• Scanning the torso with X-ray machine
    Scanning the torso with X-ray machine
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v scan obtain data from magnetic tapes "This dictionary can be read by the computer"
    • v scan read metrically "scan verses"
    • v scan make a wide, sweeping search of "The beams scanned the night sky"
    • v scan move a light beam over; in electronics, to reproduce an image
    • v scan examine hastily "She scanned the newspaper headlines while waiting for the taxi"
    • v scan examine minutely or intensely "the surgeon scanned the X-ray"
    • v scan conform to a metrical pattern
    • n scan the act of scanning; systematic examination of a prescribed region "he made a thorough scan of the beach with his binoculars"
    • n scan an image produced by scanning "he analyzed the brain scan","you could see the tumor in the CAT scan"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Research on pigs led to the development of CAT scans.
    • Scan Specifically Pros, to go through with, as a verse, marking and distinguishing the feet of which it is composed; to show, in reading, the metrical structure of; to recite metrically.
    • Scan To examine quickly, from point to point, in search of something specific; as, to scan an article for mention of a particular person.
    • Scan (Electronics) To form an image or an electronic representation of, by passing a beam of light or electrons over, and detecting and recording the reflected or transmitted signal.
    • Scan To go over and examine point by point; to examine with care; to look closely at or into; to scrutinize. "The actions of men in high stations are all conspicuous, and liable to be scanned and sifted."
    • Scan To mount by steps; to go through with step by step. "Nor stayed till she the highest stage had scand ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: This may have been true on an older $5 bill, but I just scanned in one of the new ones and took a real close look and found nothing. If anyone finds it on an old one, please send in a pic or let me know.
    • scan To climb; mount.
    • scan To examine by counting the metrical feet or syllables; read or recite so as to indicate the metrical structure.
    • scan Hence To go over and examine point by point; examine minutely or nicely; scrutinize.
    • scan To follow or agree with the rules of meter: as, lines that scan well.
    • n scan An abbreviation of Scandinavian.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Scan skan to count the feet in a verse: to examine carefully: to scrutinise
    • v.i Scan to agree with the rules of metre:—pr.p. scan′ning; pa.t. and pa.p. scanned
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  • Alexander Pope
    “If, presume not to God to scan; The proper study of Mankind is Man. Plac'd on this isthmus of a middle state, a being darkly wise, and rudely great.”
  • Alexander Pope
    “Know then thyself, presume not God to scan; The proper study of mankind is man.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. scandere, scansum, to climb, to scan, akin to Skr. skand, to spring, leap: cf. F. scander,. Cf. Ascend Descend Scale a ladder


In literature:

Pausing again to scan the immediate area for any watch officers, they darted across the slidewalk and into the shadows of the shrubbery.
"Sabotage in Space" by Carey Rockwell
The orchestra was playing a dance tune, and Vane eagerly scanned the dancers, but saw no woman resembling Sally Salisbury.
"Madame Flirt" by Charles E. Pearce
Then he took a candle in his right hand, and again scanned and scanned the superscription.
"The Von Toodleburgs" by F. Colburn Adams
We sat down on a bunch of turf, rifles in hand, to wait patiently, our eyes scanning the distance.
"My Lady of Doubt" by Randall Parrish
He stood still, scanning the boy's face with pitiless eyes.
"The Swindler and Other Stories" by Ethel M. Dell
With increasing amazement he picked up the accompanying letter and scanned it hastily.
"Molly Make-Believe" by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
From the hilltop on which his men lay he scanned with increasing uneasiness the horizon toward the west.
"The Victim" by Thomas Dixon
After scanning this she read again the other four.
"The Settling of the Sage" by Hal G. Evarts
From the end of the garden of the Refuge, Tinker scanned the country round with dissatisfied eyes.
"The Admirable Tinker" by Edgar Jepson
Simon scanned the crowd, but in the darkness could not see him.
"Men Called Him Master" by Elwyn Allen Smith
A middle-aged woman came upon the porch of the inn, and after scanning for a moment the group at the tennis court she hurriedly withdrew.
"The Third Violet" by Stephen Crane
He then woke the dog, and while still leaving that part of his mind in its brain, scanned the next cage which held a beautiful female Airedale.
"Man of Many Minds" by E. Everett Evans
No sooner had he scanned the first page than he uttered a whistle.
"Under the Ocean to the South Pole" by Roy Rockwood
You pause and scan his face for a responsive glow.
"Modern American Prose Selections" by Various
The boys were early by the shore to scan eagerly the waters.
"Left on the Labrador" by Dillon Wallace
He scanned them eagerly to see if they had been disturbed since his visit, and told us that they had not.
"The Romance of Golden Star ..." by George Chetwynd Griffith
I had noted that she scanned them narrowly.
"The Adventures of Harry Revel" by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
He carefully scanned the horizon in every direction, and then speedily returned on deck.
"Ben Hadden" by W.H.G. Kingston
They scanned the columns eagerly, and laughed heartily at the jokes.
"Shelled by an Unseen Foe" by James Fiske
Minister Graves took his place in the pulpit and scanned the pews which were filled to overflowing.
"Tess of the Storm Country" by Grace Miller White

In poetry:

For he dreamed of the brave to-morrows,
His eager eyes should scan,
When battling with wants and sorrows,
He felt himself a Man.
"The News-Boy's Dream of the New Year" by Kate Seymour Maclean
Without, they doubtless still await thee,
And scan with eager eyes the sky;
Sweet, winsome thing! how can they hate thee?
Why should they wish to see thee die?
"Bird Slaughter" by John Lawson Stoddard
He grasped it, scanning it, the coil
Hid five feet and a span of soil;
Then loudly he cried, "Ah, Diarmid is here,
No swordsman of Cormac, but Diarmid is near!"
"The Death Of The Boar" by John Douglas Sutherland Campbell
Was he not kind to you, this dead old year?
Did he not give enough of earthly store?
Enough of love, and laughter, and good cheer?
Have not the skies you scanned sometimes been clear?
How, then, of him who dies, could you ask more?
"The King Is Dead" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
And vainly hope some screen to find
Where guilt and shame might lurk behind,
And where the twain themselves might hide;
But conscience stands on every side
And scans them with his eyes of flame
That spoke their guilt, and breathed their shame.
"Banishment Of Man From The Garden Of The Lord" by James Madison Bell
HAS she as usual matters that demand
Attendance at the cloister to be scanned?—
No doubt was the reply, for having now
The whole affair upon her feeble brow,
Poor woman! be her wishes what they will,
She more assistance wants thy loss to fill.
"Feronde" by Jean de La Fontaine

In news:

A works-in-progress 160-detector row helical computed tomography (CT) scanning system is being unveiled on the Toshiba Aquilion One and Aquilion Premium during RSNA 2010.
The Neville Brothers Scan the Hemisphere .
Mobile commerce code-scanning takes shape in DR marketing.
Royal Philips Electronics NV says it has won its 500th contract to revamp hospital room s to make medical scans less stressful for patients.
Some of England's best soccer players stopped at Grand Central Terminal as they had their heads scanned for EA Sports' upcoming FIFA '13 title.
Scans show 'tormenting,' 'grueling' activate brain's pain matrix.
New model feature a larger scanning area for more comprehensive security screening.
Fully automatic mode for easy scanning.
Scans to searchable PDF format.
Uses his dorm room to scan old family photos for customers of his business.
Boston Scientific Ingenio Pacemakers Receive European Clearance for Use in MRI Scans.
The holiday travel season has begun and the recently installed full electronic body scan machines at Lindbergh field are busy.
Vulnerability scanners generally take one of two approaches to discovering security holes: nonintrusive or intrusive scanning.
But scientists who study the phenomenon say it's a very real ability that can be identified in lab experiments and visualized on brain scans.
With more invoices arriving electronically, "we have noticeably fewer AP invoices to scan," Dailey says.

In science:

We scan the cube searching for maximums of δc (~x, t).
A simple model of the hierarchical formation of galaxies
An ensemble of adaptive random walkers efficiently scans the connected subgraphs.
Access time of an adaptive random walk on the world-wide Web
After labelling the current site and updating the LL array we continue with the scanning.
An Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation of Statistical physics Problem
III we define the adaptive random walk on this class of graphs and study the structure of connected subgraphs scanned by an ensemble of such walkers, which we then compare with the statistics of a standard random walk on the same graphs.
Adaptive Random Walks on the Class of Web Graph
These energy scans correspond to the wavevector transfer q = π/2.
Elementary Excitations in Quantum Antiferromagnetic Chains: Dyons, Spinons and Breathers
Recently, the second phase of CHORUS scanning and analysis has been started.
MC generators in CHORUS
The key point is the new emulsion scanning method called ’netscan’.
MC generators in CHORUS
At each point, the intensity was counted for 30 to 45 seconds, depending on the temperature of the scan.
Order Parameter Criticality of the d=3 Random-Field Ising Antiferromagnet Fe(0.85)Zn(0.15)F2
Additionally, we see linearity of gain across the VHV scan, as expected.
Development of a Hybrid Photo-Diode and its Front-End Electronics for the BTEV Experiment
We investigated this by making a scan of the power supply rejection ratio in frequency and amplitude.
Development of a Hybrid Photo-Diode and its Front-End Electronics for the BTEV Experiment
Threshold scan for a single channel of the va btev ASIC.
Development of a Hybrid Photo-Diode and its Front-End Electronics for the BTEV Experiment
All the free parameters have been scanned on a large range9.
MACHe3: A new generation detector for non-baryonic dark matter direct detection
This scan corresponds to a total number of supersymmetric (SUSY) models of the order of 2 × 106.
MACHe3: A new generation detector for non-baryonic dark matter direct detection
The MC statistics scanned O(1011 ) iterations, which were grouped into ∼10 K groups of ∼10 M realizations each, for the purpose of calculating the statistical error.
The persistence length of two dimensional self avoiding random walks
Thus far, we have validated the Phase, Sort, Boundary Scan, and Adder ASICs and completed their production.
Level-1 Regional Calorimeter Trigger System for CMS