• WordNet 3.6
    • n sampler a piece of embroidery demonstrating skill with various stitches
    • n sampler an observation station that is set up to make sample observations of something
    • n sampler an assortment of various samples "a candy sampler","a sampler of French poets"
    • n sampler someone who samples food or drink for its quality
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Sampler A pattern; a specimen; especially, a collection of needlework patterns, as letters, borders, etc., to be used as samples, or to display the skill of the worker. "Susie dear, bring your sampler and Mrs. Schumann will show you how to make that W you bothered over."
    • Sampler One who makes up samples for inspection; one who examines samples, or by samples; as, a wool sampler .
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n sampler An exemplar; a pattern.
    • n sampler A piece of embroidery, worsted-work, or the like. Originally, such a piece of work done to fix and retain a pattern considered of value; or, in some cases, a large piece of cloth or canvas upon which many patterns were worked side by side; more recently, a similar piece of needlework intended merely to exhibit the skill of a beginner, and often framed and hung up for show. Samplers of this sort often included Bible texts, verses, and the like.
    • n sampler One who samples; one who makes up and exhibits samples for the inspection of merchants, etc.
    • n sampler A kind of shovel divided into several parallel rectangular compartments, used in taking uniform and similar samples from a heap of pulverized ore or other material to be assayed.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Sampler one who makes up samples (in compounds, as wool-sampler)
    • n Sampler sam′plėr a pattern of work: a piece of ornamental embroidery, worsted-work, &c., containing names, figures, texts, &c
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
See Exampler Exemplar
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Formed from L. exemplar.


In literature:

I can do that in a way at home over my sampler or my white seam.
"Gilian The Dreamer" by Neil Munro
To work love's sampler only here, Where spring-time smiles throughout the year?
"The Hesperides & Noble Numbers: Vol. 1 and 2" by Robert Herrick
There was one piece of needlework which was done by every little girl who was carefully brought up: she sewed a sampler.
"Home Life in Colonial Days" by Alice Morse Earle
As late as the twenties of the eighteenth century, infant schools still existed and samplers were wrought by infant fingers.
"The Development of Embroidery in America" by Candace Wheeler
Old samplers may well be regarded as educational, belonging to the schoolroom as well as to the workbox.
"Chats on Household Curios" by Fred W. Burgess
She had nothing more to do, and watched the little girls working their samplers.
"Little Grandmother" by Sophie May
Mind thee keeps near the house and finishes thy sampler.
"Children's Literature" by Charles Madison Curry
A sampler on the wall informed the world that there was no place like home.
"The House with the Green Shutters" by George Douglas Brown
A "sampler" is an example or a sample of the worker's skill and cleverness in design and stitching.
"Chats on Old Lace and Needlework" by Emily Leigh Lowes
I also taught them (for they were a' girls) how to work their samplers, and to write, and to cast accounts.
"Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Volume VI" by Various
The shapes of the letters or figures can be learnt from an inspection of any common sampler.
"The Ladies' Work-Table Book" by Anonymous
Some one had made a rough inscription on it with a cotton sampler's marking-brush.
"Dr. Sevier" by George W. Cable
Yes, that is she, and she is the same one who did that sampler you see hanging between the windows.
"A Dear Little Girl's Thanksgiving Holidays" by Amy E. Blanchard
The Exchange has samplers down on the trucks at the railway sidings day and night.
"Westward with the Prince of Wales" by W. Douglas Newton
Five exercises of the Second Year Sewing will consist of seam work on the Seam Sampler.
"Handicraft for Girls" by Idabelle McGlauflin
From the treasures of Egyptian tombs you skip to the first invented matches; from Babylonian inscriptions to early-Victorian samplers.
"Nooks and Corners of Old England" by Allan Fea
What she referred to was a labor of years, a sampler intended (some day) for the wall of Mr. Kenny's study.
"Wilderness of Spring" by Edgar Pangborn
The Blue Jacket's Sampler 17.
"'Puffing Billy' and the Prize 'Rocket'" by Helen Cross Knight
I know a mother who has two boys, and she has a family sampler made for each.
"Jane Allen: Center" by Edith Bancroft
The sampler is almost finished.
"Boys and Girls of Colonial Days" by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey

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In science:

AM IT Convergence properties of the Gibbs sampler for pertubations of Gaussians, Ann.
Shuffling by semi-random transpositions
P´olya Urn Gibbs Sampler and SIS procedures described by Escobar (1994) and Liu (1996).
Baysian inference via classes of normalized random measures
We do not address questions of complexity and runtime in the current paper, but we remind the reader of the discussion in of the relationship between the mean runtime of cftp to that of the underlying Gibbs sampler.
Random even graphs
We start with the usual Gibbs sampler for µ.
Random even graphs
The random samplers allow us to perform simulations and observe limit shapes and frozen boundaries, which have been analysed recently by Cerf and Kenyon for plane partitions, and by Okounkov and Reshetikhin for skew plane partitions.
Random sampling of plane partitions
Upon looking at the heap of cubes in the (1, 1, 1) direction, this task is equivalent to sampling tilings of a hexagon of side lengths (a, b, c, a, b, c) by rhombi; there also exist random samplers for such tilings, which rely either on “coupling from the past principles” or on “determinant algorithms” .
Random sampling of plane partitions
Let us briefly mention the motivations for having a random sampler of plane partitions according to the size.
Random sampling of plane partitions
For this purpose, this paper introduces efficient samplers for plane partitions.
Random sampling of plane partitions
Indeed Pak’s bijection reduces the task of finding a sampler for plane partitions to the task of finding a sampler for M.
Random sampling of plane partitions
We adopt here the framework of Boltzmann samplers, which tend to be more efficient as they avoid the costly precomputations of coefficients required by the recursive method.
Random sampling of plane partitions
Using these rules, the decomposition of M is readily translated into a Boltzmann sampler.
Random sampling of plane partitions
This yields, via Pak’s bijection, a Boltzmann sampler for plane partitions.
Random sampling of plane partitions
With the parameter x suitably tuned and a rejection loop targeted at the size, we obtain a quasilinear time approximate-size sampler for plane partitions: for any tolerance-ratio ε ∈ (0, 1), our sampler draws a plane partition of size in [n(1 − ε), n(1 + ε)] with an expected running O(n(ln n)3 ).
Random sampling of plane partitions
To our knowledge, our algorithm is the first exact-size sampler for plane partitions with expected polynomial running time.
Random sampling of plane partitions
The same principles (i.e., Pak’s bijection + Boltzmann samplers) yield efficient Boltzmann samplers for (a × b)-boxed plane partitions (plane partitions whose non-zero entries lie in an (a×b) rectangle), which are those considered by Okounkov and Reshetikhin.
Random sampling of plane partitions