• A self-sustaining or balanced aquarium
    A self-sustaining or balanced aquarium
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj self-sustained needing no outside support
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • self-sustained Sustained by one's own efforts, inherent power, or strength of mind.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Self-sustained sustained by one's own power
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  • Paul J. Fleyer
    Paul J. Fleyer
    “Good work habits help develop an internal toughness and a self-confident attitude that will sustain you through every adversity and temporary discouragement.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. self, seolf, sylf; Dut. zelf, Ger. selbe, Goth. silba.


In literature:

It is a part of their self-sustaining nature and towering spirit to wreak their own will.
"The Continental Monthly, Vol III, Issue VI, June, 1863" by Various
In one year those who had taken up a residence in Kansas had become self-sustaining.
"History of the Negro Race in America from 1619 to 1880. Vol. 2 (of 2)" by George Washington Williams
Self-sustained as they were, these isolated communities had a very strong vitality.
"The Book-Hunter" by John Hill Burton
Why, man, millions of people could come in here and be self-sustaining.
"The Forbidden Trail" by Honoré Willsie
Self-reliance and God-reliance are the two great principles that must sustain us.
"Helen and Arthur" by Caroline Lee Hentz
Silence and self-control I have, and these will sustain me.
"The Youth of Jefferson" by Anonymous
She was resolved, by at least an outward cheerfulness, to sustain her husband in his noble self-sacrificing patriotism.
"The Continental Monthly, Vol 2, No 6, December 1862" by Various
You know why I wish to make her independent and self-sustaining.
"Hester's Counterpart" by Jean K. Baird
The only self-sustaining power is in individual virtue.
"Cotton is King and The Pro-Slavery Arguments" by Various
Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, and even Portugal were almost wholly self-sustained.
"The Evolution of Modern Capitalism" by John Atkinson Hobson
Long-term mining and exploitation can't be done by anything but a self-sustaining colony.
"Deathworld" by Harry Harrison
It forced them to become, except for their trade with England, self-sustaining little communities.
"Patrician and Plebeian" by Thomas J. Wertenbaker
Those who remained were men who knew their business and were resolute and self-sustaining.
"The Trail of the Goldseekers" by Hamlin Garland
The aim of Japanese statesmen is to make their country self-productive and self-sustaining.
"The Empire of the East" by H. B. Montgomery
Now Belgium is not, as America is, self-sustaining as to food.
"Herbert Hoover" by Vernon Kellogg
The settlement was made self-sustaining and productive within sixty days from the date the land was purchased.
"A Stake in the Land" by Peter Alexander Speek
It must be remembered that Morgan very rarely fought with the army; he had to make his command a self-sustaining one.
"History of Morgan's Cavalry" by Basil W. Duke
Webster had something better to sustain him than an idle self-conceit.
"Noah Webster" by Horace E. Scudder
These visions were self-sustained.
"Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 8, January, 1851" by Various
It is possible, therefore, to see that their moral nature is, in a sense, sustained by self-respect.
"Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Volume 20. July, 1877." by Various

In poetry:

He, with a natural dignity
Untaught self-consciousness by harm,
Sustained her with his manly arm,
And smiled upon her glee.
"Kadisha; Or, The First Jealousy" by Richard Doddridge Blackmore
DEMON. 'Tis that passage which declares
(Well I know the words) this dictum:
"God is one supremest good,
One pure essence, one existence,
Self-sustained, all sight, all hands."
"The Wonder-Working Magician - Act I" by Denis Florence MacCarthy

In news:

She is a self-proclaimed sustainability advocate.
Self-reliance and sustainability in the 21st century.
SpaceX founder Musk eyes ' self-sustaining ' Mars civilization.
Self-sustaining house being built in Texas neighborhood.
Self-sustaining should be the new keywords.
Legal bills make it tough for City Market to become self-sustaining .
Antarctic Research Bases Are Seriously Self-Sustaining .
The GreenMobile factory-built house is a self-sustaining model for emergency or affordable housing.
District mulls possible multi-use, self-sustaining facility.
That's the point at which a self-sustaining nuclear reaction occurs.
SpaceX founder Musk eyes 'self-sustaining' Mars civilization.
Last week's annual meeting of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce was proof that the region's leaders understand what needs to be done in order to build a 21st-century, self-sustaining economy.
The 1st self-sustained nuclear reaction .
Nuclear Reactor Aims for Self-Sustaining Fusion.
For us, Mars is the fourth planet from the sun, just a little too cold to sustain life, and according to one famous self-help book, the planet men come from.

In science:

However, the high accretion rate is not self-sustaining, so the brightness declines and the accretion will soon stop.
The Nova Shell and Evolution of the Recurrent Nova T Pyxidis
Lax, “Classical noise. V. noise in self-sustained oscillators,” Phys.
Truly random number generation via entropy amplification
This effect was related to the chemical processes at the cathode, where trace fluorocarbon deposits were found resulting in a loss of gas gain and not in a self-sustained Malter discharge.
Summary and Outlook of the International Workshop on Aging Phenomena in Gaseous Detectors (DESY, Hamburg, October, 2001)
This, in turn, means the simulations must be three-dimensional, for only in three dimensions can there be a self-sustaining (and accretion-sustaining) MHD dynamo.
A Numerical Method for General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics
The detailed boundary conditions obtained from the discrete model clarify the analysis of the electron dynamics and when possible self-sustained oscillations of the current are due to monopole or dipole recycling (see section 7.3 below).
Photon-assisted transport in semiconductor nanostructures
When the carrier density is below a critical value, self-sustained oscillations of the current may appear.
Photon-assisted transport in semiconductor nanostructures
We described in Section 7.2 how the electric field domain configuration becomes unstable with decreasing the doping density such that self-sustained current oscillations occur due to the periodic recycling of the domain wall.
Photon-assisted transport in semiconductor nanostructures
The ac induced transition from static electric field domains toward homogeneous field distributions through self-sustained current oscillations is illustrated in Fig. 38.
Photon-assisted transport in semiconductor nanostructures
Middle: β = 1 (self-sustained oscillations).
Photon-assisted transport in semiconductor nanostructures
The system evolves spontaneously toward self-sustained current oscillations.
Photon-assisted transport in semiconductor nanostructures
In some cases the discharge is self sustained and does not stop when the source is removed from the cell.
The BABAR Muon System Upgrade
The determination of the position where the field reversal occurs is of great importance since the fraction of ions returning to the cathode depends on its existence and location, and it is necessary for correctly determine the conditions for a self-sustained discharge.
Electron Trapping by Electric Field Reversals in Glow Discharges
This growth finally saturates due to nonlinear effects, and the mirror settles into periodic, self-sustained oscillations, as observed in experiments [13, 16, 17].
Optomechanics (a brief review)
The fact is, a self-sustained tritium fusion chain appears to be not simply problematic but absolutely impossible.
The Future of Nuclear Energy: Facts and Fiction Chapter IV: Energy from Breeder Reactors and from Fusion?
He said he had questions and I gave him my contact details (e-mail, IM). • 2007-05-03 By now, a total of 57 tests have been written and it was deemed sufficient for self-sustaining growth.
Introducing Automated Regression Testing in Open Source Projects