• Scalding pig carcasses
    Scalding pig carcasses
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v scald burn with a hot liquid or steam "She scalded her hands when she turned on the faucet and hot water came out"
    • v scald heat to the boiling point "scald the milk"
    • v scald treat with boiling water "scald tomatoes so that they can be peeled"
    • v scald subject to harsh criticism "The Senator blistered the administration in his speech on Friday","the professor scaled the students","your invectives scorched the community"
    • n scald the act of burning with steam or hot water
    • n scald a burn cause by hot liquid or steam
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Approximately 25% of all scald burns to children are from hot tap water and is associated with more deaths than with any other liquid
    • n Scald A burn, or injury to the skin or flesh, by some hot liquid, or by steam.
    • Scald Affected with the scab; scabby.
    • n Scald One of the ancient Scandinavian poets and historiographers; a reciter and singer of heroic poems, eulogies, etc., among the Norsemen; more rarely, a bard of any of the ancient Teutonic tribes. "A war song such as was of yore chanted on the field of battle by the scalds of the yet heathen Saxons."
    • n Scald Scurf on the head. See Scall.
    • Scald Scurvy; paltry; as, scald rhymers.
    • Scald To burn with hot liquid or steam; to pain or injure by contact with, or immersion in, any hot fluid; as, to scald the hand. "Mine own tears
      Do scald like molten lead."
      "Here the blue flames of scalding brimstone fall."
    • Scald To expose to a boiling or violent heat over a fire, or in hot water or other liquor; as, to scald milk or meat.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • scald To burn or affect painfully with or as with a hot or boiling liquid or with steam: formerly used also of burning with a hot iron.
    • scald To cook slightly by exposure for a short time to steam or to hot water or some other heated liquid: as, to scald milk.
    • scald To subject to the action of boiling water for the purpose of cleansing thoroughly: as, to scald a tub.
    • n scald A burn or injury to the skin and flesh by a hot liquid or vapor. Synonyms Burn, Scald. See burn.
    • n scald Scab; scall; scurf on the head.
    • scald See scalled.
    • n scald An ancient Scandinavian poet; one who composed poems in honor of distinguished men and their achievements, and recited and sang them on public occasions. The scalds of the Norsemen answered to the bards of the Britons or Celts.
    • scald A Scotch form of scold.
    • n scald A European dodder, Cuscuta Europæa. Also scaldweed.
    • n scald Same as sun-scald, 2.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Scald skawld to burn with hot liquid: to cook slightly, as fruit, in hot water or steam: to cleanse thoroughly by rinsing with very hot water
    • n Scald a burn caused by hot liquid
    • n Scald skald one of the ancient Scandinavian poets
    • n Scald skawld scurf on the head
    • adj Scald scurfy, paltry, poor
    • adjs Scald scabby: mean
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  • Proverb
    “A scalded cat dreads cold water.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OF. eschalder, eschauder, escauder, F. échauder, fr. L. excaldare,; ex + caldus, calidus, warm, hot. See Ex, and Caldron
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Ice. skalli, bald head.


In literature:

A Norwegian Family listening to the Songs of their Scalds, 2.
"The World's Fair" by Anonymous
Scalding tears began to flow down my cheeks.
"The Light in the Clearing" by Irving Bacheller
It is like administering medicine scalding hot, which rather burns than cures.
"The Christian Home" by Samuel Philips
Scalded cream dried and drained dry, like Devonshire.
"The Complete Book of Cheese" by Robert Carlton Brown
Rumour had it that he himself had been seen carrying about pails of scalded milk at 4 a.m.
"Argentina From A British Point Of View" by Various
But 'the scalded child dreads cold water,' and Mullenhoff apparently dreaded even real solar myths.
"Modern Mythology" by Andrew Lang
I've been scalded with hot water and peppered all over with shot.
"Miss Elliot's Girls" by Mrs Mary Spring Corning
Going to scald him a little, eh?
"The Boy Allies Under the Sea" by Robert L. Drake
If we cower behind one of the smoking brimstone mounds we shall be stifled; if we jump into one of the boiling springs we shall be scalded.
"Mr. Fortescue" by William Westall
If washed clean, simply scalding is all that is required.
"The Easiest Way in Housekeeping and Cooking" by Helen Campbell

In poetry:

Then once,
by terrible chance,
love took her in his big boat
and she shoveled the ocean
in a scalding joy.
"End, Middle, Beginning" by Anne Sexton
It was an ancient lament
a suppliant cry I heard
in that lost and silent weeping,
and in that scalding tear.
"Alone" by Hayyim Nahman Bialik
The British wife and mother,
The maid with sweetheart dear,
Lest those they love should falter
Hold back the scalding tear.
"What Owest Thou" by Abner Cosens
"O stand, stand at the window
As the tears scald and start;
You shall love your crooked neighbour
With your crooked heart."
"As I Walked Out One Evening" by W H Auden
Is it the drops that, from his breast
Into the thirsty furrow fall,
That scald his soul, deny him rest,
And turn his cup of life to gall?
"The Chain" by John Pierpont
And some would like madmen stand aghast,
With their hands upclenched to the sky;
And some would cross themselves as they passed,
And some would curse in a scalding blast,
And some like children cry.
"The Blood-Red Fourragere" by Robert W Service

In news:

Can plants actually sun scald .
Authorities in Jacksonville accuse a woman of pouring scalding hot water on her 9-month-old daughter.
3 held to grand jury in scalding .
Brockington and Grant were trying to potty train the girl and scalded her with the water after she soiled herself, authorities said.
Larry Kramer's scalding 'The Normal Heart' comes to Arena Stage.
A jury has started deliberating the verdict in the trial a former prison guard accused of pinning his girlfriend's son in scalding water after the child soiled himself.
Christina Thomas, of the 700 block of West 76th Street in the Gresham neighborhood, died of scald burns, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner's office.
'Hot Coffee' and the Scalding of the American Jury.
Sliced A Giant Iron Core, A Scalding Surface, and Strange Ice Caps.
OPELOUSAS — Carey Cortez is behind bars after police say he placed his son in a tub of scalding hot water.
A high school teacher in the Bronx was charged with assault yesterday after a student accused him of pouring scalding hot water on her arm, the police said.
Take appropriate steps to prevent burns and scalds.
Baby critical after being scalded in bathroom sink.
A Daytona Beach man was arrested on child neglect charges Friday after police say he left his 2-month old son in a bathroom sink with the hot water running and scalded the boy.
Who killed Mack, the family dog, in a bathtub full of scalding water.