• WordNet 3.6
    • n savin procumbent or spreading juniper
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Savin (Bot) A coniferous shrub (Juniperus Sabina) of Western Asia, occasionally found also in the northern parts of the United States and in British America. It is a compact bush, with dark-colored foliage, and produces small berries having a glaucous bloom. Its bitter, acrid tops are sometimes used in medicine for gout, amenorrhœa, etc.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n savin A European tree or shrub, Juniperus Sabina. Its tops, containing a volatile oil, are the officinal savin, which is highly irritant, and is used as an anthelmintic, in amenorrhea and atonic menorrhagia, and also as an abortifacient. The similar American red cedar, J. Virginiana, is also called savin. (See juniper.) The name is further extended in the United States to Torreya taxifolia, one of the stinking-cedars, and in the West Indies to Cæsalpinia bijuga and Xanthoxylum Pterota.
    • n savin A drug consisting of savin-tops. See def. 1.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Savin sav′in a low much-branched and widely-spreading shrub (Juniperus Sabina), with very small imbricated evergreen leaves, its fresh tops yielding an irritant volatile oil, anthelmintic and abortifacient: the American red cedar.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. saveine, AS. safinæ, savine, L. sabina herba,. Cf. Sabine
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. sabine—L. sabina (herba), Sabine herb.


In literature:

I've been savin' it fur you.
"The Keepers of the Trail" by Joseph A. Altsheler
You must be more savin', and begin now.
"In The Boyhood of Lincoln" by Hezekiah Butterworth
Well, we'll keep you, savin' you for the governor.
"'Drag' Harlan" by Charles Alden Seltzer
Lots as would like to find Dinshaw's island, young man, but I'm savin' it for myself.
"Isle o' Dreams" by Frederick F. Moore
As she passed the spring a shrill voice called her name, and she turned to see Amanda Cary, half hidden behind a small savin.
"A Little Maid of Province Town" by Alice Turner Curtis
Halsey,' she says, 'I've a notion to buy this myself an' be savin'.
"Friendship Village" by Zona Gale
Ye'll be savin' a heap av throuble for me an' me ginneys, an' the railroad company.
"'Firebrand' Trevison" by Charles Alden Seltzer
That kitchen table was th' savin' of us!
"The Wind Before the Dawn" by Dell H. Munger
Its spirit and life are as independent of the savin as of the planet Jupiter.
"The Foot-path Way" by Bradford Torrey
I never was much on savin', but I could manage a couple of weeks without a job.
"Shoe-Bar Stratton" by Joseph Bushnell Ames

In poetry:

But tha knows 'at for monny a wick
Aw've been savin mi brass to get wed;
An aw'd meant thee gooin wi' me to pick
Aght some chairs an a table an bed.
"Matty's Reason" by John Hartley
Savin he was, but for love o' the gear;
Carefu he was, but a' for himsel;
He carried the bag to his hert sae near
What fell i' the ane i' the ither fell.
"Godly Ballants" by George MacDonald
"Listen, you folks," I heard him say.
"Here's Grand-papa what's come.
Savin' he teached me how to play,
I mighta been a bum.
Come on, Grand-pop, git up an' show
How you kin trumpet Ol' Black Joe."
"Segregation" by Robert W Service
Sure 'tis the love of childer makes for savin' of the soul,
And in Maternity the hope of humankind we see;
So though she wears no halo, headin' out for Heaven's goal,
Awheelin' of a double pram,—bless Montreal Maree!
"The Twins Of Lucky Strike" by Robert W Service
"Huh! Rescue work!" she sneers. 'Er eyes is bright;
'Er voice is 'ard. "I'm a deservin' case.
Me? Fancy! Don't I look a pretty sight
To come to savin' grace?
Pity the sinner -- Aw, don't come that trick!
It makes me sick!"
"Rose" by C J Dennis
The weeks and months dragged by us; and sometimes the boy would write
A letter to his mother, savin' that his work was light,
And not to feel oneasy about his health a bit--
Though his business was confinin', he was gittin' used to it.
"How John Quit The Farm" by James Whitcomb Riley

In news:

The biopic chronicling the last six years of Wilson's life comes from Randall Miller and Jody Savin via Unclaimed Freight Productions.
Savin Hill man among world's best at handball.
Cost Savin' and Money Makin ' in Self-Storage.
Howard Zinn Speaks at Columbia Savin Hill Civic Assn.
The Vietnam War was tearing our country apart, many Dorchester youth were serving and dying, and an unlikely speaker was at the monthly Columbia Savin Hill Civic Association meeting one night in the early 1970s.
Bruce Springsteen performs " Savin ' Up" in St Paul.
Shot to death at Savin Hill T station in May 2011.
The mother of a 19-year-old Savin Hill man who was shot and killed at the MBTA station in 2011 is seeking to block the parole of her son's murderer.
Key to success of Savin Bar + Kitchen, other eateries on Savin Hill Ave Photo by Bill Forry At the center of Savin Hill, a burgeoning mini-empire exists.
Savin ' the Haven from the heat.
Savin ' the Haven from the heat Click to enlarge.
After 14 months at the helm, Savin Hill's Bill Walczak is out as president of Carney Hospital.
Savin Hill residents heard from one of the region's leading auto dealers Thursday about his plan to bring a pre-owned BMW dealership to Columbia Point, an area expected to see high growth in residences and businesses.
Savin Hill's Tayler takes the lead in Steinbeck's 'Of Mice and Men.
Savin Hill's Phil Taylor stars in Moonbox Productions "Of Mice and Men.".

In science:

In fact, similar behavior has been measured by Savin et al.
Reply to comment on "Simple one-dimensional model of heat conduction which obeys Fourier's law"
Kreckel, H., Bruhns, H., ˇC´ı ˇzek, M., Glover, S. C. O., Miller, K. A., Urbain, X., & Savin, D. W.: Experimental Results for H2 Formation from H− and H and Implications for First Star Formation, Science, 329, 69-71 (2010) Krti ˇcka, J., & Kub ´at, J.: CNO-driven winds of hot first stars, Astron.
The First Stars
Recent Developments In a series of papers beginning with Savin et al. (1997), measurements were made of the resonance strengths and energies for several iron ions in the Li-Ne isoelectronic sequences using the heavy-ion Test Storage Ring in Heidelberg, Germany.
Atomic Data for X-ray Astrophysics
The right panel (b) of Figure 9 shows the storage ring measurements of Savin et al. (2002a), along with calculations using MCBP (autostructure) and MCDF.
Atomic Data for X-ray Astrophysics
The thick solid curve represents the experimentally derived rate coefficient from Savin et al. (2002b).
Atomic Data for X-ray Astrophysics