• WordNet 3.6
    • n ruggedness the quality of being difficult to do "he assigned a series of problems of increasing hardness","the ruggedness of his exams caused half the class to fail"
    • n ruggedness the quality of being topologically uneven "the ruggedness of the mountains"
    • n ruggedness the property of being big and strong
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n ruggedness The character or state of being rugged.
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In literature:

Covered with ice, it was only to be distinguished from land by its superior wildness and ruggedness.
"Frankenstein" by Mary Wollstonecraft (Godwin) Shelley
It did not bear evidence of ruggedness.
"The Light of Western Stars" by Zane Grey
The glen was all a dreamy gray-green ruggedness of shelving rock with mossy crevices and ferny nooks.
"A Master's Degree" by Margaret Hill McCarter
This West with its rawness, its ruggedness, she hated.
"The Call of the Canyon" by Zane Grey
Somehow, the ruggedness of the mountains and the desolate solitudes of the plains were reflected from her face.
"Lahoma" by John Breckinridge Ellis
He had as little poetry as they, and much less wit; nor is the languor of his verses less offensive than the ruggedness of theirs.
"The Miscellaneous Writings and Speeches of Lord Macaulay, Vol. 2 (of 4)" by Thomas Babington Macaulay
The chasm in which he now rested had an impressive ruggedness.
"The Girl From Keller's" by Harold Bindloss
She likened it to a coarse-featured country wench, whose cleaning and decorating of her countenance makes complexion grin and ruggedness yawn.
"Diana of the Crossways, Complete" by George Meredith
Dorothy's bower was green, and cool, and crystal, the ruggedness of the rocks softened by the wealth of foliage.
"A Rock in the Baltic" by Robert Barr
All the ruggedness of the intervening hill-country was likewise effectively brought out.
"Passages From The American Notebooks, Volume 2" by Nathaniel Hawthorne
The marsh and swamp land gradually gave way to hills, which increased in size and ruggedness as we proceeded.
"The Long Labrador Trail" by Dillon Wallace
His ruggedness seemed to steady her nerves that again began to fly.
"The Desert of Wheat" by Zane Grey
He had given his gun to Jack, who complained much of the ruggedness of our road.
"The Swiss Family Robinson; or Adventures in a Desert Island" by Johann David Wyss
I yearned with tremendous passion for the power to tell the simplicity, the ruggedness, the pathos and the glory of his story.
"Tales of lonely trails" by Zane Grey
Your ruggeder nature shall be pledged in Abasinthe.
"Yesterdays with Authors" by James T. Fields
The almost smooth texture and the dark shadows of the Manchester picture have given way to ruggedness and transparency.
"Watts (1817-1904)" by William Loftus Hare
But her ruggedness was never the result of carelessness.
"Miscellanies" by Oscar Wilde
We cannot but be struck with the ruggedness of the women's compliment.
"The Expositor's Bible: The First Book of Samuel" by W. G. Blaikie
The chalets are pregnant with suggestions of Italy, and the inhabitants possess more of Italian grace than of Swiss ruggedness.
"The Alps" by Martin Conway
In striking contrast to the sturdy ruggedness of hoary Haddon is princely Chatsworth.
"Nooks and Corners of Old England" by Allan Fea

In poetry:

A highway white with dust that winds amid
An undulating stretch of breezy down,
Whose ruggedness by spreading ferns is hid—
Four miles from any town.
"Four Miles From Any Town" by David Gow

In news:

Deployable Systems' web sales went from zero to profitable in less than a year as the company found pay-per-click was the key to selling its ruggedized cases online.
Ruggedized materials and design for active lifestyles.
Corporate giants such as Samsung have worked on wearable camcorders for years, but GoPro's devices, which cost $180 to $300, stand out for image and sound quality, ease of use, and ruggedness.
Irvine, Calif – Toshiba this week unveiled the latest addition to its line of Camileo camcorders , this time offering a ruggedized version for outdoor shooting.
Nextel Communications Inc, and Motorola, Inc, announce the launch of the Motorola i325 IS handset , a ruggedized phone that provides off-network communication capabilities.
Careful landscaping harmoniously blends formality and ruggedness to anchor this luxurious Northern Michigan home on a Walloon Lake bluff on Eagle Island.
Named in recognition of the of mountainous Utah region that plays host to the annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari, the newest addition to the Wrangler lineup aims to bridge the gap between Rubicon ruggedness and Sahara style.
Intel Classmate PCs Gain New Atom Chips, Increased Ruggedness .
The F-150, in existence for more than half a century, is one sharp shooter with everything about this full-size truck speaking of clean-cut styling and ruggedness.
Many medical environments and applications require shielded patient cables with low signal loss and ruggedized construction.
The new system is designed to be the new 'workhorse' mass spectrometer with industry-leading ruggedness.
RFMD's GaN matched power transistors extend range, reduce size and weight, and improve overall ruggedness in new and existing radar architectures.
RCS5510FW provides users with ruggedness, reliability.
Construction sites, mechanic's shop, lumber yard, hospital, battlefield: these are a few of the locations that call for so-called ruggedized mobile computing solutions.
Portland's PacStar wins $1.3 million defense contract for ruggedized radio systems.

In science:

The analysis of the present simulation suggests that the small effective diffusion coefficient does not originate from local internal friction or longitudinal ruggedness that can still be modeled in an otherwise Gaussian formalism.
Non-Gaussian dynamics from a simulation of a short peptide: Loop closure rates and effective diffusion coefficients
The only area that promise to continue to separate the two cluster worlds is the general need for ruggedized packaging for many embedded clusters.
Cluster Computing White Paper
In the following, we want to study the properties of landscapes with varying degrees of ruggedness and describe the behaviour of adaptive walks in these landscapes.
Biological Evolution and Statistical Physics
The ruggedness of the landscape needs to be studied.
Glassy Random Matrix Models
We again see that the profiles agree well with the analytic solution outside the horizon, oblivious to the ruggedness of profiles in the black hole interior.
Relativistic magnetohydrodynamics in dynamical spacetimes: A new AMR implementation
There are two possible reasons for this reduced parameter identifiability: either GaA cannot find the globally optimal region of parameter space due to high ruggedness and noise in the objective function, or the non-linearity of the aggregation network modulates the kinetics in a non-trivial way [39, 10].
Global parameter identification of stochastic reaction networks from single trajectories
E is the environmental pressure, R is the resistance to evolution or ruggedness of the fitness landscape, M ′ is the rate of change of modularity, and p0 is the initial value of environmental pressure for which the system had been in steady state.
The Emergence of Modularity in Biological Systems
The theory reviewed here explains how environmental pressure, horizontal gene transfer rate, and ruggedness of the fitness landscape promote the emergence of modularity.
The Emergence of Modularity in Biological Systems
The false minima cause the artificial ruggedness of the energy landscape.
The ruggedness of protein-protein energy landscape and the cutoff for 1/r^n potentials
The notion of energy or fitness landscapes, incorporating a fitness or score to each element in a configuration and then exploring the ruggedness of the subsequent landscape, arose in evolutionary biology, see , and for a nice survey, see .
Energy Landscape for large average submatrix detection problems in Gaussian random matrices