieter Laser) who tortured three people and sewed them together, ass to mouth, to create one digestive tract.
Another technique takes pieces of multiple old rugs and sews them together before dyeing the resulting patchwork a single color, like the Patchwork Kilim from World Market at left.
Alison Heryer's Picnic Project sewed together art's social fabric.
Each month, the women gather together to sew items for premature babies that are living or have passed away.
Roy Rogers, with cowboy hat, uses a sewing machine to sew two pieces of artificial turf together, as Denny McGann keeps an eye on the stitch underneath the turf.
Martha Stewart sews together fabric for an oversized ironing board or table for ironing large materials.
For the tablecloth, I cut six fabrics into strips of varying widths and sewed them together to create a rich patchwork .
Using the floss, whipstitch around the edges, sewing the paws together.
At the top, sew together the front 2 edges, then the back 2.
According to Tempe's Steve Haworth, a body modification artist, the procedure involves cutting the ear's cartilage and then sewing it back together to form a point .
In Ada, Ohio, workers sew together leather panels that.
No specific quilt pattern is used, though some of the volunteers are tasked with cutting and laying out fabric into a design and others then take on the responsibility of sewing the quilts pieces together.
If you attended several games, sew several rags together to make a towel.
Together with Provide Inc, Township Clerk Penny Shults helped host a sewing bee named Sew and So Much More.
Sew Many Stars is a small and informal group of friends and quilters who have been together for a number of years.

In science:

Finitely many such neighborhoods cover P1 , and be taken to have the form g1 the data can be sewed together as in (1).
Integration in valued fields
An automated program is given here that computes an arbitrary tree amplitude and then sews them together to obtain the quantum amplitudes.
Numerical Program for Computing $\Phi^3$ Amplitudes
Figure 2. (a): Two manifolds, equal to the Hilbert manifold cut along AC B and A′C ′B ′ in Figure (1b) are juxtaposed for suturing; (b): sewing together the edges AC B and A′C ′B ′ produces Kruskal’s manifold, that fullfils both Synge’s postulates.
Interpreting solutions with nontrivial Killing groups in general relativity
The idea is to sew the S (Γ0 , D)submodules M (ρλ + kθ1 , Γ0 ) for k ∈ K together via the action of S (G0 , D).
Multiplicity-Free Representations of Divergence-Free Lie Algebras
Now we proceed our analysis through sewing the S (Γ0 , D)-submodules M (ρλ + kθ1 , Γ0 ) for k ∈ K together.
Multiplicity-Free Representations of Divergence-Free Lie Algebras
Next we sew the S (Γ0 , D)-submodules M (ρλ + kθ1 , Γ0 ) for k ∈ K together, and derive how S (Γ1 , D) act on M (ρλ , Γ1 ).
Multiplicity-Free Representations of Divergence-Free Lie Algebras
He Likened a random graph to a sewing machine stitching together a space-time.
Event-Symmetric Physics
It consists of sewing together MHV amplitudes to construct the non-MHV ones.
QCD Review
FIG. 3: The partition function Z is obtained by sewing together the top and bottom edges of the world sheet in Fig. 2, that is by identifying the fields and integrating them.
Entanglement Entropy in Extended Quantum Systems
This is found by sewing together only those parts of the upper and lower edges corresponding to the region B (Fig. 4).
Entanglement Entropy in Extended Quantum Systems
FIG. 4: The reduced density matrix is obtained by sewing together the top and bottom edges of the world sheet in Fig. 2, along only the parts corresponding to region B.
Entanglement Entropy in Extended Quantum Systems
Much recent work has been devoted to the use of “unitarity”, first introduced for QCD loop calculations over 15 years ago,21 which, essentially, involves sewing together tree-level amplitudes with specific kinematics in order to obtain the coefficients of the loop integral.
Moriond 2009, QCD and High Energy Interactions: Theory Summary
To do this, we make n copies of above set-up labeled by an integer k with 1 ≤ k ≤ n, and sew them together cyclically along the open cut so that ψ(x)′k = ψ(x)′′k+1(and ψ(x)′n = ψ(x)′′1 ) for all x ∈ A.
Entanglement Entropy in Many-Fermion System
In this case, we show how to “sew” together the polynomials PA to get a polynomial P on Fn 2 that is also very close to f .
Optimal Testing of Reed-Muller Codes
Most recently, the string-based rules have been superseded by “unitarity-based” rules. “Cut-containing” parts of amplitudes are determined by sewing together on-shell tree amplitudes via unitarity integrals.
The VIIth Blois Workshop: Theory Summary and Factorization Issues