• WordNet 3.6
    • n rug floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Rug A kind of coarse, heavy frieze, formerly used for garments. "They spin the choicest rug in Ireland. A friend of mine . . . repaired to Paris Garden clad in one of these Waterford rugs . The mastiffs, . . . deeming he had been a bear, would fain have baited him."
    • Rug A piece of thick, nappy fabric, commonly made of wool, -- used for various purposes, as for covering and ornamenting part of a bare floor, for hanging in a doorway as a potière, for protecting a portion of carpet, for a wrap to protect the legs from cold, etc.
    • Rug A rough, woolly, or shaggy dog.
    • v. t Rug To pull roughly or hastily; to plunder; to spoil; to tear.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n rug A rough, heavy woolen fabric; a kind of coarse, nappy frieze, used especially for the garments of the poorer classes.
    • n rug A thick, heavy covering, ordinarily woolen, and having a shaggy nap; a piece of thick nappy material used for various purposes. A cover for a bed; a blanket or coverlet.
    • n rug A covering for the floor; a mat, usually oblong or square, and woven in one piece. Rugs, especially those of Oriental make, often show rich designs and elaborate workmanship, and are hence sometimes used for hangings.
    • n rug A lap-robe; a thick shawl or covering used in driving, traveling, etc., as a protection against the cold.
    • n rug A rough, woolly, or shaggy dog.
    • n rug A kind of strong liquor or drink.
    • rug To pull roughly or hastily; tear; tug.
    • n rug A rough or hasty pull; a tug.
    • rug Snug; warm.
    • n rug Another form of rig, a dialectal variant of ridge.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Rug rug a coarse, rough woollen cloth or coverlet: a soft, woolly mat: a cover for a bed: a blanket or coverlet: a covering for the floor: a travelling robe: a rough, shaggy dog: a kind of strong liquor
    • v.t Rug rug (Scot.) to pull roughly
    • n Rug a tug
    • adj Rug rug (prov.) snug: warm.
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  • Nicholas Boileau
    “Honor is like an island, rugged and without a beach; once we have left it, we can never return.”
  • George Age
    George Age
    “Only the more rugged mortals should attempt to keep up with current literature.”
  • Jacques Prevert
    Jacques Prevert
    “An orange on the table, your dress on the rug, and you in my bed, sweet present of the present, cool of night, warmth of my life.”
  • Robertson Davies
    “I think of an author as somebody who goes into the marketplace and puts down his rug and says, I will tell you a story, and then he passes the hat.”


Cut a rug - To cut a rug is to dance.
Snug as a bug in a rug - If you're as snug as a bug in a rug, you are feeling very comfortable indeed.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. Sw. rugg, entanglend hair, ruggig, rugged, shaggy, probably akin to E. rough,. See Rough (a.)


In literature:

At last we arrived at a small hut, built on the side of a rugged mountain.
"Manco, the Peruvian Chief" by W.H.G. Kingston
The manufacturies of Persia are by no means extensive, but Persian rugs and shawls have a reputation the world over.
"Modern Persia" by Mooshie G. Daniel
Thick and leafy woods like those of old Norway, instead of these rugged cliffs and snow-clad hills.
"The Norsemen in the West" by R.M. Ballantyne
Opdyke's lean fingers shut savagely upon the rug that covered him.
"The Brentons" by Anna Chapin Ray
Remove the rugs, and shake them, and clean the jambs, hearth, and fire-furniture.
"A Treatise on Domestic Economy" by Catherine Esther Beecher
They manufacture rugs and saddle-bags and breed good horses and sheep.
"Across Coveted Lands" by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
The more talented of the Shoka young women show much ingenuity in carpet or rather rug making.
"In the Forbidden Land" by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
It's rocky and rugged and there's a fireplace in every room.
"Glory of Youth" by Temple Bailey
The canons had widened to valleys and the rugged slopes had given place to gentle ones.
"The Western United States" by Harold Wellman Fairbanks
There were gaudy rugs and blankets tacked to the walls near the ceiling.
"Patchwork" by Anna Balmer Myers

In poetry:

When you're near the top, boys,
Of the rugged way,
Do not stop to look around,
But climb, climb away.
"A Chat With the Boys" by Frank Barbour Coffin
Angels of light--they make a heaven
Of such a world as this--
They make the rugged pathway even,
To Bliss.
"The Angels Of Earth" by James Avis Bartley
They sought it where the mountain brook
Its swift way to the valley took;
Along the rugged slope they clomb,
Their guide a thread of sound and foam.
"The Seeking Of The Waterfall" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Boundless and deep the forests weave
Their twilight shade thy borders o'er,
And threatening cliffs, like giants, heave
Their rugged forms along thy shore.
"Lake Superior" by Samuel Griswold Goodrich
O Christian! walking o'er Life's rugged road,
Thou too, like His disciples, oft shall say,–
"Did not our hearts within us sweetly burn
When Jesus talked with us beside the way?"
"The Walk To Emmaus" by Olivia Ward Bush-Banks
So this summer we went back to the old home by the hill:
O the hills they were so rugged and so tall!
And the lofty pines were gone but the rocks were all there still,
And the valleys looked so crowded and so small;
"The Pioneer" by Hanford Lennox Gordon

In news:

Here are some tips WOOL AREA RUGS.
The Lincoln Capri offers fine, conservative styling coupled with rugged Ford mechanicals--and Lincoln's better build standards and higher quality materials.
Visual texture, such as the wicker urchin light fixture, and rich rugs add softness to the six-bedroom house.
HOM Furniture has opened its first area rug store and has revamped rug departments across the chain, aiming to make the most out of a growing category.
The company's 15,000-square-foot World Rugs is attached to the retailer's largest store here but has its own entrance.
The homeless in our community are often forgotten, their problems many times swept under the rug.
The Rug Importer is having a liquidation sale.
Save up to 70 percent off all in-stock handmade palace sized rugs, rounds, runners, and more.
Find a Rug Importer location near you.
Textured Daisy hand-knotted wool and silk rug with cut pile by Tania Johnson Design, 718-788-4104.
Ford's Auto Bailout Lesson: Consumers Like Rugged Corporate Individualism .
Last fall, a kilim – a rug made in the Tabriz Valley in Iran – taught me a useful spiritual lesson.
In a previous article we discussed the pre-cleaning inspection of specialty rugs.
This time we will look at potential problems with hand- knotted rugs.
Our industry standard is to avoid cleaning area rugs on-location.

In science:

Alstrøm, “Evolution and extinction dynamics in rugged fitness landscapes,” Int. J.
Simple models of evolution and extinction
Facing a hard problem is far more interesting than hiding it under the rug by an inconsistent procedure.
Fractal structures and the large scale distribution of galaxies
These landscapes are often rugged, with many peaks and valleys.
Biological Evolution and Statistical Physics
As p increases, the fitness correlations decay faster, and the fitness landscape becomes more rugged.
Biological Evolution and Statistical Physics
Some properties of such an uncorrelated rugged landscape will be given below in the context of the NK model.
Biological Evolution and Statistical Physics