• There was Liberty, beautiful and serene
    There was Liberty, beautiful and serene
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj serene completely clear and fine "serene skies and a bright blue sea"
    • adj serene not agitated; without losing self-possession "spoke in a calm voice","remained calm throughout the uproar","he remained serene in the midst of turbulence","a serene expression on her face","she became more tranquil","tranquil life in the country"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

Serenely Wandering in a Trance of Sober Thought Serenely Wandering in a Trance of Sober Thought
The Madonnas, under their iron canopies, looked down, serene and beneficent The Madonnas, under their iron canopies, looked down, serene and beneficent

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Serene Bright; clear; unabscured; as, a serene sky. "The moon serene in glory mounts the sky.""Full many a gem of purest ray serene The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear."
    • Serene Calm; placid; undisturbed; unruffled; as, a serene aspect; a serene soul.
    • Serene Evening air; night chill. "Some serene blast me."
    • Serene Serenity; clearness; calmness. "The serene of heaven.""To their master is denied
      To share their sweet serene ."
    • v. t Serene To make serene. "Heaven and earth, as if contending, vie
      To raise his being, and serene his soul."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • serene Clear, or fair, and calm.
    • serene Calm; placid; unruffled; undisturbed: as, a serene aspect; a serene soul.
    • serene An epithet or adjunct to the titles of some persons of very high rank; it is not given to any noble or official in England, and is used chiefly (in the phrase Serene Highness) in rendering the German term Durchlaucht (given to members of certain mediatized houses, and to some other princes) and the French epithet sérénissime.
    • serene Synonyms 1. Bright, peaceful.—1 and 2. Tranquil, Placid, etc. See calm.—2. Sedate.
    • n serene Clearness; serenity; a serene expanse or region.
    • n serene Serenity; placidity; tranquillity; calmness.
    • serene To make clear and calm; tranquilize.
    • serene To clear; clarify.
    • n serene The chilly damp of evening; unwholesome air; blight.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Serene sē-rēn′ calm: unclouded: unruffled: an adjunct to the titles of certain German princes—a translation of Durchlaucht
    • v.t Serene to tranquillise
    • n Serene the chilly damp of evening: blight
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  • William Wordsworth
    “But an old age serene and bright, and lovely as a Lapland night, shall lead thee to thy grave.”
  • Andre Gide
    “The sole art that suits me is that which, rising from unrest, tends toward serenity.”
  • Reinhold Niebuhr
    “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”
  • Paramahansa Yogananda
    Paramahansa Yogananda
    “Remain calm, serene, always in command of yourself. You will then find out how easy it is to get along.”
  • Meister Eckhart
    “He who would be serene and pure needs but one thing, detachment.”
  • John Donne
    “Despair is the damp of hell, as joy is the serenity of heaven.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. serein, evening dew or damp. See Serein


In literature:

In fact, the Virgin remains calm and serene beside her enraged son, and reassures our heart also with her confidence.
"Great Pictures, As Seen and Described by Famous Writers"
Randy had known that he would rage, and as he rode home he had the serene feeling that he had stuck a splinter in George's flesh.
"The Trumpeter Swan" by Temple Bailey
Randy had known that he would rage, and as he rode home he had the serene feeling that he had stuck a splinter in George's flesh.
"The Trumpeter Swan" by Temple Bailey
A picture of serene sky and steady mountains was blotted from his brain.
"The Lighted Match" by Charles Neville Buck
Her present abode was quiet and serene.
"Arthur Mervyn" by Charles Brockden Brown
Madame Nanteuil listened to him serenely, with that gentle determination not to know anything, which had been her one talent in life.
"A Mummer's Tale" by Anatole France
But it was a serene, frank expression that he found in them, not a question.
"From the Housetops" by George Barr McCutcheon
Only every one turned from Archie to stare at the man who thus serenely claimed his own.
"The Swindler and Other Stories" by Ethel M. Dell
She saw her slender figure standing alone, bearing the whole shock, serene, unshaken.
"Prisoners" by Mary Cholmondeley
Yet he was as serene as ever.
"The Last Harvest" by John Burroughs

In poetry:

Life like a spring day, serene and divine,
In the star of the morning went by as a trance;
His murmurs he drowned in the gold of the wine,
And his sorrows were borne on the wave of the dance.
"A Funeral Fantasie" by Friedrich von Schiller
And forgetting all else save the golden and endless
Fields of wheat, the sereneness and peace,
I will weep, and, my words choked by sweet tears of gladness,
Thankful fall at those merciful knees.
""Warmth and light, buzzing bumblebees…"" by Ivan Bunin
Then she smiled with a look like the radiance of morning,
When flushing the crystal of heaven’s serene,
Blent with that darkness of beauty, adorning
The world, when the moon just arising is seen.
"The Dream" by Charles Harpur
Suddenly the silence wavered
Like a light mist in the wind,
For a voice broke gently through it,
Felt like sunshine by the blind,
And the dread, like mist in sunshine,
Furled serenely from her mind.
"The Captive" by James Russell Lowell
But you are far, and Loneliness
My only lover through the night;
And not for any word or prayer
Would you console my loneliness
Or lend yourself, serene and slight,
And the cool clusters of your hair.
"Three Songs Of Zahir-u-Din" by Laurence Hope
The morning came, serene the skies,
Sol, and the wench, attempt to rise.
The King to let her go was loth,
Although he'd reasons against both:
For love, 'tis said, is oft begun,
Much better by the moon than sun.
"King Edgar And The Servant Girl" by William Hutton

In news:

A picture of serenity 0800 085 3440,
Stalactite Serenity Click to enlarge.
Living in Wyoming, we are afforded many opportunities to experience sheer serenity.
Create a sanctuary with these serene outdoor fabrics.
Swish Shabu is tucked away on a serene stretch of Peterborough Street in the Fenway area.
For a book surrounded by controversy, Curzio Malaparte's Kaputt opens in a most serene manner.
Find serenity, shops and good times in this classic Lake Michigan beach town.
Upcountry Maui … Cool, Green and Serene.
So the next time you find yourself on Forsyth, Centene Plaza 's moving piece of art may give you an impression of serenity.
Nerve: Poise Under Pressure, Serenity Under Stress, and the Brave New Science of Fear and Cool.
Poise Under Pressure, Serenity Under Stress, and the Brave New Science of Fear and Cool.
On that cool, serene night over 500 attendees gathered at Shelter Island's Bali Hai Restaurant to eat poke and drink in Hawaiian culture.
Few golf sanctuaries can match the away-from-it-all serenity offered by this club just miles from the Monterey Peninsula.
Jane Serene, courtesy of the KU Endowment.
Serenity owner, Patty Holland said the boutique carries unique, high-end clothing.

In science:

For the FLEX, this is achieved by means of Pad´e approximation (Vidberg and Serene, 1977).
Quantum Cluster Theories
We would like to start by thanking Jacco van Loon and the science organizing committee for proposing such a timely meeting, and for locating it in this serene corner of England. We suspect that only a tiny fraction of Britain is aware that Keele is a one-pub rural village in the heart of Staffordshire.
Conference Summary: Magellanic System - Stars, Gas and Galaxies
Zagier who urged me to write formulas, to the referee for the help, and to IHES for a serene so journ.
$\epsilon$-Factors for the Period Determinants of Curves
We have chosen randomly for presentation 5 out of 20 events generated for both the SERENE and VENUS classes.
Entropy in cluster analysis of single events in heavy ion collisions
The maximum for all the SERENE events is very flat, whereas for all the VENUS events the values of entropy decrease rather fast for higher values of ǫ.
Entropy in cluster analysis of single events in heavy ion collisions