• WordNet 3.6
    • v rethink change one's mind "He rethought his decision to take a vacation"
    • n rethink thinking again about a choice previously made "he had second thoughts about his purchase"
    • ***


In literature:

It's enough to rethink the whole scheme of things.
"Sympathetic Magic" by Paul Cameron Brown
You'd best be rethinking this daft scheme of yours with the indentures.
"Caribbee" by Thomas Hoover
I obviously had to rethink my game plan, find a way to communicate.
"Life Blood" by Thomas Hoover

In news:

Bill Nye should rethink creationism stance.
We're not closing UNESCO, but member states will have to rethink the way forward UNESCO will be crippled .
UK gov't told to rethink data surveillance plan.
Hamilton County Schools to rethink fall break.
Maybe it's time we rethink that.
Rethinking Gillette's Pricing With Dollar Shave's Disruptive Innovation.
TV Academy should rethink its double-standard eligibility.
Dust -up forces Harper to rethink ideology.
Easy projects rethink tie-dye for elegant gifts.
Rethink tie-dye for elegant gifts.
Equine parasitologists now advise you to rethink the traditional rotational deworming protocol.
Rethinking Resources for Student Success.
"We are always rethinking and reimagining our events , and it may not be that different at all" other than the name change, Ashley Capps said.
It's time to rethink drug policy.
Fuller 's in creative and media rethink.

In science:

The modern viewpoint about macroscopic polarization [1–3] has even spawned a critical rethinking of density– functional theory in extended systems.
The Quantum-Mechanical Position Operator in Extended Systems
Since then, there has been considerable progress. A ma jor rethinking of the two-beam (CLIC) acceleration scheme makes this concept, in which a low-energy, high-current beam is used to generate high-frequency RF, look promising as a power source for very high energy acceleration .
Linear Collider Physics Resource Book for Snowmass 2001 - Part 1: Introduction
We emphasize here that in practice the slow roll hierarchy between ns and (ns )′ is indeed realized in the vast ma jority of published models, ′ , while not completely ruling so detection of a large nS out slow roll, would force a rethinking of the standard picture of inflation.
Next-generation test of cosmic inflation
Rethinking Neural Networks (Quantum Fields and Biological Data), Lawrence Erlbaum A., Hillsdale.
A neural-network-like quantum information processing system
It is obvious that when we introduce Lorentz violation we have to rethink causality - there is no universal light cone given by the metric that all fields must propagate within.
Modern tests of Lorentz invariance