• WordNet 3.6
    • n scantness the quality of being meager "an exiguity of cloth that would only allow of miniature capes"-George Eliot"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Scantness The quality or condition of being scant; narrowness; smallness; insufficiency; scantiness. "Scantness of outward things."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n scantness Scant condition or state; narrowness; smallness: as, the scantness of our capacities.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Scantness the condition or quality of being scant: smallness: insufficiency
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Ice. skamt, short, narrow, neut. of skammr, short.


In literature:

Little by little as she grew accustomed to the scant light here she made out dim bits of detail.
"The Short Cut" by Jackson Gregory
He declared he would regard it as a great favor if she would accept the scant hospitality of his hut for one night.
"The Bastonnais" by John Lesperance
Beetle Ring camp passed an uneasy day, the "jug" for once receiving scant attention.
"Good Cheer Stories Every Child Should Know" by Various
She came of illustrious line, did Sofia, scant-haired and ungracious as she now was.
"Wayside Courtships" by Hamlin Garland
It left but scant space to sit between.
"The Black Wolf's Breed" by Harris Dickson
He was morally certain that the old fellow had robbed the dying Burnham of half his scant property.
"The Seventh Noon" by Frederick Orin Bartlett
But it was impossible with the scant boat supply to take all away at once.
"The True Story of Our National Calamity of Flood, Fire and Tornado" by Logan Marshall
The elder Harrison boy led the two to one side and pointed out a scant bushel basket of the green ammunition.
"A Son of the City" by Herman Gastrell Seely
The snow was in his scant hair and in the hollow of his wide, half-naked chest.
"Other Main-Travelled Roads" by Hamlin Garland
It is known that both excessive and scant amounts are alike injurious.
"Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value" by Harry Snyder
They were placed a scant eight {252} paces apart.
"South American Fights and Fighters" by Cyrus Townsend Brady
Did you get scant welcome at Hyde?
"The Armourer's Prentices" by Charlotte M. Yonge
There were then only two printers in that town, ignorant men both, with scant capacity in the technique of their calling.
"Benjamin Franklin" by John Torrey Morse, Jr.
Fortunately Simms had made scant entries at first and, later on, as the drug held him, none at all.
"A Man to His Mate" by J. Allan Dunn
Sandy poured a scant measure of water from his canteen into the punched-in crown of his Stetson, after he had knocked out the dust.
"Rimrock Trail" by J. Allan Dunn
The general had his head full of his plans for the morrow and gave the boy but scant attention.
"The Campaign of the Jungle" by Edward Stratemeyer
After a scant breakfast of chili and coffee he moved out to the corral.
"Bred of the Desert" by Marcus Horton
He seemed scant nineteen.
"John March, Southerner" by George W. Cable
A table without a drawer, no closet and some burned-out logs in the large fireplace afforded but scant hiding places.
"Trusia" by Davis Brinton
The public cares of his government left him scant leisure to dwell upon his personal afflictions.
"Rob of the Bowl, Vol. I (of 2)" by John P. Kennedy

In poetry:

Whereas if th' heart be moved,
Although the verse be somewhat scant,
God doth supplie the want.
As when th' heart sayes (sighing to be approved)
O, could I love! and stops; God writeth, Loved.
"A True Hymne" by George Herbert
He saw her constant love; and, tho'
Occasion surely was not scant,
Perhaps had never sought to know
How she could give it wording. So
His love, not stumbling at a want,
Among the three preferred her first.
"Cordelia" by William Michael Rossetti
Where is the true man's fatherland?
Is it where he by chance is born?
Doth not the yearning spirit scorn
In such scant borders to be spanned?
Oh yes! his fatherland must be
As the blue heaven wide and free!
"The Fatherland" by James Russell Lowell
Through centuries together, in the carven stone they lie,
In the glow of golden weather, and endless azure sky.
Oh, that we, who have for pleasure so short and scant a stay,
Should waste our summer leisure; will you come to me to-day?
""In the Early, Pearly Morning":" by Laurence Hope
Scant ease and scantier leisure — they take no heed of these,
For men lie hard in Small Craft when storm is on the seas:
A long watch and a weary from dawn to set of sun —
The men who serve in Small Craft, their work is never done.
"Small Craft" by Cicely Fox Smith
But you, who sat beside me, had a shadow in your eyes,
Their sadness seemed to chide me, when I gave you scant replies;
You asked "Did I remember?" and "When had I ceased to care?"
In vain you fanned the ember, for the love flame was not there.
""Love Lightly"" by Laurence Hope

In news:

Bidding was at a scant $26 early this afternoon.
Admiral Ackbar "backlash" a joke: evidence of anti-Ackbar effort scant.
Nothing in the ad that the American Freedom Defense Initiative wants to place on local buses and trains in the Washington area violates Metro's scant advertising guidelines, which ban false or misleading ads and not much else.
Admiral Ackbar "backlash" a joke: evidence of anti -Ackbar effort scant.
S usana Trimarco was a housewife who fussed over her family and paid scant attention to the news until her daughter left for a doctor's appointment and never came back.
Susana Trimarco was a housewife who fussed over her family and paid scant attention to the news until her daughter left for a doctor's appointment and never came back.
Bullying laws give scant protection.
Scant 'Sandy' Effect Seen in Report.
' Scant ' Japan radiation detected in Portland.
An Army investigator for the second time found scant evidence to substantiate the murder charge prosecutors pressed against a Stryker soldier who allegedly killed an Afghan civilian in a staged incident last year.
And a good thing, too, because the enticing echoes of that 1979 SciFi /horror essential are among the scant few elements that truly resonate in this visually extraordinary but only fitfully engaging endeavor.
Jeremiah Wright (pictured), the former spiritual adviser to President Barack Obama, made headlines over the weekend for delivering an angry sermon just a scant few miles from the White House.
The space is at 900 Harrison Ave, a scant two minutes from Spicer 's home.
British interest will be scant, but it's still the showpiece event of London 2012.
Chili sauce: Yields scant ¾ cup.

In science:

So far the observational evidence for pinched or twisted fields near young stars is scant, although there are possible detections toward W3 (Greaves, Murray, & Holland 1994), Mon R2 (Greaves, Holland, & Murray 1995), and a number of other cloud cores (Greaves & Holland 1998).
Magnetic Field Morphology of Orion-IRc2 from 86 GHz SiO Maser Polarization Images
In particular, we look at correlations with higher-J yrast states, which with few exceptions have been paid scant attention so far.
A new puzzle for random interaction
One of the possible reasons why scant attention has been focused on longest paths is that, while shortest paths can be determined in polynomial time, longest path identification is an NP-complete problem (e.g. ).
Random and Longest Paths: Unnoticed Motifs of Complex Networks
Still, given their scant numbers in other galaxies, we expect the missing number of WNs to be a few percent of the total number of WRs.
The Wolf-Rayet Content of M31
There is scant evidence for any such relation, but we might assume β = 1 and attempt to estimate α as follows.
Testing Closed String Field Theory with Marginal Fields
But literature appears to be scant on the lack-of-fit testing problem in this important model.
Minimum distance regression model checking with Berkson measurement errors
The reader might rightly argue that this is an artificial example, with scant bearing on real journal citation records.
The skewness of computer science
For the remaining (non-stretched) states the data are too scant for graphical presentation.
Critical test of multi-{\it j} supersymmetries from magnetic moment measurements
Let me begin by apologising for the only scant coverage that I can make of all the numerous and interesting parallel presentations; the human lack of ubiquity being what it is, I could attend only one of any of the five contemporary sessions.
Symposium Summary
On the other hand, there are important unanswered questions where experimental information is scant.
Puzzle Pieces: Results on bbbar and ccbar Spectroscopy and Decay
Moreover, the fluxes of neutrons and neutrinos were scant enough for the 27 August flux levels that a positive signal might have been expected only very rarely.
Ultrahigh Energy Activity in Giant Magnetar Outbursts
The literature on lack-of-fit testing in the regression model when responses are missing at random is scant.
The transfer principle: A tool for complete case analysis