• WordNet 3.6
    • adj routine found in the ordinary course of events "a placid everyday scene","it was a routine day","there's nothing quite like a real...train conductor to add color to a quotidian commute"- Anita Diamant"
    • n routine an unvarying or habitual method or procedure
    • n routine a set sequence of steps, part of larger computer program
    • n routine a short theatrical performance that is part of a longer program "he did his act three times every evening","she had a catchy little routine","it was one of the best numbers he ever did"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Besides the genitals and the breasts, the inner nose is the only other body part that routinely swells during intercourse.
    • Routine A round of business, amusement, or pleasure, daily or frequently pursued; especially, a course of business or offical duties regularly or frequently returning.
    • Routine Any regular course of action or procedure rigidly adhered to by the mere force of habit.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Eight positions are mentioned in Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First?" routine. Only right field was left out.
    • n routine A customary course of action or round of occupation; a way or method systematically followed; regular recurrence of the same acts or kind of action: as, the routine of official duties; to weary of a monotonous routine.
    • n routine Fixed habit or method in action; the habitual doing of the same things in the same way; unvarying procedure or conduct.
    • routine Habitually practised or acting in the same way; following or consisting in an unvarying round: as, routine methods or duties; a routine official.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The population divides approximately in half between AM and PM people. But early-birds have the edge - 56 percent routinely rise early while 44 percent stay up late. Medical studies, by the way, find that people tend to work more productively in the morning.
    • n Routine rōō-tēn′ course of duties: regular course of action: an unvarying round
    • adj Routine keeping an unvarying round
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  • Raymond Chandler
    “Alcohol is like love. The first kiss is magic, the second is intimate, the third is routine. After that you take the girl's clothes off.”
  • John Stuart Mill
    “The disease which inflicts bureaucracy and what they usually die from is routine.”
  • Joan Rivers
    Joan Rivers
    “My routines come out of total unhappiness. My audiences are my group therapy.”
  • William Golding
    William Golding
    “Novelists do not write as birds sing, by the push of nature. It is part of the job that there should be much routine and some daily stuff on the level of carpentry.”
  • Charles Horton Cooley
    “To have no heroes is to have no aspiration, to live on the momentum of the past, to be thrown back upon routine, sensuality, and the narrow self.”
  • Amos Bronson Alcott
    “The less routine the more life.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F., fr. route, a path, way, road. See Route Roterepetition


In literature:

Which meant that whatever had come in was purely routine and already being handled by her skeleton office staff.
"Legacy" by James H Schmitz
However, we managed to make some headway, then spring came and with it the routine of farm work.
"The Life and Adventures of Nat Love" by Nat Love
Mr. Witherspoon, the scout master, was on hand, but he seldom interfered with the routine of the meeting.
"The Boy Scouts of Lenox" by Frank V. Webster
After the pressure was over, the Commission went back to its old routine, but upon a new principle.
"Woman's Work in the Civil War" by Linus Pierpont Brockett
It's routine that kills!
"Blacksheep! Blacksheep!" by Meredith Nicholson
Yet there was now and then a grimly gay episode in this hard routine.
"Three Years in the Sixth Corps" by George T. Stevens
Joseph once settled and happily at work, Ivan went back to his own routine again in excellent spirits.
"The Genius" by Margaret Horton Potter
Aghore Babu would sometimes try to bring the zephyr of outside knowledge to play on the arid routine of our schoolroom.
"My Reminiscences" by Rabindranath Tagore
The informal official letter is used between business men and concerns things not in the regular routine of business affairs.
"How to Write Letters (Formerly The Book of Letters)" by Mary Owens Crowther
This is pretty routine.
"Security" by Poul William Anderson

In poetry:

Most of us are dreamers here,
Wishing a change;
Athirst to spice our common cheer,
This dull routine of daily sphere,
With new and strange.
"The Mingled Cup" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
As daily I flung back the shutter
In the same blank bald routine,
He scarcely once rose to remembrance
Through a month of my facing the scene.
"The Death Of Regret" by Thomas Hardy
When you come in, it seems a brighter fire
Crackles upon the hearth invitingly,
The household routine which was wont to tire ,
Grows full of novelty.
"To One Who Comes Now And Then" by Francis Ledwidge
Dear angel, snatched from our caress,
So suddenly withdrawn,
Alone are we and comfortless;
As in a dome of emptiness
The old routine goes on,
Aimless, since thou art gone.
"Of Her Who Died" by Hattie Howard
Clouds, days, and fashions, rise and wain; And only set to rise again.
If you some variations view,
'Tis all routine, there's nothing new.
Although the title which I state
Be small, you'll find my subject great
"The Wig" by William Hutton
She knew the place from back to front, she knew the parish through,
And those who never went to Mass, and those who did, she knew;
The hours arranged for this and that-she had the whole routine-
And oftentimes to case a doubt I went to Josephine.
"Josephine" by John O Brien

In news:

Tearing and tossing has become routine for battleground-state.
A month later, Mike is back for a routine check up.
Description Tone and sculpt your legs, butt and thighs with this fun, 15-minute exercise routine.
So they just routinely engage in demagoguery , which, by the way, the vice president did again today, talking about the middle class.
Tennessee Highway patrol arrests man on murder, desertion charges in routine traffic stop.
Tell us about your family's dinnertime routine.
But a few months back, I discovered sausages on Sundays at Dodge City on U Street NW, and it's become a new staple of my weekend routine.
No routine trips to the euthanasia chamber.
Life is about new experiences, about breaking out of the routine and the day-to-day.
Get a complete routine done fast with just dumbbells.
Learn how to tailor this routine for your fitness level and then try this fat-burning workout from The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises.
Get a complete routine done fast with just dumbbells .
Falling asleep is a routine yet mystifying process.
1 How do you help moms stuck in the same old fashion routines.
Our experts assess a readers four-day fat burning routine.

In science:

Bottom panel: the same record after denoising with a wavelet routine.
Extensive Air Shower Radio Detection: Recent Results and Outlook
The bottom panel shows the same record after denoising with a wavelet routine .
Extensive Air Shower Radio Detection: Recent Results and Outlook
The points with error bars correspond to the ones obtained with random number generator routine RAND of MATLAB version 4.1.
An Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation of Statistical physics Problem
The points with error bars correspond to the ones obtained with random number generator routine RAND of MATLAB version 4.1.
Monte Carlo: Basics
The coding may be easier since only the I/O routines are necessary to be coded.
Integration of GRACE and PYTHIA