• WordNet 3.6
    • n revenue the entire amount of income before any deductions are made
    • n revenue government income due to taxation
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The song "Happy Birthday" brings in about $2 million in licensing revenue to Warner Communications who hold the copyright to the song
    • Revenue Hence, return; reward; as, a revenue of praise.
    • Revenue That which returns, or comes back, from an investment; the annual rents, profits, interest, or issues of any species of property, real or personal; income. "Do not anticipate your revenues and live upon air till you know what you are worth."
    • Revenue The annual yield of taxes, excise, customs, duties, rents, etc., which a nation, state, or municipality collects and receives into the treasury for public use.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Microsoft made $16,005 in revenue in its first year of operation
    • n revenue The annual rents, profits, interest, or issues of any kind of property, real or personal; income.
    • n revenue The annual income of a state, derived from the taxation, customs, excise, or other sources, and appropriated to the payment of the national expenses.
    • n revenue Return; reward.
    • n revenue Synonyms Profit, etc. See income.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The revenue that is generated from gambling is more than the revenue that comes from movies, cruise ships, recorded music, theme parks, and spectator sports combined
    • n Revenue rev′en-ū (earlier rē-ven′ū), the receipts or rents from any source: return, as a revenue of praise: income: the income of a state
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  • Marcus T. Cicero
    “People do not understand what a great revenue economy is.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Revenue is vanity... margin is sanity... cash is king.”
  • Marcus T. Cicero
    “Thrift is of great revenue.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. revenu, OF. revenue, fr. revenir, to return, L. revenire,; pref. re-, re- + venire, to come. See Come
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. revenue, pa.p. of revenir, to return—L. revenīrere-, back, venīre, to come.


In literature:

Meanwhile the Governors carried on the work of the University, harassed always by debts and by insufficient revenue.
"McGill and its Story, 1821-1921" by Cyrus Macmillan
He had hated the "revenuers" always.
"Heart of the Blue Ridge" by Waldron Baily
But revenue cutters are not yachts.
"The Pirate and The Three Cutters" by Frederick Marryat
It has since been demonstrated that the revenues of new roads almost always exceed expectations.
"The Railroad Question" by William Larrabee
The two provinces quarrelled over the division of the customs revenue.
"The Fathers of Confederation" by A. H. U. Colquhoun
The state has been surveyed for land revenue on the Bombay system.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 8, Slice 3" by Various
When Tacon first arrived in the colony he found the revenue laws in a very lax condition.
"Due South or Cuba Past and Present" by Maturin M. Ballou
It has already been noticed that the revenues of the School were expanding.
"A History of Giggleswick School" by Edward Allen Bell
Consequently, in spite of the vigilance of the revenue men, cargoes were frequently run.
"Through Russian Snows" by G. A Henty
It held in its grasp a third of the territory, one-half the revenue, and two-thirds of the capital of Europe.
"History of Human Society" by Frank W. Blackmar
"Commentaries on the Laws of England" by William Blackstone
There are few large estates in Prussia, and they yield but a meagre revenue.
"German Problems and Personalities" by Charles Sarolea
I now proceed to the revenues of America.
"The Writings Of Thomas Paine, Complete" by Thomas Paine
The revenue of the Middle Temple alone is said to be L13,000 a year.
"Old and New London" by Walter Thornbury
A further source of revenue to the Empire shall be ten per cent.
"Ku Klux Klan" by J. C. Lester
The revenue was still to be collected in {177}the name, and nominally on behalf of the native prince.
"Rulers of India: Lord Clive" by George Bruce Malleson
Revenue: About one-third of the revenue is derived from the Opium Monopoly.
"The Opium Monopoly" by Ellen Newbold La Motte
A failure to cooperate would look bad; but revenue is revenue, on the Chinese Coast as elsewhere.
"Drugging a Nation" by Samuel Merwin
At my trial it was proved that I had not spoken to him from the evening before the murder until we were on the revenue cutter.
"The Story of a Strange Career" by Anonymous
Next in importance to the fiscal laws for the revenue of the Island comes the currency question.
"Industrial Cuba" by Robert P. Porter

In poetry:

My hours my own, My faults unknown,
My chief revenue in content;
Then leave one beam Of honest fame,
And scorn the labour'd monument!
"Ocean: An Ode. Concluding With A Wish." by Edward Young
My num'rous foes now beat me down,
But then I'll wear the victor's crown;
Yet all the revenues I'll bring
To Zion's everlasting King.
"The Believer's Soliloquy; Especially in Times of Desertion, Temptation, Affliction, &c." by Ralph Erskine
The law is holy, just, and good;
All this the gospel seals with blood,
And clears the royal law's just dues
With dearly purchas'd revenues.
"The Believer's Principles : Chap. II." by Ralph Erskine
For if I sinned and fell, where lies the Gain
Of Knowledge? Would it ease you of your Pain
To know the tangled Threads of Revenue,
I ravel deeper in a hopeless Skein?
"The Rupaiyat of Omar Kal'vin" by Rudyard Kipling
"Revenge!" cried Rain-in-the-Face,
"Revenue upon all the race
Of the White Chief with yellow hair!"
And the mountains dark and high
From their crags re-echoed the cry
Of his anger and despair.
"The Revenge Of Rain-In-The-Face. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The Fifth)" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
So his father tried to check him, but all wouldn't do,
And John joined a revenue cutter as one of its crew;
And when his father heard it he bitterly did moan,
And angrily forbade him never to return home.
"John Rouat the Fisherman" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

COHR Revenue ($ millions): $803 Net Income ($ millions): $84 Sectors: Technology.
Their abilities to expand services and revenues are diverging.
Although revenues will soar in coming years, cap ceiling won't see significant hike.
Measured by revenue, ExxonMobil is the largest corporation on earth.
Fall tourism brings revenue, traffic to NH.
Small jobs add revenue for local-based firm The calls to GE Johnson Construction Company are sometimes surprising.
These funds are clearly compensation for revenue lost due to the actions of the federal government.
Taxpayers who live in the Taylor County School District will see a bit of a decrease in their school property tax rate this year, though the schools will still get the same amount of revenue as last year.
That's what happened to a computer technician reformatting a disk drive at the Alaska Department of Revenue.
"Last year we had $1.1 billion in licensing revenue, and about 75% of that was attributable to partners," says Bruce Cleveland, Siebel alliance chief.
About 85 percent of its revenue comes directly from the federal treasury.
Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth Increased 40 Percent in 2007.
Kanemitsu claims he has lost about $100K in revenue.
Gambling revenue promises are rarely met.
Trudeau Institute scientists will be putting their expertise to work for the drug development and biotech industries as a way to create more partnerships and diversify revenue at the nonprofit biomedical research center.

In science:

For further details, see [Revenu et al.(2000)].
Some sources of systematic errors on CMB polarized measurements with bolometers
The algorithms and data which the ad server uses to decide on which ads are to be shown, in which property/position, are clearly critical to revenue and profitability.
Bid Optimization for Internet Graphical Ad Auction Systems via Special Ordered Sets
NBC’s optimization systems increase revenues and productivity.
Bid Optimization for Internet Graphical Ad Auction Systems via Special Ordered Sets
In this framework µl is the product’s price and gl is the firm’s revenue.
Stability and Distributed Power Control in MANETs with Outages and Retransmissions
Then gl (pl , ~p−l , µl ) = µl × ql (pl , ~p−l , µl ) is firm’s l (revenue) = (price)×(demand).
Stability and Distributed Power Control in MANETs with Outages and Retransmissions
Then the maximum goodput gl (~p) is the maximum revenue that a firm l can obtain by choosing an optimal price ¯µl (~p), given a vector ~p.
Stability and Distributed Power Control in MANETs with Outages and Retransmissions
By properties P’.1 and P’.2 the maximum revenue is increasing in pl and decreasing in pk , k 6= l, whereas by P’.3 and P’.4 the optimal price is also increasing in pl and decreasing in pk .
Stability and Distributed Power Control in MANETs with Outages and Retransmissions
These customers and suppliers together account for approximately 17% of the total revenue and 16% of the data.
Diamond Dicing
If instead agent i is asked for a single bid bi , and his bid for slot j is derived by multiplying it with a slot-specific click-through rate αj , the zero-revenue equilibria are eliminated.
Simplicity-Expressiveness Tradeoffs in Mechanism Design
More surprisingly, this simplification does not introduce new equilibria (even when αj is not correct for every agent i), so minimum revenue over all Nash equilibria is strictly greater for the simplification than for the original mechanism.
Simplicity-Expressiveness Tradeoffs in Mechanism Design
Milgrom does not consider the potential loss in efficiency or revenue that can occur when agents are ignorant of each other’s valuations when deciding how to bid within a simplified bidding language.
Simplicity-Expressiveness Tradeoffs in Mechanism Design
Particular relaxations we consider in this paper are the preservation of the VCG outcome, i.e., the outcome obtained in the dominant strategy equilibrium of the fully expressive VCG mechanism, and the existence of an equilibrium with a certain amount of social welfare or revenue relative to the VCG outcome.
Simplicity-Expressiveness Tradeoffs in Mechanism Design
In the context of sponsored search, one reason to prefer a simplification is to preclude the zero revenue equilibrium discussed above.
Simplicity-Expressiveness Tradeoffs in Mechanism Design
In addition, we observe that the simplifications can still suffer arbitrarily low revenue in some equilibrium, in comparison with the VCG revenue.
Simplicity-Expressiveness Tradeoffs in Mechanism Design
For simplified VCG mechanisms, we obtain a strong negative result: every simplification of VCG that supports the (efficient) VCG outcome in some equilibrium also has an equilibrium in which revenue is arbitrarily smaller than in the VCG outcome.
Simplicity-Expressiveness Tradeoffs in Mechanism Design