school of thought


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n school of thought a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school
    • ***


In literature:

The Christmas holidays were on and there was no thought of school.
"Frank of Freedom Hill" by Samuel A. Derieux
No, no, Polly, after such an excitement, school isn't to be thought of for a day or two.
"Five Little Peppers at School" by Margaret Sidney
The thought of Joyce brought back all the lessons she had learned in the School of the Bees.
"The Little Colonel's Christmas Vacation" by Annie Fellows Johnston
There are two schools of thought at the present time, bitterly opposed to each other, who dispute over the story of the great Hebrew Teacher.
"Esoteric Christianity, or The Lesser Mysteries" by Annie Besant
Debby's first thought was of Hester and her accommodations at school.
"Hester's Counterpart" by Jean K. Baird
Jim had said to her that he had never heard of such a thing as a good county superintendent of schools, and she had thought him queer.
"The Brown Mouse" by Herbert Quick
Kate, too, thought it doubtful whether we would see anything more of the school.
"When Life Was Young" by C. A. Stephens
She thought of nothing but the school-fees.
"Jewish Children" by Sholem Naumovich Rabinovich
Her essays had been well thought of at school.
"The Third Miss Symons" by Flora Macdonald Mayor
These two schools have again been the subject of a further subdivision based upon diverse habits of thought.
"Christianity and Greek Philosophy" by Benjamin Franklin Cocker
With this repeated tinkling the thoughts of the young woman lost themselves in old memories of her youth and school-days.
"Madame Bovary" by Gustave Flaubert
The thought of school was not so terrible to Quentin as Mrs. de Ward had thought it would be.
"The Magic World" by Edith Nesbit
There is no denying that he cared more for Nellie's good opinion than for what all the rest of the school thought of him.
"Under Fire" by Frank A. Munsey
The eternal existence of the soul is posited by every school of Hindu thought.
"India, Its Life and Thought" by John P. Jones
Such sturdy young Canadians as these High School pupils were, thought little of a few miles' walk morning and evening.
"'Lizbeth of the Dale" by Marian Keith
At the end of the first four months in the school I thought I saw a general improvement in him.
"One Way Out" by William Carleton
I suppose," thought she, "I shall go to school at the end of that.
"The Wide, Wide World" by Susan Warner
The thought of Daisy, his little girl-bride, being sent to school amused him.
"Daisy Brooks" by Laura Jean Libbey
The third school of thought takes as its starting point neither God, nor the world, nor the two as co-existing, but the relation of the two.
"Monophysitism Past and Present" by A. A. Luce
Amongst their people there are two schools of thought.
"General Bramble" by André Maurois

In poetry:

A frog's a very happy thing,
Cool and green in early spring,
Quick and silver through the pool,
With no thought of books or school.
"Spring Wish" by John Chipman Farrar
A deep philosopher (whose rules
Of moral life were drawn from schools)
The shepherd's homely cottage sought,
And thus explor'd his reach of thought.
"The Shepherd and the Philosopher" by John Gay
Perhaps you'll think of school-days then,
Of happy school-days, long since past,
When you and I, in careless youth,
Thought that those days would always last.
"To A Friend - - -" by Thomas Frederick Young
Forgive me, dear friends, if my vagrant thoughts seem
Like a school-boy's who idles and plays with his theme.
Forgive the light measure whose changes display
The sunshine and rain of our brief April day.
"The Quaker Alumni" by John Greenleaf Whittier
By the low hearth-fire's fitful blaze
He read of old heroic days,
The sage's thought, the patriot's speech;
Unhelped, alone, himself he taught,
His school the craft at which he wrought,
His lore the book within his, reach.
"Wilson" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Anna was always full of thought
As if she'd many sorrows known,
Yet mostly her full heart was fraught
With troubles that were not her own;
For the whole school to Anna used to tell
Whatever small misfortunes unto them befell.
"The Confidant" by Charles Lamb

In news:

For many, spring brings about wanderlust of sorts, complete with thoughts of tropical breezes, captivating cultures, and fascinating voyages, and for eight Poland Seminary High School foreign.
Belaire's bullies -- a group of six or seven cruel girls who followed her from grade to grade at their elementary school in Winnipeg -- thought they had plenty to work with.
AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. Heather Weatherholtz picked up Addison, her daughter, from school on Thursday, but had never thought about the threat of carbon monoxide her daughter may experience during the day.
The idea of guns in our schools is a scary thought.
Dave Telep talks with 2015 point guard Bryant Crawford at the Gonzaga DC Classic and gets his thoughts on the early stages of his recruitment, and which schools have shown an interest.
There are two main schools of thought about starting a food business.
A public vote on the possibility of sending Ripley Central School students to other districts will take longer to come about than originally thought, board members learned Thursday night, Sept 20.
Sherman High School senior Taylor Van Kirk and her mom, Kristina Mazzant Thorp, couldn't get through an interview without crying at the thought of their exchange student, Susi Fuchs, heading back to Germany tomorrow.
Wisconsin architectural historian Jim Draeger figures two schools of thought exist in American towns where gas stations or c-stores are introduced.
Here are some thoughts after five weeks of the high school football season.
Jeff Lanier, a 2006 graduate of Waynesboro Area Senior High School, has introduced a project in New York City he thought readers would be interested in.
Now that I think about it, there are pros and cons for each school of thought.
There are alternative schools of thought.
Different schools of thought on wine.
There are two schools of thought.

In science:

There are two schools of thought, which attribute this enhancement either to FrankCondon transitions or to the shuttling instability - discussed below.
Broken Symmetry and Coherence of Molecular Vibrations in Tunnel Transitions
There are two main schools of thought in model selection.
Information criteria for astrophysical model selection
In nuclei, the situation is not completely clear, and two different schools of thought exist.
Random Matrices and Chaos in Nuclear Physics
In ref. I have called it the traditional school of thought (for defending stochastic modeling). In this case fixing n fixed the comparisons = n(n-1)/2 since the simplified version of replacement sort was used but the interchanges were certainly not fixed. They generated the desired “noise” for each n.
On Why and What of Randomness
Vast Data and Intersub jective Verifiability The history of statistics has observed a ma jor philosophical struggle between two schools of thought, which advocate opposing perspectives regarding the meaning and justification of statistical inference.
Compression Rate Method for Empirical Science and Application to Computer Vision
Schools for thought: a science of learning in the classroom.
Lessons From the Physics-Education Reform Effort
The first school of thought maintains that there are one or few dot levels which are particularly strongly coupled to the leads.
Quantum Interferometry with Electrons: Outstanding Challenges
The second school of thought addressing the phase correlation effect takes the opposite point of view.
Quantum Interferometry with Electrons: Outstanding Challenges
This finding is very much in line with the school of thought that says that markets have distinct ranging and breakout phases.
Designing agent-based market models
The topics described above were extensively debated during a very lively discussion, with an audience fairly well balanced between supporters of the hierarchical and of the monolithic schools of thought.
Understanding dwarf galaxies as galactic building blocks
Dominguez), we may dare foreseeing that, hopefully soon, the two schools of thought will converge in a compromising scenario, where both the cosmological and the local properties derived from observations will be reproduced by theoretical models.
Understanding dwarf galaxies as galactic building blocks
The figure is meant to show collaboration groups of paper authors and their links to reference authors as symbols of ’schools of thought’ .
Construction of bipartite and unipartite weighted networks from collections of journal papers
Groups of reference authors clustered this way can be regarded as representing ’schools of thought.’ The paper author to reference author matrix, O[ap, ar], was calculated using matrix multiplication O[ap, ar] = O[ap, p] · O[p, r] · O[r, ar].
Construction of bipartite and unipartite weighted networks from collections of journal papers
Indeed often authors are very clear about the importance of the sub ject as they conceive it and at the same time they prove in writing that the theme is definitely not sufficiently important to merit even a minimal and perhaps critical representation of other schools of thought in the same theme.
About Instruction Sequence Testing
Martin for the presented opportunity to lean more about the integrative thinking in 2005-2006 ; and thank s to Prof. John C. Hull for the numerous thoughtful discu ssions on the credit der ivatives at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto in Canada in 2005-2006.
On the new central bank strategy toward monetary and financial instabilities management in finances: Econophysical analysis of nonlinear dynamical financial systems