• WordNet 3.6
    • v rotate plant or grow in a fixed cyclic order of succession "We rotate the crops so as to maximize the use of the soil"
    • v rotate perform a job or duty on a rotating basis "Interns have to rotate for a few months"
    • v rotate turn on or around an axis or a center "The Earth revolves around the Sun","The lamb roast rotates on a spit over the fire"
    • v rotate turn outward "These birds can splay out their toes","ballet dancers can rotate their legs out by 90 degrees"
    • v rotate cause to turn on an axis or center "Rotate the handle"
    • v rotate exchange on a regular basis "We rotate the lead soprano every night"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise
    • a Rotate Having the parts spreading out like a wheel; wheel-shaped; as, a rotate spicule or scale; a rotate corolla, i.e., a monopetalous corolla with a flattish border, and no tube or a very short one.
    • Rotate To cause to succeed in turn; esp., to cause to succeed some one, or to be succeeded by some one, in office. "Both, after a brief service, were rotated out of office."
    • Rotate To cause to turn round or revolve, as a wheel around an axle.
    • Rotate To perform any act, function, or operation in turn, to hold office in turn; as, to rotate in office.
    • Rotate To turn, as a wheel, round an axis; to revolve.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Jupiter is the fastest rotating planet, which can complete one revolution in less than ten hours
    • rotate To revolve or move round a center or axis; turn in a circle, as or like a wheel; have a continuous circular motion.
    • rotate To turn in a curve upon a center or support; have a revolving motion from side to side or up and down; specifically, in anatomy, to be rotated; execute one or any of the movements of rotation.
    • rotate To go round in succession, as in or among a revolving or a repeating series; alternate serially; especially, to act or pass in rotation, as a set of office-holders or an office.
    • rotate To cause to revolve upon an axis or upon a support; give a circular or curvilinear movement to; turn in a curve: as, to rotate a cylinder by hand; to rotate the head or the eyes.
    • rotate To move or change about in a series or in rotation; cause to succeed in a serial or recurrent order: as, to rotate certain men in the tenure of an office.
    • rotate In botany, wheel-shaped; spreading out nearly flat like a wheel: as, the limb of a rotate corolla, calyx, etc.: usually applied to a gamopetalous corolla with a short tube.
    • rotate In zoology, wheel-shaped; rotiform; specifically, in entomology, noting hairs, spines, etc., when they form a ring around any organ or part, projecting at right angles to the axis.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The earth rotates on its axis more slowly in March than in September.
    • v.t Rotate to turn anything round like a wheel: to cause to turn or to pass in rotation
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  • Steve G. Makris
    Steve G. Makris
    “Always remember when you are on top of the world , that the earth rotates every 24 hrs.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. rotatus, p. p. of rotare, to turn round like a wheel, fr. rota, wheel. See Rotary, and cf. Roue
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. rota, a wheel.


In literature:

Why, because twenty-seven days is about the synodic period of solar rotation.
"Disturbing Sun" by Robert Shirley Richardson
"Elements of Agricultural Chemistry" by Thomas Anderson
The players take turns in rotation.
"Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium" by Jessie H. Bancroft
A rotation list of officers.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
If H is rotated, both V and C rotate, but in opposite directions.
"A Color Notation" by Albert H. Munsell
The rotation should be carefully studied with reference to the farm scheme as previously outlined.
"The Young Farmer: Some Things He Should Know" by Thomas Forsyth Hunt
The first of the great discoveries which Copernicus made relates to the rotation of the earth on its axis.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 9" by Various
Mr. Symons, in this tract, insinuated that the rotation of the moon is one of the silver shrines of the craftsmen.
"A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume II (of II)" by Augustus de Morgan
It would be necessary then that the ring-system should rotate around the planet.
"Myths and Marvels of Astronomy" by Richard A. Proctor
The man rotated toward Brett, leaning heavily against him.
"It Could Be Anything" by John Keith Laumer

In poetry:

Whilst round in wild rotations hurl'd,
These glittering forms I view,
Methinks the busy restless world
Is pictured in a few.
"Impromptu to Miss Utrecia Smith" by William Shenstone
If Jove at that moment had hurled
The earth in some other rotation,
Along with your Julia whirled,
You had felt not the shock of creation.
"To A Moralist" by Friedrich von Schiller
While fates permit us, let's be merry;
Pass all we must the fatal ferry;
And this our life, too, whirls away,
With the rotation of the day.
"To Enjoy The Time" by Robert Herrick
But only one – the barrel organ old
Shivers with cold in May of sunset’s languor —
Can’t ever grind all injuries recalled,
As it rotates the heedful shaft with anger.
"The Old Barrel Organ" by Innokentii Fedorovich Annensky
Sir John McLeod took the command of his own regiment,
And with a swinging pace into the jaws of death they went,
Fearlessly firing by companies in rotation,
Add dashed into a double Zone of Fire without hesitation.
"The Ashantee War" by William Topaz McGonagall
The patchwork halves were cloven as they scudded
The wild pigs' wood, and slime upon the trees,
Sucking the dark, kissed on the cyanide,
And loosed the braiding adders from their hairs,
Rotating halves are horning as they drill
The arterial angel.
"My World Is Pyramid" by Dylan Thomas

In news:

"Students are being told they can't rotate anymore," Viviano said.
Students can learn about course rotations, admission to the program, fees and other information to get them started.
NEW YORK – Chris Schwinden's time in the Mets rotation has ended.
Lyles remains in rotation as Astros demote Fulchino.
Jordan Lyles will remain in the rotation and start Thursday's homestand finale against Pittsburgh.
State aside, rotating quarterbacks dicey for Virginia.
Last season, rotating Michael Rocco and.
The ELAR Image X, a stationary version, and the ELAR Image XR, which rotates for wider areas.
Heavy Rotation, our top spins for the week of January 11, 2010.
Peanuts add diversification and cotton rotation benefits for Mississippi growers.
Texas' starting rotation currently long on talent and relatively short on experience.
Bend your elbows out to the sides as you rotate your palms backward.
Alternate sides for 8 to 10 reps. Watch Rotation Lunges with Dumbbells in the Fitness Video.
Freddy's follies force Bombers fans to hope Andy is cure-all to rotation's ills.
If you're among the one in five North Americans who work a night shift , swing shift or rotating shift, you may enjoy light traffic, quiet phones and absent bosses.

In science:

This requirement can be satisfied by the choice c = eiπSy for spin rotation or c = eiπJy for space rotation, with a standard representation of spin or space rotation matrices.
Random matrices beyond the Cartan classification
The analysis of space motions of 27 single stars showed that all rapidly rotating and a few slowly rotating stars belong to young disk (YD) whereas all old disk (OD) stars are slowly rotating.
Age-Rotation-Activity Relations for M Dwarf Stars Based on ASAS Photometric Data
Extension to lowest-order rotations. matrix R is an arbitrary rotation and E(P1,σ ) = P commutes with R and generates a rotation.
Random Lie group actions on compact manifolds: A perturbative analysis
The transformation (1.7) describes the rotation of the axes x, t in the plane x  , t  , with after the rotation the axis x can be not orthogonal to the axis t, i.e. x and t rotate on angles, which may differ.
Generalized Principle of limiting 4-dimensional symmetry.Relativistic length expansion in accelerated system revisited
Otherwise, the enhancement of the yields brought by the rotational mixing may reach orders of magnitude, especially so for the production of primary 14N: a factor 105 between the rotating and non-rotating 9 M⊙ models and even a factor 106 in the case of the 40 M⊙ models.
Effects of rotation on the evolution of primordial stars