• WordNet 3.6
    • n rigidity the quality of being rigid and rigorously severe
    • n rigidity the physical property of being stiff and resisting bending
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: 3 out of 4 of us store our dollar bills in rigid order with singles leading up to higher denominations.
    • Rigidity Severity; rigor.
    • Rigidity Stiffness of appearance or manner; want of ease or elegance.
    • Rigidity The quality or state of being rigid; want of pliability; the quality of resisting change of form; the amount of resistance with which a body opposes change of form; -- opposed to flexibility ductility malleability, and softness.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n rigidity The quality of being rigid; stiffness; inflexibility; absence of pliancy; specifically, in mech., resistance to change of form. In all theoretical discussions respecting the application of forces through the intervention of machines, those machines are assumed to be perfectly rigid so far as the forces employed are able to affect their integrity of form and structure. Rigidity is directly opposed to flexibility, and only indirectly to malleability and ductility, which depend chiefly on relations between the tenacity, the rigidity, and the limit of elasticity.
    • n rigidity Strictness; severity; harshness: as, rigidity of principles or of censure.
    • n rigidity Synonyms Inflexibility. See austere, rigor.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Rigidity the quality of resisting change of form: stiffness of manner
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  • Charles Dickens
    “It was a good thing to have a couple of thousand people all rigid and frozen together, in the palm of one's hand.”
  • Lynn White
    Lynn White
    “We live in an era when rapid change breeds fear, and fear too often congeals us into a rigidity which we mistake for stability.”
  • Lord Byron
    “Constancy... that small change of love, which people exact so rigidly, receive in such counterfeit coin, and repay in baser metal.”
  • Virginia Woolf
    “Rigid, the skeleton of habit alone upholds the human frame.”
  • Robert Heller
    Robert Heller
    “The difference between management and administration(which is what the bureaucrats used to do exclusively) is the difference between choice and rigidity.”
  • Malcolm Bradbury
    Malcolm Bradbury
    “I like the English. They have the most rigid code of immorality in the world.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. rigiditas,: cf. F. rigidité,. See Rigid
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. rigidusrigēre, to be stiff with cold.


In literature:

As she stood in the dusk so tall and rigid, he knew her heart was steel to him.
"The Yukon Trail" by William MacLeod Raine
What the cause of this diffidence is, what sort of rigidity it betokens, one can only guess.
"Musical Portraits" by Paul Rosenfeld
Lime mortar is used, cement being too rigid to allow the chimney to rock in the wind.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3" by Various
This is an authorized history, in which everything unflattering to the Burmese monarchs was rigidly suppressed.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4" by Various
The really rigid and mechanical thing is the charter behind which Tammany works.
"A Preface to Politics" by Walter Lippmann
All this I saw, while Darrell stood rigidly by me, sword in hand.
"Simon Dale" by Anthony Hope
She only grew rigid.
"Prairie Folks" by Hamlin Garland
Their eyes, nose, and ears, as well as the genital organs, all require the most rigid daily cleanliness.
"The Mother and Her Child" by William S. Sadler
Her pale eyes were open very wide, showing almost all pupil, and her fish-tailed body was rigidly upright, supported by the old woman.
"The Status Civilization" by Robert Sheckley
She stood rigid as a statue for a moment, holding her arms outstretched.
"The Girl in the Golden Atom" by Raymond King Cummings

In poetry:

The vision-gifted monk beheld
What men by him discerned not, Whose eyes wide-wondering were held,
A rigid form that turned not.
"Ballad Of The Dead Monk; Or, Brother Benedict" by Roden Berkeley Wriothesley Noel
At morn, with tender smile and word
Ye cheered us on our devious way,
At eve, we marked, with terror stirred,
A silent form of rigid clay.
"Sudden Death" by Lydia Howard Huntley Sigourney
Laura, see how joyousness embraces
E'en the overflow of sorrows wild!
How e'en rigid desperation kindles
On the loving breast of Hope so mild.
"Fantasie -- To Laura" by Friedrich von Schiller
And then, transfix'd unto the floor,
I stood, in terror pinion'd there,
With drops of sweat upon my brow,
And eyes with fix'd and rigid stare.
"A Dream" by Thomas Frederick Young
They pent me in a barren place,
A city, so they said,
Of gallant wonder-working grace
But haunted, haunted by a race
Of rigid unperceptive dead.
"The Faun" by John Le Gay Brereton
As with varnish red and glistening
Dripped his hair; his feet looked rigid;
Raised, he settled stiffly sideways:
You could see his hurts were spinal.
"Casualty" by William Ernest Henley

In news:

I had a Rigid table saw but also wanted a complete shop that could fit in my garage and still allow room for a car.
The company can warehouse one shipment on less than two pallets, the equivalent of a full truckload of its previous rigid bottles.
Specious arguments a pattern of rigid ideology.
Identifying trends leading to rigid packaging growth forecast.
Rigid , Stubborn, Stuck in the Past.
Court's liberal wing is rigid .
Jim Scofield Rigid , unfair registration rules keep voters at home.
Rick Santorum ' rigid and a homophobic.
Former GOP senator calls Rick Santorum " rigid and a homophobic," Rand Paul would be honored if Romney asked him to be his running mate, Romney and Obama both released tax plans and Newt Gingrich is going longform.
Revision of D2126 - 09 Standard Test Method for Response of Rigid Cellular Plastics to Thermal and Humid Aging.
Michelin Earthmover XDR2 rigid dump truck tire.
Michelin Earthmover's new XDR2 tire is designed for rigid dump trucks, offering up to 20 percent more tread life than its predecessor, the XDR.
More than 40 sources of rigid media.
Some would argue that being too rigid may not be the best personality trait when it comes to running a business.
Velux TMR rigid Sun Tunnel tubular skylight.

In science:

Popa, Strong rigidity of I I1 factors arising from mal leable actions of w-rigid groups, I, Invent.
Fundamental group of simple $C^*$-algebras with unique trace
The following notion of a d-rigid partition plays an important role in establishing our improved lower bound: Definition 3.2 Let d > 0 be an integer. A triple W = (S, A, B ) with |B | > |A| + d is said to be d-rigid if there is no subset of vertices U ⊂ B with |U | ≤ d that induces a connected component of G[B ].
Treewidth of Erd\"{o}s-R\'{e}nyi Random Graphs, Random Intersection Graphs, and Scale-Free Random Graphs
PG(n,m) {W is d-rigid | W is an l-partition} = PP {W is d-rigid} .
Treewidth of Erd\"{o}s-R\'{e}nyi Random Graphs, Random Intersection Graphs, and Scale-Free Random Graphs
By the definition of a d-rigid triple, we have PP {W is d-rigid} ≤ PP {I = 0} .
Treewidth of Erd\"{o}s-R\'{e}nyi Random Graphs, Random Intersection Graphs, and Scale-Free Random Graphs
Recall that by theorems 2.5 and 2.9 in [Se3], there exists a global bound on the number of rigid specializations of a rigid limit group, and a global bound on the number of strictly solid families of specializations of a solid limit group, for all possible specializations of the parameters subgroup.
Diophantine Geometry over Groups IX: Envelopes and Imaginaries