• In revolt
    In revolt
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v revolt cause aversion in; offend the moral sense of "The pornographic pictures sickened us"
    • v revolt fill with distaste "This spoilt food disgusts me"
    • v revolt make revolution "The people revolted when bread prices tripled again"
    • n revolt organized opposition to authority; a conflict in which one faction tries to wrest control from another
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Spartacus led the revolt of the Roman slaves and gladiators in 73 B.C
    • Revolt A revolter. "Ingrate revolts ."
    • Revolt Hence, to be faithless; to desert one party or leader for another; especially, to renounce allegiance or subjection; to rise against a government; to rebel. "Our discontented counties do revolt .""Plant those that have revolted in the van."
    • Revolt The act of revolting; an uprising against legitimate authority; especially, a renunciation of allegiance and subjection to a government; rebellion; as, the revolt of a province of the Roman empire. "Who first seduced them to that foul revolt ?"
    • Revolt To be disgusted, shocked, or grossly offended; hence, to feel nausea; -- with at; as, the stomach revolts at such food; his nature revolts at cruelty.
    • Revolt To cause to turn back; to roll or drive back; to put to flight.
    • Revolt To do violence to; to cause to turn away or shrink with abhorrence; to shock; as, to revolt the feelings. "This abominable medley is made rather to revolt young and ingenuous minds.""To derive delight from what inflicts pain on any sentient creatuure revolted his conscience and offended his reason."
    • Revolt To turn away; to abandon or reject something; specifically, to turn away, or shrink, with abhorrence. "But this got by casting pearl to hogs,
      That bawl for freedom in their senseless mood,
      And still revolt when trith would set them free."
      "His clear intelligence revolted from the dominant sophisms of that time."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Akhbar the Great Mughal routed the Hindus under Hemu by turning their elephants against them at the battle of Panipat in the Hindu revolt.
    • n revolt An uprising against government or authority; rebellion; insurrection; hence, any act of insubordination or disobedience.
    • n revolt The act of turning away or going over to the opposite side; a change of sides; desertion.
    • n revolt Inconstancy; faithlessness; fickleness, especially in love.
    • n revolt A revolter.
    • n revolt Synonyms Sedition, Rebellion, etc. See insurrection.
    • revolt To turn away; turn aside from a former cause or undertaking; fall off; change sides; go over to the opposite party; desert.
    • revolt To break away from established authority; renounce allegiance and subjection; rise against a government in open rebellion; rebel; mutiny.
    • revolt To prove faithless or inconstant, especially in love.
    • revolt To turn away in horror or disgust; be repelled or shocked.
    • revolt To roll back; turn back.
    • revolt To turn away from allegiance; cause to rebel.
    • revolt To repel; shock; cause to turn away in abhorrence or disgust.
    • revolt Synonyms To disgust, sicken, nauseate.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: All of the officers in the Confederate army were given copies of Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo, to carry with them at all times. Robert E. Lee, among others, believed that the book symbolized their cause. Both revolts were defeated.
    • v.i Revolt rē-vōlt′ to renounce allegiance: to be grossly offended: to mutiny: to be shocked
    • v.t Revolt to cause to rise in revolt: to shock
    • n Revolt a rebellion: insurrection, desertion: a change of sides: fickleness
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  • Bertrand Russell
    “In the revolt against idealism, the ambiguities of the word experience have been perceived, with the result that realists have more and more avoided the word.”
  • James Russell Lowell
    “It is not the insurrections of ignorance that are dangerous, but the revolts of the intelligence.”
  • Simone Weil
    “Oppression that is clearly inexorable and invincible does not give rise to revolt but to submission.”
  • Lewis Mumford
    “Every generation revolts against its fathers and makes friends with its grandfathers.”
  • Mikhail Bakunin
    Mikhail Bakunin
    “The first revolt is against the supreme tyranny of theology, of the phantom of God. As long as we have a master in heaven, we will be slaves on earth.”
  • Aristotle
    “Inferiors revolt in order that they may be equal, and equals that they may be superior. Such is the state of mind which creates revolutions.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. révolte, It. rivolta, fr. rivolto, p. p. fr. L. revolvere, revolutum,. See Revolve


In literature:

He hated Cyrus as a man hates his own weakness; he revolted from materialism as only a materialist in youth revolts.
"Virginia" by Ellen Glasgow
Thus in its earliest days Luther's revolt was handled very gently, and it spread with speed.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 9" by Various
About 287 the revolt of Carausius took place.
"Great Men and Famous Women. Vol. 1 of 8" by Various
A feeling of rebellion, of vivid revolt, came over me.
"An Anarchist Woman" by Hutchins Hapgood
A still more doubtful question was raised by the request of Spain for the assistance of the allied powers against her revolted colonies.
"The Political History of England - Vol XI" by George Brodrick
In less than two years they rose in furious revolt.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 07" by Various
The terrible revolt of the slaves in the West Indies, beginning in 1781, gave the growing anti-slavery sentiment an immense impetus.
"The American Empire" by Scott Nearing
"Darius the Great" by Jacob Abbott
Talk of revolt was in the air, but, lacking a leader, it would get nowhere.
"Empire" by Clifford Donald Simak
A savage revolt welled in him against the monstrous decree of fate.
"Heart of the Blue Ridge" by Waldron Baily

In poetry:

He neighed a laugh, though moods were rough
With standards in revolt:
His nostrils took the news for snuff,
His smacking lips for salt.
"Archduchess Anne" by George Meredith
Oh, but! Some moments, I've the spirit stout
Of early Christians in the lion's care,
That smile to Jesus witnessing, without
A nerve's revolt, the turning of a hair!
"Birds In The Night" by Paul Verlaine
For once hath Nature left the splendid throne
Of her indifference, and through the mild
Sun-gilded air of Autumn, clement grown,
Descends to man, her proud, revolted child.
"Epilogue" by Paul Verlaine
Revolt! and the bullet for tyrants!
Did we think victory great?
So it is—But now it seems to me, when it cannot be help'd, that
defeat is great,
And that death and dismay are great.
"To A Foil'd European Revolutionaire" by Walt Whitman
Restless with throbbing hopes, with thwarted aims,
Impulsive as a colt,
How do you lie here month by weary month
Helpless, and not revolt?
What joy can these monotonous days afford
Here in a ward?
"To A Soldier In Hospital" by Winifred Mary Letts
Whatever satisfies Souls is true;
Prudence entirely satisfies the craving and glut of Souls;
Itself only finally satisfies the Soul;
The Soul has that measureless pride which revolts from every lesson
but its own.
"Manhattan Streets I Saunter'd, Pondering" by Walt Whitman

In news:

's faculty revolts when the trustees move against the status quo.
The Money That Fueled California's Election Revolt.
Tunisia must respond to the aspirations of young people or face future revolts.
The revolt of the elites.
Pixel Revolt sounds so fantastic you might miss the rich lyrics.
China has stuck by the Syrian regime through nearly 15 months of bloody revolt, a position analysts say stems largely from its principle of not getting involved in other countries' affairs.
I mean a lot of people say, "He spread a spirit of revolt, defiance, at a critical moment throughout Eastern Europe".
The sources said the Lebanese men were killed near the town of Tel Kalakh and were from northern areas of Lebanon which are sympathetic to the majority Sunni-led revolt against Syrian President.
House GOP revolts against Boehner plan.
The Arab revolt of 2011 suggests the whole subject of multiculturalism needs to be revisited.
American Negro Slave Revolts by Herbert Aptheker International Publishers, 409 pp.
Overdue for a people's revolt.
Sex, violence, torture, incest, jellyfish attacks, telekinetic masturbation, Nicole Kidman peeing on Zac Efron and a gator gutted in revolting close-up.
Each other along revolting, chanting.
In his poetry , Mohamed Ibn al-Dheeb al-Ajami praised the Arab Spring revolts, which Qatar sponsored, helping to topple four dictators with monetary support, reported Reuters.

In science:

Depending on the ratio between the fluctuation and the topological revolt angle, the helix is first unwinding then turns to winding.
Fluctuations and Long-Term Stability: from Coherence to Chaos
The unwinding happens whenever the current revolts are not enough for the fluctuation to reach its full size. The winding is associated with the development of the fluctuation from its full size to zero.
Fluctuations and Long-Term Stability: from Coherence to Chaos
Actually, this condition means that the helix turns to loop of size ln by a single revolt.
Fluctuations and Long-Term Stability: from Coherence to Chaos