• WordNet 3.6
    • v sadden make unhappy "The news of her death saddened me"
    • v sadden come to feel sad
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • v. i Sadden To become, or be made, sad.
    • v. t Sadden To make sad. "To deject and contrist myself.""Marl is binding, and saddening of land is the great prejudice it doth to clay lands.""Her gloomy presence saddens all the scene."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • sadden To become heavy, compact, or firm; harden, as land or roads after a thaw or rain.
    • sadden To become sad or sorrowful.
    • sadden To make compact; make heavy or firm; harden.
    • sadden To make sad; depress; make gloomy or melancholy.
    • sadden To make dark-colored; specifically, in dyeing and calico-printing, to tone down or shade (the colors employed) by the application of certain agents, as salts of iron, copper, or bichromate of potash.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Sadden to make sad: to render heavy: to grow hard
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. sæd, sated, weary; cf. Dut. zat, Ger. satt; L. sat, satis.


In literature:

The wild lord's face saddened.
"Blind Love" by Wilkie Collins
His manner became less roughly imperative; his eyes softened; his voice saddened in tone, when he spoke again.
"Hide and Seek" by Wilkie Collins
The expression of his careworn, yet still handsome, countenance became, if possible, more saddened.
"Endymion" by Benjamin Disraeli
My heart would often sadden for him as I noticed his uncouth, nervous movements, his furtive glances and twitching features.
"The Mystery of Cloomber" by Arthur Conan Doyle
I should not like anything to sadden the first evening of our coming home.
"Colonel Thorndyke's Secret" by G. A. Henty
The Practice of Iniquity, by Cleuraunes Sadden.
"Gargantua and Pantagruel, Book II." by Francois Rabelais
And when the wind saddened and the boom came aboard she was the cheeriest companion in a calm.
"The Christian A Story" by Hall Caine
Caesar was ashamed and saddened; he didn't care to go to see anybody; he was committing treason against his cause.
"Cæsar or Nothing" by Pío Baroja Baroja
In the desolate sky there was something that wearied, in the brooding clouds, something that saddened.
"The King in Yellow" by Robert W. Chambers
The marriage preparations sadden me.
"The Imaginary Invalid" by Molière

In poetry:

I sat and heard him, for he brought
Sad things to sadden all my thought,
And, full of fancy, I could hear
Whispers that caught my eager ear.
"The Cricket's Silence" by Alexander Anderson
"Rose," he said, in a saddened tone,
"I thank him for all he has done for thee;
He has acted nobly—I did him wrong—
But is there no voice in your heart for me?"
"Rose In The Garden" by Horatio Alger Jr
Our human speech is dim. Yet, latest born
Of God’s Eternity, there came to me,
In saddened streets last week, from lips forlorn
A sound more solemn than the sleepless sea!
"Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-Four" by Henry Kendall
Say, sadden'd mortal, thou who goest along
With look so weary, and with step so slow,
Why trillest thou no blithe and cheerful song,
Why whistlest thou that tune, so sad and low?
"The Teacher" by Thomas Frederick Young
Yet even here, as under harsher climes,
Tears for the loved and early lost are shed;
That soft air saddens with the funeral chimes,
Those shining flowers are gathered for the dead.
"The Child's Funeral" by William Cullen Bryant
The eye is saddened. Saddened, too, the heart
At the hour of death, when silent fall the veins
And from the grave to the highest heavens soar
Despairing cries of long-unheeded pain.
"Autumn On Parade" by Migjeni

In news:

Saddened by turbines' effects on ladies' lives .
The recent carnage that took place in a Colorado movie theater has left the country stunned and saddened.
I'm so deeply saddened about the loss of another devoted West Virginia coal miner.
I was saddened about Sandra (Bonsall's) letter to the editor regarding contraception published on Aug 5.
Tebow told the New York Daily News the criticism this week was "frustrating" and "saddening," but he also said he'll use those comments as motivation .
In Panama City the Libyan American and Syrian American communities are coming together to honor Ambassador Stevens, and they have said they are saddened by this week's unrest in the Middle East.
"We are all saddened by Nick 's departure, but we wish him the very best as he moves on to new opportunities," commented Harris.
Like most other Americans of a certain age, I was saddened by the news that Neil Armstrong had passed away.
"Although we are deeply saddened by Duchess's passing, she long surpassed the number of years that orangutans live in zoos and preserves, as well as in the wild," said Bert Castro, the zoo's president and CEO, in a news release.
Peter Hook 'Saddened and Upset' at New Order Reunion News.
The entire St Louis Cardinals family is saddened by the passing of Ernie Hays, retired Busch Stadium organist , last night (Oct 31) at the age of 77.
I was saddened to hear the news of Jose Reyes signing a 6-year contract with the Miami Marlins this week.
"As a father and a husband, it saddens me that women are still getting paid on average 77 cents to the dollar that men get for doing the same work," Udall said.
A lot of people were saddened by this video of a 65-year-old robber repeatedly apologizing to the convenience store clerk he was robbing.
I was saddened to hear about Hollywood legend Dennis Hopper's death due to prostate cancer.

In science:

The lower surface of the falling pile we may call collapse front and its motion is a free fall in between collisions and discontinuous (considering the collisions instantaneous) changes of velocity and position (sadden jump by an amount s) at collisions.
Some simple physical facts about the collapse of the Twin Towers
We were saddened this fall by the untimely death of Tom Ypsilantis who along with Jacques Seguinot advanced the important technology of Ring Imaging Cherenkov detectors.
Conference Summary - Beauty 2000
It was in one of these gatherings that he suggested how to isolate a single Hecke eigenform (found in Section 4). I want to point this out because even today, Jon continues to inspire me. I am honored to have been one of his students and am also saddened that I was his last.
The Functional Equation and Beyond Endoscopy
We are saddened to inform our collaborators that one member of our small group, Mijo Batini´c, has after a lot of suffering deceased in 1998.
The importance of the nucleon-nucleon correlations for the eta alpha S-wave scattering length, and the pi-eta mixing angle in the low-energy eta alpha scattering length model