right to due process


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n right to due process a right guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution; reaffirmed by the Fourteenth Amendment
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In literature:

What right have you or any of your friends to stop a man without due process?
"The Outlet" by Andy Adams

In news:

A state appellate court on Friday invalidated a landmark settlement that exempts dozens of struggling Los Angeles Unified schools from seniority-based layoffs, saying the judgment violated the teachers union's right to due process.
Here are the senators who lost, the ones who wanted to protect the rights of US citizens to due process .
"The union believes that the players are entitled to neutral arbitration of these issues under the CBA and will continue to fight for that principle and to protect the fair due process rights of all players.".
In taking on the case, the high court told the two sides to discuss in their filings whether the EPA 's procedures are so unfair that they violate the Sacketts' constitutional right to due process.
The Indiana Court of Appeals found the juvenile-court judge violated his due process rights and tossed out his conviction for conspiracy to commit murder.
The Republicans won the battle for control of Reconstruction and passed the 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution, seeking to guarantee blacks the right to due process of law and the vote.
Teacher tenure is under fire in Lansing, where some lawmakers want to completely dismantle state law to deny educators due process rights in discipline and dismissal proceedings.

In science:

The (Martinovic and Strzalkowski, 1992) criticized the parsing view of the grammar developer influences possible failure of top-down expansion due to the the goals that a semantic representation should fulstrict left-to-right processing of the list of right-hand fill.
Interfacing Constraint-Based Grammars and Generation Algorithms
Only bn ∼ np/α places the points at the right scale, but they repeat so much due to long memory, that the point process itself has to be normalized by nq (the order of the cluster sizes) to ensure weak convergence.
Ergodic Theory, Abelian Groups, and Point Processes Induced by Stable Random Fields
For example, to consider the phonon-emitting tunneling process in the left inset of Fig.3b, in which an electron from the left lead tunnels into the QD at the level ˜ǫd , emits a phonon and jumps to the sub-level ˜ǫd − ωq due to the e-p interaction, then tunnels to the right lead.
The electric current induced heat generation in a strongly interacting quantum dot in the Coulomb blockade regime
Because the target is unpolarized, the difference in the detector yield (normalized to incident beam charge) for right- and left-helicity incident electrons should be due to parity violation in the electron scattering process.
A High Power Hydrogen Target for Parity Violation Experiments
The first and second terms on the right-hand side of Eq.(4) describe the changes due to a single update caused, respectively, by the death and reproduction processes.
Multiplicity of species in some replicative systems