• WordNet 3.6
    • n sedimentation the phenomenon of sediment or gravel accumulating
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Sedimentation The act of depositing a sediment; specifically Geol, the deposition of the material of which sedimentary rocks are formed.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n sedimentation The deposition of sediment; the accumulation of earthy sediment to form strata.
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In literature:

The Stone Age has left its sediment in all the folk-lore of the world.
"Celtic Religion in Pre-Christian Times" by Edward Anwyl
How earnestly the decreasing sediment was peered at to discover signs of the precious metal!
"Five Years in New Zealand" by Robert B. Booth
Millions of tons of sediment were brought by the rivers and streams to the shores of the Devonian sea.
"Some Winter Days in Iowa" by Frederick John Lazell
Then let the water run out and pour in a little more to wash out the sediment.
"Fowler's Household Helps" by A. L. Fowler
It is not until we reach the confluence of the streams of Southern Illinois and Missouri, that the sediment of the river becomes striking.
"Continental Monthly , Vol. 5, No. 6, June, 1864" by Various
These receptacles have been much filled up with sediment.
"Eighth Annual Report" by Various
The liquid remains muddy for some time, but then it clears and a thick black sediment gathers at the bottom.
"Lessons on Soil" by E. J. Russell
The lime will tend to cause some sediment to form in the vat, whereas the soda and ammonia will not.
"The Dyeing of Cotton Fabrics" by Franklin Beech
The egoistic individual is the sediment of the dissolved society, the object of immediate certitude, and therefore a natural object.
"Selected Essays" by Karl Marx
If not boiled enough, on cooling, it will turn to ley and sediment.
"A Treatise on Domestic Economy" by Catherine Esther Beecher
Here was the foam of life, with never a hint of the muddy sediment underneath.
"The Trail of '98" by Robert W. Service
He filled his jugs with the utmost care, scooping up the water at the deepest hole to leave all unclean sediment undisturbed.
"As It Was in the Beginning" by Philip Verrill Mighels
Scale is also formed by the settling of mud and sediment carried in suspension in water.
"Steam, Its Generation and Use" by Babcock & Wilcox Co.
If any sediment at all passes, one has no security against its containing perhaps the largest particle in the jug.
"On Laboratory Arts" by Richard Threlfall
The sediment is carried along and deposited in the traps, while the water flows past.
"Farm drainage" by Henry Flagg French
There will be some sediment.
"Vegetable Dyes" by Ethel M. Mairet
Next time we see it, it will be thick and unclean with sediment, and far below in the valleys where men live and work.
"The Alps" by Martin Conway
So pure was the content that no sediment existed.
"Prison Life in Andersonville" by John L. Maile
It is like port wine depositing a crust for itself out of its own sediment.
"From the Five Rivers" by Flora Annie Steel
As heretofore remarked, the sediments become thinner from west to east.
"A Report on Washington Territory" by William Henry Ruffner

In news:

It's a global conundrum: Dams slow the natural run of water, and slow water drops sediment to the bottom of reservoirs -- eventually filling them.
Most erosion and sedimentation occurred during the first winter storms.
University of Iowa (UI) researchers have confirmed that sediments of the Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal (IHSC) in East Chicago, Ind.
Louisiana officials and the Army Corps of Engineers are squabbling over a source of sediment that both want to use, and it's critical that the solution doesn't shortchange coastal restoration.
When Silt and Sediment Controls Are Not Enough.
The simulated flood will be the first in a regular series of experiments to send sediment down the Colorado River.
In conventional activated sludge (CAS) plants that rely on sedimentation, turndown (the effective operating range) is often very limited.
"When flowing the hydrants , this sometimes causes sediment to move around in the water lines," Langwell said.
Unlike fish, stream insects cannot move around much so they are less able to escape the effects of sediment and other pollutants that diminish water quality.
The EPA believes water quality trading can help reduce nutrient and sediment runoff.
Here, the lake sits cool and undisturbed, with silt and sediment lending the water the look and feel of chocolate milk.
Sometimes my trailer's water hoses get dirty, collecting sediment and particles of who knows what.
Sedimentation basins are used to capture coarse sediment from storm flows, and temporarily detain stormwater so that the velocity of storm flows is reduced and the sediment falls.
Activists try to stop woodlands from becoming sediment dumps.
Collecting sediment samples from Charleston Harbor for a study for a $300 million deepening of the shipping channel would seem straightforward.

In science:

These swimmers have inspired recent tabletop experiments in which rigid superhelices sediment in a very viscous fluid [160].
The hydrodynamics of swimming microorganisms
Gas drag slows the sedimentation of particles toward clump centers, but it also enables such settling by braking the clump’s rotation and damping random motions.
Forming Planetesimals in Solar and Extrasolar Nebulae
The wide separation between stopping, orbital, and sedimentation timescales could reveal new phenomena.
Forming Planetesimals in Solar and Extrasolar Nebulae
Dust Sedimentation and Self-sustained Kelvin-Helmholtz Turbulence in Protoplanetary Disk Midplanes.
Forming Planetesimals in Solar and Extrasolar Nebulae
Bocquet, Sedimentation and effective temperature of active col loidal suspensions, Phys.
The effective temperature
The shear velocity at the bed, ub , is reduced due to the feedback of the sediment transport on the fluid flow, where τf (z ) is the fluid shear stress profile.
Analytical model for flux saturation in sediment transport
Therefore, if we assume τf s (ho ) = τt as in Eq. (62), then, by comparing Eqs. (65) and (66) with ca = 1.19 valid for subaqueous sediment transport (cf.
Analytical model for flux saturation in sediment transport
Indeed, values within the range between µ/ca = 0.3 and µ/ca = 0.5 — and thus consistent with the value of µ estimated above — have been reported from measurements of particle tra jectories in the subaqueous sediment transport [42–44].
Analytical model for flux saturation in sediment transport
These authors simulated the dynamics of both the sediment bed and of transported particles at the single particle scale.
Analytical model for flux saturation in sediment transport
Moreover, we emphasize that our analysis for subaqueous sediment transport is not affected by this approximation, since we estimate in Section III D 2 that cU ≈ 0 and thus K ≈ 1 regardless of the value of ubs .
Analytical model for flux saturation in sediment transport
We estimate these quantities for the aeolian regime of sediment transport in Section III C and for the subaqueous regime in Section III D.
Analytical model for flux saturation in sediment transport
In this section, we estimate the parameters cv , cU , cM , µ, and express the saturated particle velocity Vs and the threshold shear velocity ut for aeolian sediment transport.
Analytical model for flux saturation in sediment transport
However, experiments on aeolian sediment transport show that the change of hvx i(z ) with z is small close to ho , where most of the transport takes place.
Analytical model for flux saturation in sediment transport
U characterizes the significance of the transportflow feedback for the saturation of the sediment flux.
Analytical model for flux saturation in sediment transport
In our more comprehensive model for saturation of sediment flux, however, all these aforementioned relaxation processes are taken into account.
Analytical model for flux saturation in sediment transport